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  1. routlaw

    Nikon Images thread, where did it go?

    Haven't been around for awhile but for the life of me can't find the thread for posting Nikon images. Maybe no one uses Nikons anymore, uh? Seriously no one has been posting images made with Nikons in weeks or months? Thanks
  2. routlaw

    Nikon PC-E 19mm Lens

    Just curious, has anyone bellied up to the bar to brave the steep price on this lens? I keep reading very positive things about it but haven't found any high res files and few published photos online with it, just a lot of positive chatter. Thanks
  3. routlaw

    Consensus on Adobe Creative Cloud?

    I'm still using PS CS6 and LR 6 but became curious recently about Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, as much for its abundance of other programs as anything else. They provide a number of other programs I think might be helpful and fun to use. So for those who have bellied up to the bar for the...
  4. routlaw

    My signature links state malware!

    Can someone explain why my signature links, all of them, exhibit a warning about malware that will hurt your computer? I've sent a query to the forum support but have not received any replies. I can assure there is no malware associated with any of the links, but find this frustrating and...
  5. routlaw

    Fine Art Print sales, whose doing it and where?

    Over the last several months I have been on the receiving end of promotional efforts from a few of the online photo galleries for print sales as well as stock photography sales. But most notably Art Store Fronts is by far the most active in their promotional efforts to get me to sign on. Oddly I...
  6. routlaw

    Suggestions for restoring damaged old map

    I am in the process of restoring a century old map/drawing but am stumped on how to effectively eliminate some of the stains from scotch tape (yes they really did that) spills etc. Some ten or so years ago seems like I used a method dealing with the different color channels in red that was quite...
  7. routlaw

    Canon Pixma Pro 9000 printer

    Selling my Canon Pixma Pro above, which has barely been used. The printers largest capacity is 13x19 inch paper. Makes gorgeous prints. Asking $250.00 OBO. Thanks for looking. Rob
  8. routlaw

    Nikon F5, 35mm film camera

    I am selling my barely used Nikon F5 35mm camera which probably never saw more than 50 rolls of film pass through it. Excellent condition and has only set in the shelf for the last several years. Not sure I still have the box, will look but do have the manual. I would rate this body as either...
  9. routlaw

    Leaf Aptus II-5 Image's

    Have been demoing a Leaf Aptus II-5 this past week with the Phase/Mamiya camera and 80 2.8 Lens. Nothing special here on this but thought I would post an image from some field work yesterday for those considering this back. ISO 25, 1/20 sec exp, F16, developed in LR. Thanks for looking. Rob
  10. routlaw

    Ebony or Linhof Master Technika?

    Been thinking about upgrading my field camera from the current Zone VI to either the Linhof MT or one of the Ebony's. Anyone having experience working with either or both of these cameras I would like to hear your positive and or negatives experiences, opinions and comparisons. I like the idea...
  11. routlaw

    Have we reached the demise of E-6?

    Been thinking lately about working with transparency film (MF & LF) again but seeing the loss of E-6 Labs around the country (US) which seem to be dropping like flies by the month, have we reached the end of the road for this venue? Be interested to see what others are experiencing or thinking...
  12. routlaw

    Epson 9600 & 2200, Canon Pixma Pro 9000 For Sale

    I have three printers I need to sale, an Epson 9600 using MK inks in perfect working order, an Epson 2200 using PK inks and a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 which is a dye based ink printer. All printers are in excellent working order, the Canon has had very little use in the two or so years I have owned...
  13. routlaw

    BJP article, interesting read

    At the risk of starting another contentious thread I thought some of you might find this article of interest. In regards to the Leica S2 discussed in the article I thought Phase One's Hankonsson comment about it hitting the nail on the head. Rob
  14. routlaw

    Laptop budget of $600, suggestions?

    I am helping a friend choose a laptop who has a budget of $600. It will be used for work while traveling (mostly office style things) and some picture editing. Would welcome feedback of worthy products in this class as well as ones to steer clear of. Thanks in advance. Rob
  15. routlaw

    Epson 9000 series printer and Colorburst

    Anyone using the Colorburst RIP with the latest Epson printers, either the 7900 or 9900? Given the linearity and quality of the output I have seen thus far from these printers does using a RIP with them seem a bit overkill and unnecessary? Thanks Rob
  16. routlaw

    MFDB vs Scan backs

    Anyone here ever had the chance to make serious comparisons with the high res MFDB's such as the H3D 39 (perhaps the MS version) or PO 45 to a scan back like the Betterlight, especially when using as a copy setup? No doubt the BL has been the setup of choice for years for this type of work, but...