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  1. ndwgolf

    HASSELBLAD 907x Major connection issues

    Still waiting for mine to arrive........been told 4 to 6 months!!! Neil
  2. ndwgolf

    M10 Monochrome

    I found the same with mine, spending loads of time having to post process the files...... personally I think it's a gimmick and that's why I sold mine. Better off with a hasselblad and convert the file to B&W if you want to Neil
  3. ndwgolf

    Three days in Bangkok

    I never thought about the weather resistant side of it ......October is rainy season so Leica it is then Neil
  4. ndwgolf

    Three days in Bangkok

    I want to travel light, but only have two systems ....... Hasselblad 503CW with 80mm f2.8 or a Leica S007 with 70mm What do you guys reckon? My feelings is this, I have got a 907x on order so leaning towards the 503CW as I plan to use the 907x on my 503CW Neil
  5. ndwgolf

    907x 50c now available

    4 to 6 months they told me...........anyway time flys at my age so just around the corner then :):)
  6. ndwgolf

    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Just thinking out loud............I am thinking there is no need to get a XCD to V adapter as the CV50 would probably work better on the 503CW verses putting the V lenses on the 907X......does that sound about right? Neil
  7. ndwgolf

    X1D II or maybe a III

    Godfrey......I've currently got my head berried in the user manual for the 907x, something tells me that will be my next camera........and yes I'm excited that it supports is the AF? Neil
  8. ndwgolf

    DPR: 907X and CFV II 50C sample gallery and impressions

    I tried Phocus but always got better results from ACR and Photoshop........ maybe because I just feel more comfortable using the latter
  9. ndwgolf

    X1D II or maybe a III

    Hay just looks akward having to manually focus it, or maybe I am missing something? Neil
  10. ndwgolf

    X1D II or maybe a III

    Thanks for all the feedback.Let me take a look at the second hand market for the X1D II and see if it anything like the H6D or S007 market.........almost give away price. Quite a few of you mentioned the 907.........without being rude surly that is a more of a gimmicky kind of camera not...
  11. ndwgolf

    X1D II or maybe a III

    Guys Im thinking of buying a new X1D II ..............I’m just throwing it out there, is there a X1D III on the horizon maybe? Neil
  12. ndwgolf

    Going back to Full Frame DSLR

    Okay let me try and explain. I worked in the Oil & Gas industry (offshore oil Rigs) for 40 years. Its a tuff life in every sense. Out of that 40 years I have spent 20 years away from my family and friends working in extremely difficult environments and working hard 12 hours a day everyday,in...
  13. ndwgolf

    Going back to Full Frame DSLR

    I've had all the top end MF cameras and everything Leica has thrown at me, but I find myself going back to everything that I've shot with my Nikon gear and think man I've waisted so so much money with all that fancy gear when my Nikon images are as good if not better than all the hype. Anyone...
  14. ndwgolf

    Tanzania Revisited

    Due to the COVID 19 Lockdown I decided to revisit my pictures that I took back in 2015 of my 9 days Safari in Tanzania.................if you have never been on a safari you should add it to your bucket list....amazing amazing amazing Below are some JPGS if you want to have a look at them in...
  15. ndwgolf

    What causes this

    What causes this fringe around the it camera shake or something else. THis is a JPG of the un edited RAW file? Thanks Neil
  16. ndwgolf

    The Leica Picture Thread

    Anything shot with a Leica
  17. ndwgolf

    Fun with Q2 shots

    Leica Q2 in Hokkaido Japan
  18. ndwgolf

    A picture of my mates cock

    Lol Noctilux 0.95 wide open