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    Looking for Lab That does 3D prints

    Like 3D printing?
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    USA and worldwide progress to 0 is, well, 0, so this is pretty accurate. I'd imagine anyone buying this would probably not be coming from the USA, as bringing back across the border would possibly subject you to a pretty big tax. GLWS !!!! This is an incredible price.
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    Magnifying glass Live view PO IQ3 50 MP

    The Zacuto 3.2 pro finder almost works, you can see the whole screen at least. This is my setup on my IQ3: I don't know how the Cambo one attaches, but at least with the zacuto one I had to 3d print an adapter to extend the mount for the loupe far enough from the tripod mount to clear the back...
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    DIY *one shot* wake-up + shutter release cable (e.g., Phase One IQ4 to Hasselblad V lens with leaf shutter)

    I’ve spent a somewhat ridiculous amount of time trying to find a source of those 8 pin amd 12 pin connectors. They are very old, and look medical almost - the push pull locking mechanism they have is used on a lot of plastic medical connectors it seems. It’s not a hirose or lemo connector...
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    FYI: Phase One BP-9xx battery issues

    This was a big problem with early sony cameras, I wonder if it something to do with switching over to an ARM platform, IIRC sony A7 series cameras were ARM processor based too. Does an IQ150 take longer to boot after taking the battery out?
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    A shout-out - 2020 and 'Rolleiflex' still alive.

    I actually found someone selling a 52cmx52cm sensor on eBay...
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    A shout-out - 2020 and 'Rolleiflex' still alive.

    If anyone want's to build there own back, there are big enough sensors out there! only 14bit though apparently. 10um pixels though! It's used at least one astro camera: It's a bit more...
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    44x33 versus 54x40

    He is in fact, shutting down his site even:
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    A shout-out - 2020 and 'Rolleiflex' still alive.

    I had a leaf AFI (pre firmware 3.1.0 and pre mod2) with an AFI 5 back and then later a Credo 60 back (who's serial was in the tens - I wonder how many were even made?!) With a 120mm PQ and the 80mm PQ lenses, both of which we just superb. I'm sad I sold it, I had a kit with both the WLF and 45...
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    WTB: Phase One XF Waist Level Finder

    Looking for a Waist level finder, as I miss shooting waist level since I sold my AFI Body. Can be in any condition :)
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    WTB: Broken Phase one XF

    If someone has a destroyed/broken/damaged Phase One XF, I'd love to buy it from you!
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    Feelers: Phase One IQ3100 Achromatic

    Hello all, With the economic uncertainty I'm starting to question if it makes sense to sell my much loved Iq3100 achromatic back. The back has below 1000 shots and is in excellent condition. It has always been used with a silicone case on a DF+, and I've only taken. few hundred shots with it...
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    Alpa Release for Sync Release mk I or II

    A quick question, but not one I've found in a cursory google search. I have both a mark I and mark II cable, but no actual release button for either. Is their a inexpensive option for a Release button compared to the actual Alpa Release?
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    Fun finds Inside a Hasselblad H3Dii-39 Back

    Someone here might find this interesting! I'm repairing an old Hasselblad H3Dii-39 back, and after taking the internals out of the metal body cover, found some interesting ports: Going to plug the USB port into a computer and see what shows up. It also looks like there is a ttrs/headphone...
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    WTB: Broken/Semi Finished Leaf AFI / Rollei Hy6

    Have and old non working Leaf AFI / Rollei Hy6 gathering dust somewhere? More than happy to take it off your hands for a fair price!
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    Measurements or blueprints for Leaf AFI mount

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone measurements or technical drawings of the mount used on the Leaf AFI backs/ Rollei HY6? I've done a little googling but haven't come up with anything.