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  1. Abstraction

    Swebo Tech Cam

    I came across this tech cam on one of the other boards. It seems like an Actus knock off for a fraction of the price. Has anyone used it? Is it any good? Here are some pics if you don't...
  2. Abstraction

    Looks like Phase One got bought

    Axcel | Axcel invests in Phase One
  3. Abstraction

    Shot noise question

    Let's assume that Phase One Iq 4150 uses the same sensor as Fuji GFX100, Nikon Z7 and whatever the latest Sony APS-C camera is... let's call it Sony X. If I were to tape the Iq4 150 back so that only a 33x44 area was exposed, would my noise levels equal the GFX 100? If I were to leave a...
  4. Abstraction

    Is Doug Petersen not with DT anymore?

    I went to the DT site today and I noticed that Doug's picture was no longer there. Did DT just remove the picture or is he no longer with the company?
  5. Abstraction

    Is there a compelling reason to move to MF?

    I started a thread, some time ago, regarding technical cameras and whether Live View was available on MF backs. The discussion veered off a bit, there were some side comments and after a while, it occurred to me that there may not be a compelling reason to go to MF from an image quality...
  6. Abstraction

    Technical Camera vs View Camera

    The technical cameras seem to be all the rage these days. They're compact, easy to transport and offer view camera movements, as well as interface support for various digital backs. However, I was wondering why the view cameras don't seem to get any love? I could be wrong, but they could be...
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    Let's see some abstracts

  8. Abstraction

    Acrylic prints

    Has anyone done acrylic printing, either direct to acetate or paper laminated in acrylic (forgot the name of that process)? How does it look? I heard that the laminated inkjet prints look fantastic, better than looking directly at the print. Is that really true? If it is, why is that so? Thanks
  9. Abstraction

    Live view on a technical camera - possible?

    Is it possible to engage live view on any of the currently available digital backs when using a technical camera or any other, non-dedicated digital camera like RB67 or RZ67? If so, what types of connections, if any, would be required to get that? Alternatively, I assume it would be possible...