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    All New! Best Leica Deal! M, SL, S from Tim Lei

    Hi guys. Tim Lei here. A lot of you guys know me cause i’m more active on FB. I think I should post some stuff here. In this post I’m gonna offer a wide selection of pretty hot Leica items in very good price. It has been a tough year last year and this year I don’t it going any better. So I...
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    Positive Feedback for @JeffK

    Bought a lens from @JeffK Very pleased!! Thanks for an easy transaction!
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    SOLD: (CAN) Leica M9 Black Paint Digital Rangefinder (CCD ID=15, 3k ACT. ) US$2995

    Mint boxed M9 black paint. CCD replaced by Leica in 2018. CCD ID = 15. Shutter count is around 3600. One tiny pin point brassing on the back corner. This is the best black paint M9 I’ve seen for a long time. US$2995 net. Located in Ontario, Canada. Worldwide shipping. Solid references are...
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    (XMAS PRICE DROP)FS: Leica R 19mm f/2.8 ELMARIT-R II Ver.2 ROM Lens

    It has some signs of wear on the barrel cosmetically only as shown in pics. Glasses and functions are all great. Hard to find in these days. The white dots seen from front glass elements are reflections of paint loss inside the barrel. They are not glass defects. US$5600 net Worldwide...
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    FS: Hard to Find! Voigtlander Macro APO Lanthar 125mm f/2.5 SL Ai-S Nikon NMIB

    Very clean copy, easy 9+. Glasses and functions are all great. US$2000 net Worldwide Shipping. Solid references are available.
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    FS: Phase One P45+ Digital Magazine Back for Hasselblad V Mt. US$2850

    This one is priced a lot lower than average sold price. Here’s the reason. When it underexposes 2-3 stops, there is a “line” can be seen around right side 1/3 place. It won’t show under regular shooting/exposure. Samples have been uploaded to show what it looks like. And if you search on the...
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    FS: Hasselblad 300/4.5 HC lens. Only 800 clicks. US$1795

    Lightly used Hasselblad 300/4.5 HC lens. Only 800 clicks. A filter is included. US$1795 net. Priced to sell Worldwide shipping. Pay pal accepted. (shipping by Fedex from Hong Kong or China mainland depending on time of sale)
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    FS: Leica M9 Steel Grey (CCD ID=15, 1.8K Act), M 35/2A, M 75/2 APO. MINT!!

    Selling for a friend. I have all the gears on my hands now. So any questions or photo requests are welcome. (I have more pics than uploaded, please let me know if you need to se more) 1. Leica M9 Steel Grey, mint condition, boxed with battery charger, papers, everything is there. Shutter count...
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    FS: Leica M 50/1.0 NOCTILUX-M Last Version Pull Out Hood V4 Like New

    It's a 10- or like new condition. One of the best out there if there is any left (well, there is, just rare to see in this condition) comes with caps and leather case. No paper work, or box. $6350 net Worldwide shipping.
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    Alpa Lenses (75/5.6, 60/5.6, 43/5.6, 36/5.6, 250/5.6, 210/6.8)

    These lenses belonged to a camera store and were used for demonstration purposes. So conditions are 10-, or close to like new, or mint. All lenses have boxes except 210/6.8. 43/5.6 - $4995 36/5.6 - $4995 60/5.6 - $4895 75/5.6 - $4995 210/6.8 - $5695 250/5.6 - $6895 Prices are net and...
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    FS: Leica M10-P Safari Limited Edition NEW IN BOX - $7450

    Bought new, never used. Retail is US$8450 plus 10% more after Jan 1st = $9295 So here is the real deal: $7450!! Shipping from either Hong Kong or China mainland. Can ship Fedex or EMS depending on location. (sorry won't be able to ship from Canada at the moment, but could offer shipping to...
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    FS: Leica M6 TTL 0.85 (boxed) and Leica M3 DS (mint!)

    1. Leica M6 TTL 0.85 Chrome Silver, Near MINT IN BOX 9+ condition, works perfectly as it should, small signs of wear, cosmetically only. US$2495 net 3. Leica M3 Double Stroke, early, SN7xxxx, MINT condition This is basically the cleanest early M3 I have ever seen. Works perfectly too...
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    FS: Hasselblad CFV-50c Digital Magazine $4580

    9/9+ condition some small signs of wear on the buttons, works perfectly. Sensor spotless. Priced to sell. Lowest on earth? Shipping from either Hong Kong or China mainland. Can ship Fedex or EMS depending on location. (sorry won't be able to ship from Canada at the moment, but could offer...
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    FS: Leica S 007 + S 70/2.5 ASPH Set Near MINT IN BOX $8500!!

    9+ or near mint condition. Only small cosmetic marks no big ones. Perfect optics and functioning. $8500 net. Priced to sell! Shipping from either Hong Kong or China mainland. Can ship Fedex or EMS depending on location. (sorry won't be able to ship from Canada at the moment, but could offer...
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    FS: Leica M 50/1.4 ASPH 6-BIT + M 35/2 ASPH 6-BIT + M 90/2 APO ASPH

    1. 50/1.4 Lux ASPH 6-Bit, Like New In Box! $2875 net 2. 35/2 Cron ASPH 6-Bit, mint or 9+ condition. $2195 net 3. 90/2 APO ASPH, ex+, some cosmetic wear, perfect optics. $2650 net Shipping from either Hong Kong or China mainland. Can ship Fedex or EMS depending on location. (sorry won't be...
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    FS: Hasselblad CFV-50C Digital Magazine (CMOS) BOXED $6950

    Fully boxed Hassy CFV-50c at a very good price. $6950 USD. Shipped from China at the moment. Battery may not be able to be included due to courier regulation, so price has been reduced to reflex that. Pay Pal accepted (3%), shipping is around $60-75 by Fedex. Any question, feel free to ask.
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    Ultimate Leica M Collection (MP3, MPC, M3J, LHSA, etc)

    This is the ultimate Leica M collection that I sell for a friend, a true collector! You don't see this in many years cause most of these are still sealed! 1. Leica MP3 Black Paint set (50/1.4A + Leicavit), complete sealed in box. $42500 USD 2. Leica MP Classic Set (50/2 Rigid), complete sealed...
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    (CAD/US) FS: Leica M 35/1.4 Lux Pre-A "Leica Glow" Near MINT IN BOX

    Up for sale is a near mint in box Leica M 35/1.4 PRE-ASPH, aka "the Leica Glow". Price: US$2495 Cosmetic: very clean, I would say 95-97% mint. (hood shows a little dent on one side) Glasses: no scratch, minor dusts, normal from this age. No fungus. Function: everything works as it should...
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    FS: Leica S 007 + 100/2 Cron ASPH + 35/2.5 CS ASPH Set

    Both S007 body and 100/2 cron are in mint/like new in box condition. Works perfectly. Perfect optics. 35/2.5 CS shows some very small signs of wear, but purely surface cosmetic. Perfect optics and functioning. Asking price: - S 007, like new in box - US$8650 - S 100/2 Cron ASPH, like new in...
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    FS: Leica Monochrom 246 + M9 + M35/2A + V50/1.5A + EVF2 + Thumb-up

    All prices are listed in US$ and shipped from Ontario, Canada. Pay pal (3% or gift), wire transfer, EMT within Canada accepted. Prices are net. Worldwide shipping available. Please contact for more pics. I have a lot of them to show. 1. Leica M Monochrom Type 246, the CMOS Monochrom, 2 month...