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  1. J

    Z6II and Z7II Announcement Coming 10/14

    I've never had a need a to hot swap a battery, ever. Not once. To me that's not of any use whatsoever. That doesn't mean it's of no use to someone else, just not to me. Since the grip is so clunky, apparently to support features I don't need, it's not attractive either. Which means the only...
  2. J

    Z6II and Z7II Announcement Coming 10/14

    Looking at the Z7 II's accessory grip, I'm definitely passing. It's just too clunky. I'd greatly prefer to see a vertical grip of the same dimensions as the built-in one. It doesn't really need to hold spare batteries; it's not like it takes many seconds to replace a battery when it gets low.
  3. J

    Z6II and Z7II Announcement Coming 10/14

    Like Jack I'm pleased with the Z7 and will wait and see. What I really want is a native Z 70-200/4 S-series lens!
  4. J


    Oh, I was clearly mistaking it for the 24-200!
  5. J


    Keep in mind it's not an S-series lens though, so may not match other Z mount lenses in optical quality. Just saying this to avoid unrealistic expectations...
  6. J

    Z6 and Z7 in-body VR with adapted lenses

    I just discovered with my Leica M Tele-Elmar 135/4 that if I enter non-CPU lens data for it, in-body VR becomes enabled. Apparently the VR system needs the focal length. Without the data, no VR. I think my use pattern will be to pre-set U1/U2/U3 for non-chipped lenses, basically enable...
  7. J

    Windows 10, printing on Epson

    I thought I'd give Qimage a shot, so downloaded the Win10 drivers for the Epson 3800. I haven't printed on Windows in probably 15 years, so I'm curious to see what's changed. But I'm not sure how to install the driver, or what I need? The driver installer seems to want the printer plugged in...
  8. J

    Using the Nikon 200-500/5.6 for Wildlife

    I've been shooting this lens for about a week in private game reserves bordering Kruger NP in South Africa now, with a D800E, and it's just the tool for the job. It has a very classic tonal scale, meaning slightly compressed, but never murky or dull. Bokeh is just perfect for making scrubby...
  9. J

    WTB: Fuji X-Pro1 and Fuji XF 35/1.4

    Up to $575 for the body, depending on cosmetic condition. Up to $475 for the lens, depending on cosmetic condition.
  10. J

    Some extremely good light drawings

  11. J

    SB-700 and Auto ISO

    If I shoot at auto ISO and pop up the built-in flash on the D800, with flash set to -1.5EV, I get a nice fill flash, with the ISO settings in the menus used. In fact, there's no difference with or without the flash popped open, except for a bit of fill. Everything else looks and works the same...
  12. J

    Speaking of saving money...

    Has any of you folks tried Google Wallet? It can transfer and make payments similar to PayPal, verify people and bank accounts, but has no fees! At all!
  13. J

    Forum Suggestion

    I'd like to suggest that instead of outputting images with the pixel sizes of the image, use <img width="95%">...</img>. This will make browsers resize the image to fit the width of the table data item (or div) it's inside. This would also be useful with mobile browsers which typically allow...
  14. J

    SmallHD DP4 on D800?

    Anyone have experience with this? SmallHD DP4-EVF 4.3" On-Camera Monitor + Electronic Viewfinder w Nikon D800 Battery Bracket I'd get it mostly as a small articulating screen I can keep with me in the bag, for shooting from awkward angles. So the fact that it can use EN-EL15 batteries is a BIG...
  15. J

    M.Zuiko 9-18

    Is anyone here having fun with the m43 ZD 9-18? If it performs comparably to the Panny 7-14 then I think it might be a more practical focal length... 18-36 equiv. would be perfect for me. It also looks nice and compact. And it will fit the reasonably priced Oly underwater housing for the...
  16. J

    OMG it's an OMD! New to the party...

    So I just got one of these - and really like it! I don't like the EVF, but I love the controls, the touch OLED, the general feel and layout of the camera. With it set to MF and the rear Fn button set to AF it feels and works just like a camera should! But I do have a few questions... Is...
  17. J

    New 80-400 VR

    5 ED elements... so looks like an optical redesign. Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR Lens 2208 B&H Photo The MTF (tele) actually looks pretty decent for a zoom like this. The wide end isn't that much worse. There are a lot of surfaces in there, so overall contrast will never be...
  18. J

    FS: Leica M9, 75/2 ASPH, 135/4 Late, CV 35/1.2

    Leica M9 As shown - a few minor cosmetic marks on the bottom plate. A small paint chip on bottom underneath the plate along with a few scratches in the plastic. A small scuff on the rear screen, I tried to show it by angling against the light. Three batteries - the original plus two extras...
  19. J

    How is this for mix and match?

    Nice adaptation! Although technically speaking, an Ikonette isn't a view camera by any definition of the term since it has no movements whatsoever.
  20. J

    Zeiss Lens Photos and Discussion

    A snap of my wife with the ZF.2 18... Another of Times Square in NYC. Kind of the perfect subject for the Zeiss rendering style...