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    Lumix TZ90

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    BYRORAS 8K Action Cam

    Byroras CA100 and Yarber action cam are 101% identical, difference: Yarber 149.99 € - Byroras 99.99€ I paid for Byroras 65€ Both cameras support 8K (but only with 15fps), 2.7K 60 fps / 30fps, UHD 4K 60 fps / 30 fps, 720P 240fps / 120fps / 60fps, 1080P Full HD 120fps / 60fps / 30fps. With...
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    After FIMI PALM Version1 now there is Version2 - but I bought a V1 (for 135€) from Banggood, delivered within 1 week from Czechia (without additional fees). There also ( are similar Cameras (with 4K 30fps/60fps etc.) and 3-axis gimbal. I've since long time a DJI Pocket (Version1)...
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    MEIKE 3.5mm 2.8 for mFT

    Photos out of camera, only with Irfanview a little bit "beautified"
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    Yongnuo YN430M

    "Old" version YN430 has only Canon mount, new version YN430M has mFT mount, both cameras are Android cameras - like my (old) Samsung GC100, without changeable lens, but with 21x zoom.
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    GX9 and mirror lenses

    In August, Toshiba will present it's new 400mm lens - but it has only f=8. Price unknown. I use with my cameras Samyang 500mm / 6.3 (82€) and Toshiba 300mm / 6.3 (~ 150€) Pictures with Toshiba 300mm, distance 2.5 .. 4 meters, freehand
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    MEIKE 3.5mm 2.8

    Has someone bad/good experiences with (mFT) MEIKE 3.5mm? I've some MEIKEs - they are very good. Price for Meike 3.5mm is € 125 - available from ali-dealers. Less than half price of LAOWA 4mm/2.8
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    build your own camera

    It's funny to build cameras with Raspberry Pi4 and a cheap 3D printer (Creality Ender 2 - 85€) You can use cameras with 5 Mpixel (up from 5€), 8 Mpixel (18€) or 12 Mpixel (58€) with RaspianOS Buster or 10 other systems. Price of complete camera is less than 100€ :-)
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    Sony TX100

    Using my old Sony TX100V - old but excellent! All photos freehand, no post processing, only (very few) cut and resized.
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    FirmeareUpdates July 9th, 2019

    Panasonic Releases Firmware Update Programs for the LUMIX GH5, GH5S, G9, G90/G91/G95, G80/G81/G85 and GX9 on July 9th
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    Fuji X-T30

    For using my old Canon lenses I bought some weeks ago Fuji X-T30 + 15-45mm, a nice camera, adequate my GX9 - small and light weighted. The only thing I miss is the tlltable EVF of my GX9/GX7. Also I bought a Viltrox Booster EF-FX2 and an adapter EF-FX, additional battery/charger, ArcaSwiss...
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    Fuji X-T30 Manual
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    ZTE Redmagic3 - 8K video, 48 mpixel

    Available China May 3rd Also from ZTE: foldable smartphone
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    DZ Optics 10mm/2.0 and 5mm/2.8

    I hope soon these two lenses are available, mFT, both small, light weight, automatic aaaand distortionfree ! 94° / 130° DZO 10mm/2.0 DZO 5mm/2.8
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    WOW! Sharp mFT 8K video

    mFT, 5" display
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    4K/60fps with cheap cards - no problem

    Today arrived first of my (from China) five (different) ordered 32GB microSD cards (each ~3€) suited for 4K/60fps (SJ8 Pro, Yi 4K+, DJI Osmo Pocket) last year from amazon & China
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    SJ8 Pro

    SJ8 Pro, best action camera, true 4K/60fps, 2.33" touchdisplay Banggood <---
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    Krorux 35mm/1.6

    After 4 weeks my mFT Krorux 35mm/1.6 lens arrived from China. I use it with my Lumixes and Sony NEX7 (with adapter). Price was € 51, $ 58, free ship. It is made of "Heavy Metal", delivered with UV (protection) filter and sunshade. Lumix GX9 + lens
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    DJI Osmo Pocket

    Wowwww, not bad! $349, smallest Gimbal with 4K/60fps, sensor 1/2.3"
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    Smartphone with 235° lens

    There are a lot of lenses for smartphones, even with 180/210/235/238°, for low prices. Or macro lenses with additional ringlight. switch for off/white/yellow/mixed, battery loadable with microUSB