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    Pre-Owned Rollei 6008 Kit (Plus lenses)

    how much in us funds
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    Pre-Owned Rollei 6008 Kit (Plus lenses)

    how much for the 180 pq?
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    Rollei 150 mm lens non PQ but looks to be upgraded how do I tell?

    Rollei 150 mm lens non PQ but looks to be upgraded how do I tell? It has the more modern focus ring and has no delay in the shutter firing unlike how I remember the old lenses on the 6008 I use to own. Is there a way to know for sure?
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    WTB Mac Pro late 2013

    I want one bought in the last two years at least 8 cores and 512 gn ssd thank David for faster response please email me [email protected] Please have Mojave on it and not Catalina thanks much David
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    Elinchrom Equipment Quadra head and reg Packs

    1 Elinchrom A head for sale or trade clean low use and works fine with ELB packs $135 Q adapter ofr putting full size accs on Quadra heads $50 2 Elinchrom !200 RX packs low use $350 each packs come with Elinchromreciever for wireless set up and ac cords 4 A3000N heads $200 each one Elinchrom Se...
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    Canon 400 mm f2.8 L IS vr2 $6200

    Canon 400 mm f2.8 L IS vr2 $6200 with hard case and original box and canon rain cover Price is shipped and paypal fees included Lens is jsut back from a clean and check opend uf the package for these images. New lens mount put on b y canon solens mechanically is like new. One strach on the...
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    Elinchrom quadra pro head and a elinchron speed ranger batteries lithium

    Elinchrom quadra pro head and a elinchron speed ranger batteries. The head is like new barely used onder 50 shots. $225 The batteries for the Speed Ranger one is a stark lithium battery with the smart charger and an empty battery case for a nicad or lithium battery. $175 One lithium battery...
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    Batis 25 mm and techart adapter

    I have a used Batis 25 mm f2 for sale no guages or scrapes for sale 825 works perfectly jsut need more speed. I also have a techart adapted for Leica M to sony with af works fine even with my 75 mm f1.4 Just do not use it. $240
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    HP Z 3200 for parts for free

    HP Z 3200 for parts for free It needs a new maintenance tank and belt. It will come with oink but the heads. If you want it is in Hailey Idaho
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    Elimchrom equipment for sale

    Elb 400 pack with two Pro heads two lithium batteries and a battery charger hard case one calumet nova 24 by 32 soft box and elinchrom full size ring and ranger Q adapter and ring for the the softbox and a original sky port trigger $and Elinchrom original hard case $1250 Pack show s scuffs from...
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    Leica M9 pristine for sale

    Leica M9 for sale might have 10 clicks on it. It was owned by my uncle and he got sick as he bought and never used it before he passed away. Was taken to Leica at the end of July so one of the last to get the new corrosion proof sensor. I do have the paper work showing it was done. Has the...
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    anyone know any high ups at Apple

    In the last two days I have been hung up on twice and had a senior advisor promise a call back that never came my laptop is shutting off I have had it still have apple care not that it seems to be worth anything
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    Leica M for sale

    Leica M for sale has some brassing from bagwear beascially I used this camera about 5 weeks a year for a project in New Orleans I had it since the second batch that came from Germany original owner. US version No troubles at all it comes with all original accs and the Olympus viewfinder and a...
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    Canon Pixma Pro 1

    So Canon customers service two weeks ago want to see my sales recipt the guy said he would see about buying back my piece of crap Pixma Pro 1 and then two weeks later tells we will give you a discount on a cheaper printer. I asked about a more expensive pritner today that all went a way and I...
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    Sigma MC 11

    Just wondering is it working well with sigma 120-300 yet on a a7 rmk11 yet also how is the 50 art working
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    Sony 7 11 $950

    Sony 7 11 $950 for sale it has the screen problem that many sonys do. IE discolored but It works perfectly. after market charger with car adapter. it works fine no issues at all No box or any other accessories. 950 is shipped and paaypal fees included
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    sony 7s for sale

    Sony 7 for sale simply stopped using when I got my 7 r11 some signs of use but not abuse $1150 Price is including all fees shipping Always had a sony screen protector on it. US model
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    shutter delay when using strobes

    Hi I am getting a significant shutter delay when using strobes both studio elinchrom and Godox is there some sitting I am not doing? thanks David
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    been using Canson Brayta switch to ?

    been using Canson Brayta switch to ? Hahnemuhle Photo Silk Baryta 310 is a bit cheaper in rolls how good is this or is there something else to go to thanks David PS I print on a hp z 3200
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    epson P 800 what are the warts besides the swap ink issue

    epson P 800 what are the warts besides the swap ink issue thanks David