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  1. ChrisDauer

    M8 body, Canon 70-200/2.8IS

    I need to get some shots of these and I'll do that as soon as I get back. I have an M8 for sale. Very low shutter count. I'm asking $2000 which covers both shipping and paypal. I also have a Canon 70-200/2.8IS lens with a 77mm UV B+W filter. It is fantastic but I haven't used in several...
  2. ChrisDauer

    FS: Black M8

    I have a mint condition, low shutter count Black M8 for sale. It comes with the box, charger, battery and the various booklets. I can send photos and will likely post some here when I have the time. Asking $2000. I accept cash in person, or check/money order. If you want to use paypal add 3%.
  3. ChrisDauer

    Road Trippin Across the USA

    As I find myself under-employed, I thought now would be the perfect time to take a little time off and travel about our great nation. I'm looking for recommendations on places to see, places to eat and places to stay. If you know a great place (it doesn't have to be local to you, I'm going...
  4. ChrisDauer

    Sandisk 32 GB card(s)

    I'm looking to get a 32 GB card and I'm wondering if the 60 MB/s flavor is a waste of money for a 5D2 and a 7D? I went out to RobG's database but apparently that's not been updated in while (disappointing though to be expected at some time I guess). I'm not sure if the increased speed w/ help...
  5. ChrisDauer

    Top 10 Doctored Photos,29307,1924226_1949526,00.html I thought this was interesting. I hope this thread isn't a dup, and I hope the link works.
  6. ChrisDauer

    Storage (Bedroom/Studio - not hard drive)

    So where & how to do you store all the bags, tripods, cameras, lenses, etc. that you have? I have allocated approx 25% of a room to my camera equipment + printer + prints. I have been informed, that I'm losing a portion of this space :cry: Currently, I'm storing the lenses and bodies in my...
  7. ChrisDauer

    M8 for sale (Black or Chrome - Take your pick)

    I've been toying with this idea for a while; and now that I've had the chance to use the 5D2 a bit more, the M8's are sitting on the shelf. I'm not looking to sell both, just one (I have one Chrome and one Black). Take your pick. It comes with all the papers and documents. If you'd like...
  8. ChrisDauer


    Jumping Jehosaphat! excerpt: "The SD Association has announced a new card spec dubbed SDXC (eXtended Capacity) that can support memory capacities up to 2TB with read/write speeds to 104MB per second. According to...
  9. ChrisDauer

    Archival 17"x25" Museum cases - Custom order

    I mistakenly put a copy of this in the Printing and storage forum but it belongs here. I'm looking to place a custom order (lead time is about 6 weeks) for museum cases 17-1/2" x 25-1/2" (depth 2.5"). If I can find enough people interested, I'll do it. So if you're interested, let me know...
  10. ChrisDauer

    Archival Storage - 17" x 25" museum cases

    Hi All, Not entirely sure where to put this thread as it's for the storage of prints in museum cases of the 17" x 25" paper size. Depth is 2.5". I'm looking to place a custom order; which has a minimum required amount. If I can find enough people interested, I'll do it. Lead time is about...
  11. ChrisDauer

    2 Day Lenovo Sale (Sept 11-12)

    Use eCoupon code USP2DAYSONLY at checkout to save. Valid September 11-12, 2008. If you were looking at the W700, like I was ;) Wait. I think I'm the lone PC guy left :ROTFL: nevermind... I'll just post the link here for my benefit. (hope this hotlink works)...
  12. ChrisDauer

    Burning Man

    So, through a last minute gift; I find myself preparing to go to Burning Man for the first time. I'm aware of playa dust and have been informed that it's even worse than the trip I made w/ friends to Africa. Current plans are to bring 4 cameras; with probably only 4 lenses and never swap a...
  13. ChrisDauer

    WTB: Nikon D700

    I have a friend who is very interested in a D700 but will be out of the Country for a bit, so I am posting this on his behalf. Please contact me if you have a spare one and would like to off-load it.
  14. ChrisDauer


    What paper(s) for the Espon 3800 would you use to get the same look/feel as the old Cibachrome? Thanks! -C
  15. ChrisDauer

    Ensenada, Mexico?

    I'll be there between 8 am and 5 pm day after tomorrow. Any highlights, must see/do? I've never been before so I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks! -C
  16. ChrisDauer

    Who hear profiles their Cam? Proj? Scan?

    Just wondering: Who here profiles their Cameras? Who here profiles their Projectors? Who here profiles their Scanners? I have the option to pick up additional profiling modules at a serious discount, but I'm not sure I'd make use of them. Thanks in advance for responding w/ input.
  17. ChrisDauer

    Survived another auto accident...

    and me, without my camera to take a picture of it. :( Clearly it could have been worse (given that no one was injured, and property damage is minimal). But it's the so minimal as to be annoying, like a fly buzzing around your head that won't go away. An abrasion only the passenger side door...
  18. ChrisDauer

    Carmel Apr 9-12 2008

    Loved the printing workshop! Great Food, Great Friends, Great Photos, Great Prints, Great Times!
  19. ChrisDauer

    Moab Feb 6-9 2008

    I regret not making this one, but would love to see the images from those who attended here. Thanks! :)
  20. ChrisDauer

    Yosemite Oct 17-20 2007

    Just splitting this forum into individual Threads per workshop.