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  1. kdphotography

    Birgit Maddox Monterey, California

    Good seeing you here Birgit!
  2. kdphotography

    WTB - Phase One IQ3 100 Standard or Trichromatic with XF body

    I'll also add that the IQ3 is a solid performer. If shooting in studio with lights, much prefer the XF over the Fuji GFX. There are also a myriad of features available on the Phase MFDB and the XF that are quite nice in use. Vibration delay, Autofocus Recompose (AFr), etc., not to mention the...
  3. kdphotography

    Hot Glue Gun avice

    Gorilla glue, Don?
  4. kdphotography

    Any experiences with the Arca Cube C1 gp (geared panning) FlipLock in rough landscape photography?

    Neoprene gives good water protection, might even work in the shower. 😂 I've had my AS Cube about ten years now. I've only had to replace the rubber grips on the a couple knobs. Parts provided by Precision Camera all for about a buck a piece. Jack's original review on LL probably resulted in...
  5. kdphotography

    Phase One IQ4 150 digital back for sale.

    Place your listing in the Buy-Sell forum! :)
  6. kdphotography

    FS/ IQ3 100 Trichromatic Phase One mount - Warranty until 11/09/2022

    Great MFDB from a trusted GetDPI family member! (y)
  7. kdphotography

    For Sale Pointers

    I never saw "enabling" as an issue, especially when done for the benefit of active/trusted GetDPI family members :)
  8. kdphotography

    The great tripod & head thread!

    The Baby Cube L60 is better as a geared travel head and I find it to be a perfect match on the Novoflex triolbalance, with a built-in leveler which adds an additional 5mm of movement. But it is indeed small! The Mini-Cube L75 is a great compact geared head and fits perfectly on my RRS TVC-24 legs.
  9. kdphotography

    FS: Fuji XT3 + 16-80 lens + Flash like new - In the box!

    Shutter count on this XT3 is only 444.
  10. kdphotography

    FS: Fuji XT3 + 16-80 lens + Flash like new - In the box!

    For sale is a barely used Fuji XT3 camera with Fuji 16-80 lens, accessories, in the box. Plus a Flashpoint Flash system for Fuji TTL (not used, just tested) in the box. Lance camera strap. Additional USB dual port battery charger (better than included Fuji Charger) with two additional...
  11. kdphotography


    Found it for you, Will. Looking good, Dave.
  12. kdphotography

    How do you protect your tech cam from ghastly weather conditions?

    You'd be surprised how well your technical camera, lens and MFDB will perform under adverse conditions. The below image is of my first Cambo while photographing waterfalls in Oregon. It was wet---and I could only take a couple shots before the lens element became coated by the heavy mist...
  13. kdphotography

    FS: Hasselblad Flextight X5 virtual drum scanner + Computer + Accessories!

    Moving Sale! I am downsizing and have decided to sell my Hasselblad Flextight X5 system. Hasselblad Flextight X5 virtual drum scanner---- great quality and easy scans of negatives and chromes up to 4" x 5" films All accessories and paperwork in original boxes Film holders for 35mm slides, 35mm...
  14. kdphotography

    Muslin Backgrounds or Other for Portraits For Travel

    David Maheu makes great backdrops on higher quality muslin material. You will pay more for better quality backdrops, but the quality shows. Cheap muslins look "cheap" and do not photograph well. A good muslin backdrop will wear well and actually gets softer with use. Wrinkles are really not...
  15. kdphotography

    Next XT Lenses Announced

    Cambo showed their new "long barrel" 90mm mount on facebook a while back. WTSA-892x . I think it is pretty easy to extrapolate that the 120mm will be forthcoming at some point in the same mount Ken
  16. kdphotography

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    M10M, Voigtlander 50mm f/1.2 Nokton Peru. One of the oldest area hearth ovens
  17. kdphotography

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    The M10M really is just a "fun" camera to use. Voigtlander 50mm f/1.2 Nokton Image from my recent trip to Peru. Meal was cooked traditionally in the ground and then placed in the pots for serving.