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    WTB: Leaf Credo back for HY6 / possible swap for IQ280 Mamiya/XF

    Looking to buy a Credo 60 or 80 back for HY6. Also possible to swap for an IQ280 with Mamiya/XF mount which I am advertising elsewhere on this forum. I am based in Austria, so for tax/VAT reasons, ideally from someone based in the EU.
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    Phase One IQ280 back for sale

    Selling my IQ280 back, XF/Mamiya mount. 80MP, Dalsa CCD chip for amazing skin tones. Purchased from a well regarded member of this forum (Pemihan) two years ago (can provide copy of invoice). Was serviced by Phase One just before I bought it. Working fine on my XF camera, no issues. Comes with...
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    Phase One IQ280 plus RZ67 ProIID - help needed

    Quick questions to all those who have experience with shooting on a digital back with Mamiya RZ67 ProIID, via the HX701 adapter. Which position should the R-M lever be on the camera body? I have received the back today, so just getting familiar with the setup. My problem is that the shutter does...
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    Burzynski Ball head & RRS pano clamp

    I am selling the wonderful (and hard to get) Burzynski ball head, with a Really Right Stuff Round screw-knob panning clamp. The head is exceptionally smooth in operation and is suitable for heavy cameras, including MF/LF. When used with certain Gitzo tripods (such as my GT3541LS) the narrower...
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    Leica Vario-Elmar-S 1:3.5–5.6/30–90mm ASPH.

    Purchased in May 2014 at Leicashop Vienna. Almost unused; mint condition. Glass clean - never cleaned, never touched with anything, always protected with UV filter. Hood, caps & original packaging included. Photocopy of original invoice can be supplied. Shipping from Austria, therefore no...
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    Any suggestions to cure "red edge" with 28 Cron Asph?

    Hi, does anybody have specific recommendations to cure the "red edge" problem with the 28 Cron Asph? I received the lens today and put it to some testing and, volia, the red edge problem looks pretty serious on the M9, accompanied by a corresponding bluish edge on the right (see attached images...
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    Depth of Field, Diffraction and Landscape Photography with an MFDB

    Having used an MFDB for about a year (Sinar eMotion 75 / Hy6) and having read the various threads here (which confirm my observations), am I right to conclude that there is almost no point in using a medium format digital back on a typical medium format system for landscape photography? The...