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    SOLD (CAN) Leicatime (Luigi) case for M8/M9/M9P with M-Mate2

    I have a used Leicatime half case and strap in aged brown. This case is the version with the hanging rear door and the hinged doors in the bottom to give access to the SD slot and battery when used with the M-Mate series of replacement bottom plates. The M-Mate3 is included (Black). Some quick...
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    FS - Leica Summicron, Voigtlander, Minolta, Olympus, Komura

    I've been buying again :bugeyes: and need to fill in the hole in my cash flow. I've bought and sold a bit here, but primarily FM (160+), and ebay (260+). My prices are in US$ and include shipping (in North America) and paypal costs. I'm located in Canada. Leica Summicron 35mm f2 Version 4...
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    FS - Leica M -0.5 Diopter

    I have a nice -0.5 diopter for Leica M cameras. It's in good shape with no obvious signs of use. Ships from Canada. Price $60 shipped and paypalled. SOLD
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    SOLD- CV Ultron 28mm f1.9 in LTM, with CV 28/90 (V1) M adapter

    I have a nice copy of the CV Ultron 28mm f1.9 in LTM for sale. The lens includes the box, the front cap, hood, screw (substitution for the lever if you wish) and a rear M-Mount cap. I've also included a CV 28/90 (v1) M adapter. The lens is functionally in great shape. The glass is clean, the...
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    FT/FS UV/IR Filters

    I've been shuffling around my RF lenses and I've ended up with some of the wrong size/color UV/IR filters. I'd like to trade if I can, but an outright sale is also possible. Please note that I'm located in Canada. I have: B+W UV/IR 43mm (Black) with .5 thread (fits older Leica lenses...newer...
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    FS Leica, Voigtlander, Angenieux, Panasonic

    Time to get selling a few things. All prices are in $US and include shipping in North America (I'm located in Canada). No extra fees for paypal. Canadians can pay in $Cdn but I'd prefer payment in cash (local) or by EMT. 1) Leica Summicron-C 40mm f2.0 - This is the earlier version. The later...
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    Traded- My Leica M6TTL for Zeiss Ikon + $

    I've been considering shuffling my equipment once again to fill the hole in my bank account caused by my latest spending spree :D I have an excellent condition Leica M6TTL (Black) with Leica strap and Zhou (?) half case that I'd be willing to trade for a Zeiss Ikon camera in reasonable...
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    FS - Metabones Contax G > m43 adapter

    I have a Metabones Contax G > mFT adapter that I'd like to sell. Works/looks like new. Price - $80US shipped and paypalled.
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    SOLD - Leica M4-P 70th Anniversary Edition

    I have a nice user copy of the Leica M4-P 70th Anniversary Edition that I’d like to sell. I picked up this body a couple of months ago as a replacement for my M3. I also picked up a M6TTL at about the same time and I’ve decided I really prefer my film cameras to have at least basic metering. The...
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    SOLD 1.15x Japan Exposures VF magnifier for Leica M bodies

    I have a good condition 1.15x VF magnifier from Japan Exposures for sale. This magnifier offers (per their website): - x1.15 magnification of the viewfinder image - four lens surfaces multicoated for bright optical image - stepless variable diopter adjustment facility (-3.0 ~ +1.0) Price -...
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    SOLD- Leica M3 Kit

    I've decided to make some changes in my Leica film equipment. Although I'll sell individual items I'd rather sell the set so I've tried to price this to make it attractive. The set includes: Leica M3 body - This is a single stroke version in good user condition. The serial number is 1008xxx...
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    FS - mFT Gear - Panasonic, Contax, Olympus

    Continuing the gear shuffle :D All items are shipping extra, I'll cover the insurance. As you can see I'm located in Canada but I'll ship to most places if you have a good reputation. I don't charge extra for paypal but Canadians using cash (in person) or EMT will get a 3% discount. 1)...
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    FS - Leica, Mamiya, Rokinon, Voigtlander, Tamron

    It's time for me to sell a few lenses. All items are shipping extra, I'll cover the insurance. As you can see I'm located in Canada but I'll ship to most places if you have a good reputation. I don't charge extra for paypal but Canadians using cash (in person) or EMT will get a 3% discount. 1)...
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    FS - ZF 25/2.8 (EF mount), OM21/2, Mamiya, Konica

    I have been busy buying lately and it's time to clear out a few things and bump up the lens account. I'm very busy at work for the next few days, but I'll try and get some shots up shortly. 1) Olympus OM Zuiko 21mm f2 - This is an amazing little lens, one of the fastest lenses available it this...
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    WTB - Leica M Diopter -2 or -1.5

    Bought - Leica M Diopter -2 or -1.5 The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for a -2 or -1.5 diopter for a Leica M viewfinder. Let me know what you have and how much it would be shipped and paypalled to me in Canada (Brampton, On L6W 4P6).
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    FT - My 43mm B+W UV for comparable 39mm

    I have a nice condition 43mm B+W 010 UV in Digital-Pro mount (chromed brass). Unfortunately I have no lenses that this filter fits. I would like to trade this for a similar spec. 39mm filter, black or chrome. I'd also consider a 39mm UV/IR Cut filter. My filter has no box or original case, but...
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    FS (CAN) Canon 7 RF and 50/1.8 LTM lens

    Canon 7 Rangefinder with Canon 50/1.8 LTM lens - I picked this camera and lens up recently but while it was on the way to me I found a Leica M3 locally. The camera and lens are in remarkably good shape. The camera body shows only minor signs of use. The meter seems to work, but I'm not sure of...
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    SOLD: MF kit for m4/3

    I have the following lenses that I'd like to sell. I've been using these lenses on my Olympus E-P1 and I'd like to sell the lenses and adapter together. The kit consists of the following: 1) a RJ Camera MD - m4/3 adapter - like new condition 2) a Minolta MD Rokkor-X 45mm f2 - body and glass in...
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    FS - Sigma DP-1 Kit

    I have a Sigma DP-1 kit that I’m looking to sell. The kit includes the following: - the DP-1. The camera has the Richard Franiec’s grip attached and this greatly improves the handling. - a total of 4 batteries (2 Sigma, 2 Generic) - the manual - software disk - battery charger - strap...
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    FS (CAN+) Leica Summilux R 80/1.4

    I haven't sold anything here before but I have a 164+ rating on e-bay , and 94+ rating on FredMiranda if that makes you nervous. I'm located in Canada but I'm willing to ship elsewhere. Payment by paypal or EMT (preferred for Canadian buyers). Leica 80/1.4 Summilux R (3 Cam) - This is a nice...