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    XF trigger for Broncolor Siros L HS feature

    Hi All, I am planning to buy Siros L with the RFS 2.2 trigger for Sony. I have Sony A7R3 and XF body and I found out the sony mount will not work in the XF. Which trigger should I use with the XF to enable HS function? Leaf shutter provides 1/1600 sync speed, but I hear HS can give 1/8000...
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    New HAP-2

    Hello, Have anyone try the new hardware update? Will this provide more focus point than the original one? I need more focus points to be able to focus on the talent face in full body. Im a bit pissed becoz when the xf comes they introduce the honeycomb af with free update to make it better and...
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    9V power supply replacement.

    Halo, I lost my power supply adaptor, does anyone have any recommendation for 3rd party replacement? I dont want to buy one for $49. I will be in big battery store in Singapore next week and they should have one. What specificatiom do i need? Thanks
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    Best DIY focus trim method

    Hallo All, I need to calibrate my XF/3100 focus trim and there are many method in the internet. Have anyone try the moire method describe here: AF microadjustment for the 1Ds mark III, 1D Mk3, 5D Mk2, 7D, 1D X autofocus - What is the best way to micro-adjust a camera body to a particular...
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    FS: Phase One Vertical Grip + Profoto Air Receiver

    WTS Phase One Vertical Grip, with L bracket, strap, 1 battery and original box, in a good condition. Rarely use. $550 WTS Profoto Air receiver /w box, user guide, etc, except the sync cables $120 I will ship globally, payment with paypal. Shipping 50-50. PM me for more information or email...
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    IQ3 100 VS IQ 180 test comparison

    Hello All, I had my XF/3100 a few days ago. Before I buy, one of the question I asked was how difference is it from 180. I attended the 3100 launch and my experience was the red saturation was higher than 180. But DT skin tone samples show that they are very similar. So here i am doing my own...
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    Can you post your custom XF setting for new user?

    Hi all, I just got my XF, it seems the camera is fully customizable. It will be great if someone can recommend custom setting button that useful for easier operation and use or other recommended setting for the system I shoot mainly people in studio and nature when I have holiday. Thanks, Dan
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    SK 35&55mm/IQ180 vs Pentax 28-45mm/645Z test and A7RII 90mm macro..Must Read!

    Hi All, I just got back from a trip in China. A friend in our group has Pentax 645Z and we did a test comparison for fun with my IQ 180. I was very surprised how the pentax performs. For a system that cost 1/5 less than the IQ, it performs very similar, with lighter body and lens, manual focus...
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    another phase one lens problem again: focus stuck

    Hello all, Yesterday my 240LS gave me error LS which i was able to solve. Today the 110LS focus got stuck. I was not able to rotate the focus even in manual mode(3/4 of the ring can be rotated, the rest to infinity is stuck). I tried to play around and it was working again for a few minute but...
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    help LS 240 error

    Hi. i needhelp in and my 240 stop working. it has error LS message. can i disable LS and use focal instead? thanks
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    med format, do we still need ND grad?

    Hi Guys, Since i use med format i have never upgrade my filters. Im planning to go to Huang Shan dan yellow mountain in china(avatar location) soon. Do u guys still use NG grad or just bracket these days. Im thinking to buy some filter at the moment. I will need new CPL for new 35MM LS as...
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    IQ180 looks different in C1 than in Photoshop

    Dear All, Im using capture one 8 and the tiff i process looks different in photoshop than when I view via C1. How can I make them looks the same? Thanks, Dan
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    Food Photography tips please

    Hi All, I need some tips from you guys because I rarely shoot food. With IQ 180 it is safe to shoot tilt down and correct the perspective with auto in C1? My understanding is that food usually need backlight specular light + some mirror for fill. Am I correct? I probably use broncolor...
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    Need tips for foot photography

    Hi All, I have commercial job for food soon. I graduated from Brooks which is a very technical school. Still I need some tips from you guys because I rarely shoot food. My understanding is that food usually need backlight with specular light + some mirror for fill. Am I correct? I probably use...
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    DF+ How to micro adjust?

    Can someone tell me how to do it? The USB that comes with the camera only have DF guide. I also cant download from the website it gives me an error code. Phase one has failed to provide the manual.:deadhorse: Thanks
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    Please post C6 vs C7 comparison here.

    Hi Guys, I would like to see people test their old C6 image vs the new C7 engine. The samples that Doug post was pretty good. Let's see what I found with mine. Just a quick glance to see the details at 100%. Under base characteristic, with C6 & C7 engine. A bit of improvement in micro...
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    Where can i find pro video from A77?

    Halo, I want to learn video, I was thinking the A77. Can someone refers me to a nice video from A77? Thanks, Dan
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    Problem after upgrading IQ to 3.00.19

    Hi Guys, Yesterday I upgraded my IQ with the newest firmware and today I had a photoshoot. I am having a problem that I never experience before. When you double tap the preview image to get full screen, when you slide the image for preview, sometimes you get half image missing, only the...
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    Have anyone heard of new body rumour?

    Halo, I heard that a new body is coming soon from a reliable source. Have anyone heard about it? :salute: Thanks, Dan
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    Who has minor scratches in you IQ?

    Halo, Just got back from my first trip with IQ in India. I notice some marks on my display although only clearly visible on an angle. I wish they have protective cover or gorilla glass for a 40K+ toy. I am disappointed, a nice phone's display have better resistant.:wtf: Does anyone else have...