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  1. picman

    LR lens corrections

    Are the lenscorrection profiles in LR5 of the same quality as those in DxO? In particular are they provided by Adobe or some PRO lab, or are they user-made? Thanks, cheers, Bob.
  2. picman

    24mmf1.8 E-mount,6216.html No comment :D, cheers, Bob.
  3. picman

    Article by DK

    Intriguing. What do you think?
  4. picman

    old rumor about new AF rangefinder

    A year ago there was this rumor on leicarumors Does anyone in the meantime have any more info on this? Cheers, Bob.
  5. picman

    Carl Zeiss MF for A-mount?

    What do you think of this: Second page message by boyanphotography Cheers, Bob.
  6. picman

    Which 2nd body

    I want to get a second FF body, I have the A900 and all FF Zeiss lenses. Two reasons (1) as a safety measure in case something goes wrong with one body (2) in order to sometimes carry two bodies with two lenses rather than a backpack with lenses. What would you go for at the moment, a second...
  7. picman

    zeiss ikon rumor :)
  8. picman

    A850 manual downloaded

    Apparently the A850 specs are out since a manual has been downloaded from a Sony site. There are many threads on photoclubalpha and dyxum for those interested. Cheers, Bob. PS This is one of many sites where an enthusiast has uploaded the manual...
  9. picman

    daylight WB as reported in C1

    Just noted something odd. I always shoot with the daylight setting for white balance (I shoot raw so it does not matter much I guess). I "develop" in Capture One. Whereas for the 24-70, 85 and 135 Zeiss lenses the normal reading for daylight seems to be 5350 Kelvin (and -2 tint), the 16-35 Zeiss...
  10. picman

    Thread on DPR re EOL of A700 in Japan Does anyone know more? Is this true? Should we worry? :shocked:
  11. picman

    Carl Zeiss ZF manual lenses for Nikon

    Hello all, I was wondering whether the manual focus lenses of Carl Zeiss have full open metering or stop-down. I know they are manual focus of course but I could not determine from the info on the Carl Zeiss website what is the exact functionality wrt metering. Also, is there focus confirmation...
  12. picman

    CZ Contax versus CZ Sony

    I was surprised to see the difference in MTF charts between the 85mm1.4 in Contax/Yashica mount and the 85mm1.4 in A-mount (see attached files). There seems to be a considerable progress since the Contax days. Makes you wonder whether it is worth it to try and convert these "old" Carl Zeiss...
  13. picman

    Capture One for Alpha

    I am more and more enchanted by Capture One. I've been comparing LR2, CS4, Aperture, DxO and Capture One and I prefer C1. However, unlike DxO it does not have specific lens corrections. DxO has just announced further lenses they will be adding...
  14. picman

    CZ 135 focus ring stiffness

    Just received my CZ 135. I've been taking some test pictures with it and optically it seems to be OK (well more than OK of course :-)). However, the focusring is so stiff. Also it is entirely in metal rather than having a rubber grip. Because of the stiffness, manually turning it just does not...
  15. picman

    Slide show

    In another thread (I put my new question here not to disrupt the actual topic of that thread) Guy Mancuso suggested I try Bridge for slideshow and whereas this seems to work very nicely I cannot get the pictures really sharp the way they...
  16. picman

    capture one licences

    Hi all, new here and of course I have a question ;) I would like to start using capture one but I read on their site that licences are linked to a computer. This poses a problem because I have 3 Macs on which I would like to install it. Mind you, I am the only user and would never use two...