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  1. dchew

    Thinking about GFX

    Greetings! I have been invited on a cruise around South America and Antarctica this coming December. As most of you know I'm a dyed in the wool tech camera user. I'm pretty sure that won't work too well on the ship unless someone knows of a tripod with IBIS. So I have two options: First is to...
  2. dchew

    Schneider Kreuznach Apo Digitar Lens Data

    There was a request for data sheets in a recent thread. I happen to have many of the discontinued Apo Digitar data sheets, mostly from Alpa's old website. I've created a page that has all of them linked: Schneider-Kreuznach Apo Digitar Lens Data Rob suggested this thread be "sticky", but I doubt...
  3. dchew

    Free to a Good Home: Epson 7900

    I am finally moving on. Purchased new in Dec 2009 (yes, you read that right). It has been chugging along fine until the last month when the orange channel started to go. It still seems to print fine, but here is what the current nozzle check looks like: The light magenta lines on the far...
  4. dchew

    The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

    I am getting the above notice frequently all of a sudden. Never saw this before until a few days ago. Anyone else getting this or is it on my end somehow? Dave
  5. dchew

    H&Y Filter System with a Technical Camera

    I've been using the H&Y system for the last several months. I had not heard of it before reading Tim Parkin's very thorough review of filter systems at OnLandscape (paid content). The real reason this system interested me was the opportunity to create a LCC card and dark frame that attached...
  6. dchew

    Why are LCCs Without Movements Not Symmetrical?

    Ok, this has been bugging me forever and I finally have the guts to ask: I always thought symmetry was kind of important in physics. What is it about a pixel that is not symmetric? Dave 35xl / IQ3100 no movements:
  7. dchew

    FS: Hoya 72mm PRO ND 64x ND Filter

    EDIT: Found a home. Free to a good home; just pay for shipping quoted to your location. Dave
  8. dchew

    FS: Lee Filter System

    $200 including shipping to CONUS. Will quote shipping to other locations. Universal Hood 105mm Linear Polarizer Polarizer mounting ring (3) 100 Holders (one on the hood) (2) 72mm Adapters (1) 67mm Adapter 0.6 Hard GND (2-stop) 0.6 Soft GND (2-stop) (4) Lee Lens Caps (1) Holder Stack adapter...
  9. dchew

    FS: Zeiss Batis 25 FE Mount

    I prefer manual focus; now that Zeiss offers the Loxia 25 I am selling this lens and plan to purchase the MF Loxia. This was rarely used; still has the protective sheet on the electronic display. No issues with image quality; performs as expected. All original packaging and documentation...
  10. dchew

    Default WB for IQ3100: C1 vs LR

    This is more of a curiosity question than a concern. I certainly understand in RAW WB is just an import setting that we always adjust either to our liking or to some WB reference. However, it seems LR has a strange "As Shot" setting associated with the IQ3100, at least when using "Daylight" WB...
  11. dchew

    How to Remove Half the Features of a P0h

    And how to adjust minimum ball tension, all while probably killing your warranty in the process. I really want to like the Arca Swiss P0h. It has almost everything: Light weight, pan top, compact fast movement AND precise gear driven control. Two things I don’t like, one that it doesn’t have...
  12. dchew

    The Merits and Workflow of Various Viewfinder Tools

    In the XF/GFX thread, Erik commented on some different aspects of live view vs viewfinder: Hopefully Erik doesn’t mind that I quote a part of that: I’m guessing by now most of us have...
  13. dchew

    Trichromatic vs 3100

    I have the Trichromatic for a demo over the weekend, returning 11/28. I will be doing some comparisons with my 3100. If anyone has any particular tests they want me to run, let me know here. It is a kinda gray weekend, but you never no. Still some shades of brown around... What I plan to do...
  14. dchew

    35xl vs 40hr

    I’ve had the 40hr for several years and just recently picked up the 35xl. After a few basic tests both in the field and in the office, I will share my general observations, all associated with an IQ3100 on an Alpa mount. Center filter on the 35xl, none on the 40hr. No movements; those...
  15. dchew

    My New Website

    I gotta tell somebody, and I think of you all as my friends, so here it goes: It's been four years since I updated my website. The last one was created with The Turning Gate (TTG) LR plugins, several LR versions ago... There was some level of customization, and since my html skills are, well...
  16. dchew

    FS: (3) Alpa Sync Release

    I used to have one mounted to each lens. Now with ES I don't really need them. I'm keeping one as a spare so I have three that need a home. These things are $600 ea on Alpa's site. They've updated them since to version 2, which look a bit sleeker but these functioned just fine on an IQ back...
  17. dchew

    Alpa Telephoto options ~300mm

    I would like to figure out how to connect a longer lens to the STC. It appears I have a few options: 1. Schneider 210: Just find a discontinued sk apo-digitar 210 f/6.8. I'm not thrilled about this option because the barrel is so long. I'd much prefer a custom "double-short barrel" that...
  18. dchew

    Processing IQ3 100 Files in C1

    The recent discussion direction of tjv's ETTR thread made me wonder how others are processing IQ3 100 files. First, some context: I am somewhere between a beginner and intermediate user of C1. I still export processed files to LR for cataloging and in some cases further adjustments there or in...
  19. dchew

    FS: Rodi 70hr-w Alpa SB17 Mount

    I replaced this lens with the 60xl about 2 years ago but couldn't bear to part with it. The 60 fits my lens gap better so I haven't used this much at all since. This is the "blue band" version which is the same design as the current offering, just not with the pretty gold band. SN 12053613...
  20. dchew

    Strange double image a7rII w Leica APO 50

    I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for this but it escapes me. The other day I was hiking around Mont Blanc. Although the weather was mostly uncooperative, I did get up at 4 am during a break in the clouds and took a few nightscapes. This one is not very sharp, and upon closer inspection...