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    FS(US): Nikon Z6 and Extras Package

    Hi Everyone, Recently upgraded so am selling my Z6 kit. Would make a great starter kit for anyone looking to get into the Nikon mirrorless world. I'm the original owner and it was purchased new from B&H probably about 2.5 years ago. USA model, probably 10-15k on the shutter, only about an...
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    FS(US): Hasselblad 90mm XCD

    Hi Everyone, Selling my Hasselblad 90mm XCD. I'm the second owner AFAIK and purchased it used from B&H back in 2017. Excellent condition and no issues that I'm aware of. Some minor paint chips on the edge of the hood (see pics) but that's about all I could find. 1374 exposures. Pics here...
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    Nikon 28-75 2.8 Z and 800mm 6.3 Z

    Whelp looks like Nikon made a new announcement - 28-75mm 2.8 (rebranded tamron?; $1200 and available for pre-order) and 800mm f6.3 development announcement...
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    FS(US): Leica M10 Monochrom Package

    Hi All, Selling my Leica M10 Monochrom, Zeiss lens, and accessories as a package. Absolutely phenomenal camera and I've had a lot of fun with it, but I'm concluding the project I bought it for, and need/want some more AF-capable gear for my small kids. I also just got another black-and-white...
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    (SOLD): Hasselblad 21mm XCD

    Hi All, Selling my Hasselblad 21mm XCD. Great lens, and I preferred it to the 30mm XCD, but I have other wants/needs at the moment. I'm the original owner and I purchased it new direct from Hasselblad USA a few years ago. 360 actuations, excellent plus to near mint condition (I didn't see...
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    WTB (US): Hasselblad 35-75mm XCD

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a Hasselblad 35-75mm XCD in the US. Let me know if anyone out there has one they’re looking to sell, best -Todd
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    New Leica Heritage 50mm 1.2

    This is interesting, a new 50mm 1.2 from Leica based on the old one: there's a black one for $7700 shipping in mid-feb and a silver edition one limited to 100 copies that comes in at a whopping $16.4k....that...
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    Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.2s Photos and Discussion

    Well, Nikon rumors is reporting that the lens is now shipping, so why not get this party started? Curious to see how it performs and I haven’t seen many pre-release reviews at all. Obviously a drawback is it’s size, but I’m curious if it’s performance will make me forget about the size for my...
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    Rumored Fuji GFX100S

    Don’t think I’ve seen a thread on this yet, so why not start one? We all like new shiny things after all don’t we? According to Fuji Rumors (which usually has a good tracker record with rumors from reliable sources), along with the 80mm f1.7 GF, Q1 of 2021 Fuji is rumored to release a smaller...
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    WTB (US): Fuji XF 35mm 1.4

    Looking for a Fuji XF 35mm 1.4 R for the Fuji X system in the US. Let me know if you've got one, thanks in advance! -Todd
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    New Hasselblad XH 0.8 Lens Adapter

    Got an email today about a new XH adapter for the X1D/X1D II/907x. According to Hasselblad marketing materials, reduces focal length of HC/HCD lenses by a factor of 0.8, improves max aperture by 2/3 of a stop, and increases contrast and sharpness. Same caveats regarding AF that apply with...
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    Z6II and Z7II Announcement Coming 10/14

    Nikon USA just posted a countdown for the Z6II and Z7II: Rumored specs here: I’m excited. I’ve said before I really like the Z system...
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    Z 50mm 1.2s and 14-24mm 2.8s Rumored Announcement Next Week

    Nikon 50mm 1.2s and 14-24mm 2.8s lenses are rumored to be announced next week: Hopefully the shipping times will be reasonable (considering the...
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    FS (US): Alpa V Adapter

    Hi Everyone, Somewhat reluctantly selling my Alpa V-mount adapter. Currently not using it and have some unexpected bills that need to be paid :cry: If there's anyone out there with an Alpa kit eyeing the recently released CFVII here's a chance to save some $$ on an adapter. Works as it...
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    FS (US): Hasselblad 907x SE plus extras

    Hi Everyone, After a lot of deliberation, I've decided to my 907x kit up for sale. It's a great kit, and incredibly versatile, but my family is growing and I've decided my needs are better met with FF35mm at the moment. Condition is pretty much as new. I'm the original owner and purchased...
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    Hasselblad 907x SE Control Grip and Optical Viewfinder Announced

    Hey Everyone, Got an email from HB this morning that they announced the 907x special edition control grip and optical viewfinder...
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    FS (US)(feeler): Alpa 12 Plus

    Hi Everyone, Thinking about selling my Alpa 12 plus. It's an amazing piece of kit, but I'm not getting much use out of it with the COVID situation; I don't need two Alpa bodies at the moment; and my FF35mm needs are throwing it out there to see if anyone is interested. AFAIK I'm...
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    GFX50s/r Monochrome

    Just received an email from MaxMax saying they have monochrome-converted GFX50r/s cameras. I imagine this would interest some of you here in the inferno :cool:
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    FS (US): Hasselblad 45mm XCD

    Hi Everyone, While I'm waiting on the 35-75mm, I've decided to sell my 45mm XCD. I'm the second owner, was purchased by me used from B&H. It's in near mint condition, no haze, no fungus, etc. Only 681 actuations on the shutter. Has served me well and it's a great compact lens for the X...
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    FS (US): Alpa STC

    Hi Everyone, Sooo I might have accidentally bought a 12 plus (thanks Dante) and am looking to sell the STC to fund it. Oops. Alpa STC body comes with think tank bag carry bag and original Alpa toolkit and neck lanyard. Body is in excellent condition; levels are level and gearing is smooth and...