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  1. J

    Toggle ES / LS / FPS on Phase One XF via Custom Button Assignment?

    Yep, that's where I thought it be, or one of screens when swiping on the XF top screen.
  2. J

    Toggle ES / LS / FPS on Phase One XF via Custom Button Assignment?

    Okay, thank you for checking - I appreciate the sanity check. The "issue" I was trying to get around was the loss of auto metering and the OVF when ES is enabled. Enabling ES raises the mirror. The workaround is manually tapping MLU on the top LCD of the XF, thus dropping the mirror. It is...
  3. J

    Toggle ES / LS / FPS on Phase One XF via Custom Button Assignment?

    I bounce back & forth between LS and ES quite abit and would like to change it directly without the menu dive, like assigning it to one of the custom buttons or maybe the XF's top screen icons. Any way to do this? I'm using XF w/ HAP-2 and an IQ3 Trichromatic if that matters. Thanks.
  4. J

    DxO Pure Raw 2 now supports SL2 and M11

    Not seeing the Leica M11 listed in the supported cameras. They've added the M10-R.
  5. J

    Setting Up for Product Photography

    I won't show a behind the scenes picture because i don't know how to do small 😄 But one word - softboxes. Whether just using one like talked about above, or multiples... they wrap light around products really well. White paper, one softbox on the right, one on the left and "good enough"...
  6. J

    Capture One Screen Rendering of the GFX 100

    Raised a ticket on this about a year ago and asked Phase One if they are happy with the previews. Their answer - yes... That was a depressing response... What's really frustrating is that the preview is sharp for a brief moment, then some sort of rendering is done, and that subsequent render...
  7. J

    Irwin Puts Says Farewell to Leica?

    If I only shot color, I might be able to let go of the M gear. But as long as I'm shooting the M-246, there will be M lenses. As long as there are M-lenses, I want a color M to go with. If Hasselblad made a monochrome X1D II, I'd sell the Leica stuff in a blink of an eye. Or, if Leica did a...
  8. J

    General thoughts about S1 and/or S1R

    I opt for the "hide in plain sight" strategy and then tell my wife she's crazy... that box has been there for months... heck years!!! I'm not sure if it works or not :) Also, if you can stand it, keep your office / den a complete mess. Then added box just blends in with the general disaster...
  9. J

    Leica m-mount '6-bit'-encoded lenses?

    Is there a compelling reason to use Leica's M / L adapter on the Panasonic S1 / S1R? From what I've gathered, no EXIF is passed regarding the Leica M lens, thus I may as well by the Novoflex adapter or something else similar and save money.
  10. J

    General thoughts about S1 and/or S1R

    Rec'd my "open box" kit today too. Looked like a brand new box and everything in box looked untouched. Nothing appears to have been repacked or used. Or, maybe it went back to Panasonic and they repacked it with all new stuff. Whatever the case may be, I can't complain. Looks new to me...
  11. J

    Fun with S1/s1r

    Yep, got the email from B&H for the warranty extension (link to the Panasonic form) and the FEDEX shipping notice. Looks like they shipped it overnight. That's a nice little bonus.
  12. J

    Fun with S1/s1r

    B&H Photo in the US is running a Black Friday "open box" deal at 50%, $1862 for S1R and $2312 for the S1R w/ 24-105mm - I wasn't in the market for one, but at that price, I'll play.
  13. J

    FS: KPS T5 Micro Tilt Geared Ballhead - Latest Version - LNIB

    I have a small village of tripod heads, so clearing out a couple that I am not using right now. I bought the KPS T5 Micro Tilt new from Legio Photo. I never got around to actually using it, so it is in like-new condition. This is the latest version with the indexed main knob. I had the...
  14. J

    SOLD - Two New Hasselblad XC Rear Lens Caps

    Purchased these from B&H earlier this year to use with some lens adapters. It never happened and ended up selling the X1D this past summer. Price is $20 PayPal'd and Shipped (includes BOTH caps). US sale only.
  15. J

    Phase One Accessories

    Clearing out some left over odds & ends - Watson Charger for BP 900 Batteries Purchased new from B&H in October 2017. Very lightly used and works great. Has a nice LCD display that shows each battery's progress. $50 Shipped & PayPal'd; US only. Two BP-911 7.4V 3400 mAh Li-ion Batteries I...
  16. J

    Leica S-E / S2 or something else

    I've owned the S2, S-006 and S-007. All ended up in Germany for one fix or another. Nothing to level of what Roger's experience has been - I salute his patience! In most cases my gear was back within 7-8 weeks. None of the problems were epic fails, and all were under warranty too. But...
  17. J

    Phase One - X1D - GFX

    If Phase One manages an EVF for the XF, it won't be compatible with the current digital backs. I have the Trichromatic and its live view frame rate is 30 FPS. If in good daylight the view is fine. But at the light drops, the frame rate drops. I think it drops all the way to 2 FPS. For the...
  18. J

    File Numbering on Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic & Live View FPS

    A couple of hopefully easy questions - 1) how do I set the file name prefix and counter when shooting to XF card; untethered shooting. 2) is there a way to speed up the FPS on live view? It feels like ~8 FPS, definitely not 24 or 30 FPS. Thank you.
  19. J

    Domke Protective Lens Wraps

    SOLD - Domke Protective Lens Wraps Sold.