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  1. KeithL

    Fun with Nikon Z

    ^ Thanks, much appreciated!
  2. KeithL

    Z6II and Z7II Announcement Coming 10/14

    Please, wake me up on the 14th October 2025 when the Z9 is announced.
  3. KeithL

    Fun with Nikon Images

    Beached. Nikon Z7, Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 Ai-S with FTZ adapter.
  4. KeithL

    Fun with Nikon Images

    One from this afternoon. Ascension. Nikon Z7, Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 Ai-S with FTZ adapter.
  5. KeithL

    Z 50mm 1.2s and 14-24mm 2.8s Rumored Announcement Next Week

    Now that the Nikon has been eliminated I'll almost certainly go for the Voigtlander 50mm 1.2 ASPH Nokton, at some point.
  6. KeithL

    Z 50mm 1.2s and 14-24mm 2.8s Rumored Announcement Next Week

    I expected the 50 1.2 S was going to be large and heavy but it has managed to exceed even those expectations. Those specs have saved me a lot of money!
  7. KeithL

    Z 50mm 1.2s and 14-24mm 2.8s Rumored Announcement Next Week

    I am in the market for a super fast lens for use on my Z cameras. I have the 50 and 85 1.8 S lenses but I'm looking for something faster as an addition. I'll be interested in what the 50 1.2 S delivers but have real doubts about the heft, girth and price given that my need is not for superb...
  8. KeithL

    Vibration re Hasselblad H leaf and Nikon focal plane shutters.

    Hi, I’m posting here as many have experience of both Hasselblad H and Nikon. I’m currently shooting Hasselblad H series and thinking of adding a Nikon D800E. Almost all of my current exposures are in the range 1/8 second to 8 seconds. I’ve never experienced any vibration problems using the H...
  9. KeithL

    FS: Hasselblad V Series Filters and Accessories

    I have the following Hasselblad filters and accessories for sale. All boxed (where applicable). 40771 Hasselblad Lens Shade 070/cfi 50 Almost as new £29 40670 Hasselblad Lens Shade 060/80 Good £14 41151 Hasselblad Format Masks. 645 + Panoramic 2x body masks 2x viewfinder masks Rare Very good...
  10. KeithL

    FlexColor - Saving as 16bit .tif files?

    I'm opening images in Flexcolor and working on them before saving as .tif files. When I open these files in Photoshop I notice they are 8bit rather than 16bit. Is there any way of having the .tif files retain the 16bit of the RAW files? I'm sure I'm doing something daft here, any help...
  11. KeithL

    FS: Hasselblad Focusing Screen Adapter SWC

    For Sale Hasselblad Focusing Screen Adapter SWC (3041050) for use on all Hasselblad SWC cameras. The adapter is the last model Hasselblad made, features an Acute-Matte D focusing screen with grid, is in Mint condition (as new, looks like it has never left the box) and is boxed. £245 (GBP)...
  12. KeithL

    FS: Hasselblad RMFx Reflex Viewfinder

    For Sale Hasselblad RMFx Reflex Viewfinder (30470700), for use with Hasselblad SWC Series, ArcBody and FlexBody cameras. The viewfinder is comparatively rare and is in Mint- condition (almost as new). £195 (GBP) Payment by PayPal. Will post Royal Mail Airsure (fully insured) to most of Europe...
  13. KeithL

    FS: Hasselblad Zeiss Distagon CFi 4/50mm Lens

    For Sale Hasselblad Zeiss Distagon CFi 4/50mm Lens. Complete with front and rear lens caps, lens pouch and filter adapter ring. Absolutely Mint Condition and Boxed £1149 (GBP) Hasselblad Lens hood 070/CFi 50, Mint/Mint- and Boxed £39 (GBP) Hasselblad UV-SKY 070 Multicoated Filter, Mint-...
  14. KeithL

    NX2 and lenses other than Nikon D or G type

    I recently downloaded the NX2 catalogue which states "Vignette Control, Auto Color Aberration Control and Distortion Control Function can be applied to images captured by Nikon SLR cameras with D/G type lenses". I took this to mean that these three controls and functions can only be used in...
  15. KeithL

    Hasselblad SWC series in combination with digital backs

    Hello all With Hasselblad's advice in mind that the performance of the 38mm Biogon can be compromised when used with digital backs, I'd be very interested to hear of user's 'real world' experiences with the SWC series and digital backs. TIA Keith