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    Video - Reliable mobile internet solution for DSLR live broadcasting a wedding?

    I am going to shoot a wedding. There will be activities where there will be no wifi. Question: how can i provide myself reliable high speed wifi for broadcasting the wedding via youtube? I usually use OBS installed on my laptop and feed video from my Canon camera into my laptop. I feed sound...
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    Editing 5.5k raw video canon 1dx mark iii or r5??? Any problem with replay?

    Is there anybody who owns the new canon 1dx or r5 who has experience editing raw 4k, 5.5k video on computer? Some people claim that rendering footage and editing is extremely hard because of the computing demand of footage? Any real life experience? Raw is great but useless if computers are not...
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    Live stream internet strength - Beach wedding

    One of my clients want me to provide live feed of the wedding ceremony they are going to have on the beach. I would like to use my 5d mark iv to record and provide the feed into OBS Studio software. I am planning to use my mobile internet on my phone. I would like to set up my phone as hot spot...
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    Fee for providing lost images?

    Hey Guys! I am a wedding photographer. A client contacted me recently who apparently lost her wedding photos. I shot her wedding 9 years ago. She asked me to find out whether I still have their images. It would take me a half a day to go through all the archives. My question: Do you charge a fee...
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    Canon R5 with DSLR lenses + adaptor - any AF delay or drawback?

    I am looking at the Canon R5 with my DSLR lenses + adapter. I may not want to sell all my EF lenses and buy the new RF ones. If you have the camera and you are using it with the adapter and EF lenses, is there any difference compared to the RF lenses... Any AF delay or drawback? I get it. Canon...
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    Lightroom export stops

    I am trying to export edited images. It export 4 of them and stops. The 4 exported images can not be opened. I have been using Lightroom for 10 years as a wedding photographer without any problems. Any ideas?
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    taking Raw image files from Raw video - 1dx Mark III?

    Do you think it is possible to pull Raw image files from Raw video? Theoretically, you could shoot raw video and pull raw image files and edit them. This way one person could do photography and videography at the same time... Do you think it is possible? Any ideas?
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    Anybody here owning 1dx Mark iii? Shadow noise???

    Is there here anybody here owning 1dx Mark iii? I have read mixed reviews regarding dynamic its range...What is you impressions? I am really wondering how far we can pull up shadows in Raw files when underexpose to preserve the highlights. I would like to hear about shadow noise... So let's say...
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    Sony A7R III mirrorbox replacement. Advice needed!

    I have a Sony A7R III. The small glass in front the the mirror box has cracked. I would like to replace it. I have looked up on youtube how to replace the mirrorbox. What I found so far is a video based on the Sony A7R II. Based on that video the mirrobox can be removed without removing the back...
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    How much do you pay for website hosting? Let's compare services and prices...

    I have 3 domain, 3 websites under my hosting plan. I pay 25.99/month at Bluehost. It is $311 for a year. How much do you guys pay for hosting? Thanks so much! Miami Indian Wedding Photographers - Haring Photography, Florida Muslim and Jewish Wedding Photographer | Miami Wedding Photographers...
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    What packaging do you use to deliver photos?

    Hey wedding photographers? What packaging do you use to deliver photos? I always deliver the images on a (wooden) small drive. Is there a company you can recommend for packaging small wooden drives to deliver the final wedding photos to clients? Thanks!
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    Who do you use? - Professional Insurance for you Wedding Photography Videography

    Who do you use? Which insurance company do you use for you wedding photography and / or videography business? I am looking for General Liability. What is the average yearly premium range in $? Thanks!
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    How to create PDF Price list which can be sent to clients?

    Hi! I would like to create an artistic looking PDF price list which I can send to new prospects. I would include samples of my wedding photography, information and send it via an email. Question: How to do you create PDF Price list which can be sent to clients? Thanks so much!
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    Sony A7r III focus point not visible?

    Hey guys! I find the focus point of my a7r III not really visible compared to the focus point of my Canon 5d.... A lot of times I am struggling to find where the focus dot is. Is there a way to make it more visible? Anybody else experienced this? Is there a way to improve the responsiveness and...
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    5d Mark iv - No Dual Pixel autofocus while recording 120fps/slow motion?

    I am just wondering whether I have missed something with my Canon 5d Mark iv. Is there No Dual Pixel autofocus while recording 120fps/slow motion? Thanks!
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    Sony A7r III with Canon 1.2 lenses - Aperture error - 1.3

    Have been using my Metabones Adaptor with the a7R III for Canon EF glasses. However, I notice that with both the 50/1.2L and 85/1.2L II, both lenses only open up to f1.3, and not f1.2. I am curious as to why that may be? Is it Metabones problem? Canon's? It obviously does not matter to the...
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    SIGMA 35mm ART 1.4 lens on Sony?

    Is there anybody here who is using Sigma Art lenses on a Sony a7r III as native lens without adapter? Is focusing fast and accurate? How about low light? All focusing modes (eye tracking, etc.) work on the Sony? Thanks!
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    Sony E to Canon EF Adapter selection

    I am looking for an adapter for a Sony a7r iii (3) to Canon EF L lenses. I have read all forum posts about the Metabones and all the other adapters. I am wondering what is the current status on this with the new Sony A7R 3 and A9 cameras? Which one to use and which one to avoid? Thanks so much!
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    Writing speed of Sony A7R III???

    Does anybody know what is the actual writing speed of the a7r III for RAW uncompressed photos on the faster SD card slot? I can't find any info on that.... THANKS!
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    which SD cards do you use with SONY a7r iii 3 for weddings?

    Hey guys! Which SD cards do you use with a7r iii 3 for weddings? What is the minimum write speed do i need to shoot fast stills? No video.... yet....