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  1. beano_z

    Infrared photography on the 'standard' IQ4 150mp

    I did search around on the internet but so far without good solid result. I was wondering whether anyone has tried to shoot infrared on their 'normal' IQ4 150 digital backs? Can the live view still be used or is that absolutely out of the question? I have an IR720 filter on the way, which is...
  2. beano_z

    Questions on IQ Styles for the IQ4

    Inspired by the post from "mpsa" last week, I've decided to upload a couple of custom styles into my digital back and so far I'm pretty satisfied, however, today was the first time I've downloaded the images onto my PC, but I found that the file names were all changed to the same names as the...
  3. beano_z

    FS: *MINT* Wine Country Camera - 150 system with 105mm adapter and many vaults

    Putting my WCC filter holder system up for sale, not least due to the imminent release of the "frame averaging" function on the IQ4. This set is completely unused, just unpacked and put into the included pouch. Items include the 150 system holder with the polariser and 105mm adapter (which I...
  4. beano_z

    WTB - ALPA Polaroid Back (For FUJI Instant Film)

    Hi, Looking for a (discontinued) ALPA version of the polaroid back that uses the Fuji FP-100 and FP-3000 films. If you happen to have one laying around, please PM me. Thanks! BB