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    The SL is the sexiest camera Leica have ever made.

    OK -I putting it out there...I'm going on a limb...I know I'm going to get smashed in hr for saying this... BUT I don't care... The SL - just judging by the photos I've seen is now officially the stand out most beautiful camera Leica have ever designed- I want it because it looks fantastic-...
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    Wide Angle shooting M9 V M240 - experiences appreciated

    Hello people I would appreciate your thoughts based on your experiences as I am deciding on whether to buy a 240M-P or not specifically based on whether I will get an appreciable improvement (hopefully) when using wide angle lenses. In simple language - will the 240-P give me better edge to...
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    Briese /Broncolor /Profoto

    Well I have decided to take the plunge and start climbing the learning curve with lights. I am fascinated by all the different effects one can get with those large parabolic dishes. I understand that all three makers above have their versions and takes on the matter. What I would like to know...
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    WTB - Imacon Scanner

    let me know if you have an Imacon you woudl liek to sell.
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    M9 users

    I love my M9 - except for one thing.. when I make a photo - the review doesnt seem to show the photo I just took - it seems that the presentaiton follows some form of random delivery.. is ther ea fix for this - is it just my camera - any advice appreciated. Does the firmware update fix this...
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    Phocus Users..

    Hmm I just noticed that for some unknown reason my images are being imported with a 645 vertical crop drawn over image. Since I am using my CFV11 - with a square sensor..this is a tad frustrating.. The underlying image is there..but I dont understand why it appears on my screen with a crop? the...
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    Updating C1 Pro

    Hi all C1 pro users. I have C1 Pro but havent updated since version 4.8.1\ What do I have to do to udate to latest version? Are there any instructions anywhere? Any bugs in updating I shoudl be aware of? The reason I ask is because when I got the programme I had a few issues installing - and...
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    Getting Organised - your suggestions appreciated

    I would appreciate some help from anyone regarding what I am calling my "getting organised" Project. I have hard disks all over the place dating back to early 2000's - when I got back into photography after a 20 year lay-off. As you can imagine technology has jumped leaps and bounds over this...
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    Where are all the M9's??

    I want to by one..can any dealer reading this board help? Thanks
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    Whats the new MF camera?

    MR on LL has just announced that he will be testing a new MF camera that will knock peoplee's socks off this Sunday...:bugeyes: Any thoughts on what it might be?
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    Hasselblad Trade in Policy - Questions

    I would appreciate a response on the follwing questions please anyone from Hasselblad. 1. What is Hasselblads Euro-dollar trade in price of a H3D11-39 on a H4D-60? 2. What is the Euro- dollar price for a H4D-60? 3. Should these Euro price(s) be expected to be true any time for a given exchange...
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    Good News from Sinar

    Probably the best news one could hope for if you are a Sinar user - certainly put a smile on my dial. Some exciting news for existing owners of Hy6 will be announced in October. Sinar announcement below: Sinar Information Sinar Photography to take over parts of SINAR AG Sinar – brand and...
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    Phocus1.2 - How to access new functions

    I just downloaded Phocus 1.2 and for the life of me cant figure out how to access the new B&W conversion and navigator tools... Any pointers woudl be appreciated! [email protected]
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    Alpa and H3d11-39 back - pinky poos

    "The H3D II ... Nevertheless, please be aware of a possible firmware glitch still existing today (last tested as per May 2008) and potentially with all Hasselblad backs (also the CF types). If you use your back together with a mechanical shutter you might face sharp but reddish or pinkish...
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    WTB: Contax 645+ Grip

    If anyone has a mint or thereabouts Contax 645 with grip and strap they wish to sell let me know. not particulalry interested in any lenses except possibly teh 80 it came with - as this will be a 'mule' for F/FE blad lenses. thanks Pete
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    Why the S2 will succeed -:)

    Saying high end digi backs are pro shooter tools is like saying a Turbo Porsche or a Ferrari 430 is a professional drivers tool. In other words - a load of nonsense. So when Leica say about the S2- this is a camera for the professional - they are really saying this will be a camera - even a...
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    Mamiya RZ tilt Shift adaptor - help!

    There are a few guys who use the RZPro11D and I am hoping that someone can help me here.. I have a Mamiya tilt shift adaptor and I have a problem. The RZ works perfectly with my Sinar back and RZ adaptor. I use the connecting cord supplied by Sinar and connect the back to the lens flash sync...
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    Yair and other Creo users - flatbed scanners...vs Imacon.

    After much consideration (for too long ) I have decided that my choice in scanners has come down to either the X5 from Imacon/Blad or one of the CREO (Kodak) flatbeds. I am finding it difficult to get much information about the flatbeds - but in speaking with some people down here, I am...
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    No more R9

    bye bye old friend.