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  1. rmueller

    A day at the Linhof factory in Munich, Germany

    Hi, as mentioned in the thread over here I ordered a brand new Linhof Master Technika 3000 back in June for pickup at the factory. So i took a day off yesterday and after a three hour drive to Munich I was standing...
  2. rmueller

    Traveling the south of the US on two-lane highways and country roads

    Hi, my wife and myself just returned from a three week road trip in the United States. We spend 4300+ miles on two-lane highways and country roads, crossing eight states: We started in Los Angeles, crossed California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and finally...
  3. rmueller

    First impressions of H6D-50c and video

    Hi, little has been said about the capability of the HB H6D cameras to shoot video. Since i'm a bit into cinematography with cameras from Blackmagic and DaVinci Resolve for editing and color grading i did a small test today, few notes: - H6D can be configured to shoot RAW footage and H.264...
  4. rmueller

    H6D trade-in program likely to end for H3D and older cameras by end Mar'17

    Hi, i traded my old H3DII-31 for a H6D-50c which i will hopefully receive this week. My dealer here in Germany told me that HB is likely to end the H6D trade-in program (see H6D Pricing & Trade-In Program - Hasselblad) for H3D and older cameras by end of this month (Mar'17). So if you're...
  5. rmueller

    RIP Rodney Smith

    Rodney Smith passed away this week, see He was an exceptional photographer with a great sense of humor, his images will certainly live on. My sincere condolences to the family. Regards, Ralf
  6. rmueller

    Hasselblad V1D concept camera

    Fresh from photokina'16: Hasselblad V1D 4116 Concept Although a concept only at this point but i see good things coming from Hasselblad again. Regards, Ralf
  7. rmueller

    New Sinarback S30|45 announced

    Unfortunately only in german language, haven't found another source: Sinarback S 30|45 neu vorgestellt | photoscala Seems it comes with the 37MP sensor from the Leica S Anyway, just FYI. Regards, Ralf
  8. rmueller


    See the announcement here Hasselblad True Zoom - Hasselblad Interesting devlopments in mobile with Huawai+Leica and HB+Moto. If that brings money for MF R&D its a good thing IMO. Regards, Ralf
  9. rmueller

    Interview with Hasselblad CEO on LL

    Please move to Sunset Bar in case you don't want this here. Thought it might be of interest for HB shooters at GetDPI: No exciting product announcements etc. but very promising, re-assuring statements from the...
  10. rmueller

    Hasselblad and DJI strategic partnership

    Hot off the press: Hasselblad Press Lounge If that brings some money for MFD R&D its a good thing IMO, lets see. Regards, Ralf
  11. rmueller

    H5D50c WiFi announced today

    Hi, a H5D-50c with WiFi announced today at photokina: H5D-50c with Wi-Fi 500 Euro upgrade opportunity for existing H5D-50c owners. Regards, Ralf
  12. rmueller

    Linhof's answer to the Cube

    Hi, Seems Linhof wants to steel some market share away from Arca on this one: Would be interesting to know the price tag for it. Regards, Ralf
  13. rmueller

    Phocus 2.5.2 is out

    Hi, Hasselblad Phocus 2.5.2 is out for both Mac OSX and Windows, see From the release notes: - Support for the H4D-60. - Auto crop H4D-60 HCD images, setting via preference menu allowing you to decide whether H4D-60 images captured with an HCD lens should be auto cropped. Auto crop is...
  14. rmueller

    Guillemins Station, Liège

    Hi, Started a small project on railway stations in Europe and like to share a small series of images taken at Guillemins Station, Liège, Belgium. Have a good weekend, Ralf
  15. rmueller

    Date Counter on Hasselblad Site ?

    Hi, Does someone know what the date counter at is referring to ? - H4D60 Delivery Date ? - Digital XPan ? - 6x6 full frame digital back ? 26 days can be sooo long ... Regards, Ralf
  16. rmueller

    FYI: Epson 3880

    Hi, Seems Epson updated its prominent 3800 printer, see Have a good weekend, Ralf
  17. rmueller

    Hasselblad Phocus 1.2 is available

    Hi, Seems Phocus 1.2 for Mac OSX is available here Best Regards, Ralf
  18. rmueller

    Question about Hasselblad HTS 1.5

    Hi, The spec of the new HTS 1.5 Tilt/Shift adapter says that a shift of 18mm can be achieved. I'm wondering if that statement is true for all of the lenses (28, 35, 50,80) that can be attached or if there are restrictions for the wide angle lenses? For example, using a Flexbody i remember the...