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  1. ndwgolf

    Three days in Bangkok

    I want to travel light, but only have two systems ....... Hasselblad 503CW with 80mm f2.8 or a Leica S007 with 70mm What do you guys reckon? My feelings is this, I have got a 907x on order so leaning towards the 503CW as I plan to use the 907x on my 503CW Neil
  2. ndwgolf

    X1D II or maybe a III

    Guys Im thinking of buying a new X1D II ..............I’m just throwing it out there, is there a X1D III on the horizon maybe? Neil
  3. ndwgolf

    Going back to Full Frame DSLR

    I've had all the top end MF cameras and everything Leica has thrown at me, but I find myself going back to everything that I've shot with my Nikon gear and think man I've waisted so so much money with all that fancy gear when my Nikon images are as good if not better than all the hype. Anyone...
  4. ndwgolf

    Tanzania Revisited

    Due to the COVID 19 Lockdown I decided to revisit my pictures that I took back in 2015 of my 9 days Safari in Tanzania.................if you have never been on a safari you should add it to your bucket list....amazing amazing amazing Below are some JPGS if you want to have a look at them in...
  5. ndwgolf

    What causes this

    What causes this fringe around the it camera shake or something else. THis is a JPG of the un edited RAW file? Thanks Neil
  6. ndwgolf

    The Leica Picture Thread

    Anything shot with a Leica
  7. ndwgolf

    Fun with Q2 shots

    Leica Q2 in Hokkaido Japan
  8. ndwgolf

    A picture of my mates cock

    Lol Noctilux 0.95 wide open
  9. ndwgolf

    FS Leica Q2

    Like new Leica Q2 with a $400 Arte De Mano 1/2 case.............USD$4500 Please PM me for more info Neil
  10. ndwgolf

    Leica Q2 for sale

    PM me if interested $4500 including original box 2 batterys and a $400 Arte De Mano 1/2 case.
  11. ndwgolf

    Anyone seeing any good deals on the X1D II plus Lenses

    Just wondering if anyone is seeing any good deals on NEW X1D II gear. I see B&H have the body and one lens for around$9k.........just wondering if anyone else has deals with international shipping? Neil
  12. ndwgolf

    Birds anyone

    Short eared Owl shot at Nikon D3s 300mm f4.8 1/800 ISO6400 Neil
  13. ndwgolf

    Eizo monitor plus which monitor?????

    When I was living in KL I had my Mac Pro hooked up to two monitors a Apple 27 inch monitor and my Eizo 27 inch monitor. After moving to Thailand back in 2016 I left my Apple monitor in my home in KL and brought my Eizo monitor to Thailand with me. without a doubt the eizo monitor is great for...
  14. ndwgolf

    Last picture taken with my H6D100c before selling it to a nice gentleman from SA

    Below is the last picture that I took with my H6D100c plus HC50mm II before selling it to a really nice gentleman who flew all the way from Capetown in South Africa to Phuket Thailand to pick it up.............having a nice 5 days in Thailand at the same time. All I am left with now is my Q2...
  15. ndwgolf

    Leica Soo7 firmware

    Guys. What's the latest Soo7 firmware. I've decided to keep it but I haven't used it in about 2 plus years......... hopefully it still works,😃😃😃
  16. ndwgolf

    Hasselblad H6D100c plus 5 lenses all in Mint condition (15k)

    Im selling my Hasselblad H6D100c plus 5 lenses as a package....see details below H6D100c Body (shutter count 6402) HC50mm II (Shutter count 2179) HC100mm Orange Dot (Shutter count 2817) HC 150n (Shutter count 2781) HC300mm (Shutter count 2852) HC1.7 TC 3 x Batteries All of the above is in...
  17. ndwgolf

    Northern Thailand with H6D100c

    Ive just come back from a 10 day get away with my wife to Northern Thailand. We started off in Chiang Mai, then rented a car and visited Pai, Mae Hong Son, Fang Chiang Rai and back to Chiang Mai. While there we went to a few Wellness/Meditation classes plus took a few pictures along the way...
  18. ndwgolf

    NIK Collection gone

    I have just started using PhotoshopCC 2020 and I see that the Nik collection is missing from the Filter menu (I still have it in my Applications folder) Problem is when I try and redownload it I get taken to DXO website wanting me to buy it again for $149 there a way around...
  19. ndwgolf

    Re: How about some portraits

    Re: How about some portraits How about buck naked beside a lake :) Chamonix 8x10 Ilford HP5+
  20. ndwgolf

    Ther versatility or PITA of a Medium Format Camera as a travel camera

    Over the last 10 years (when I first started photography) I have had many camera systems my first being Nikon D700 then I got my first Leica M9. I was always blown away by the IQ of what others were shooting with MF so I saved up and got my first Leica S006 ..............I loved that system and...