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  1. beano_z

    Mirko's Great Wall diary can you tell us a bit more about the nitecore (whom, I understand, isn't sponsoring this thread) headlamp?
  2. beano_z

    The great tripod & head thread!

    After traveling for so long almost exclusively with geared heads I went the "Thomas Heaton" route with my landscape setup, so far I'm happy after one long trip and several shorter sessions, but it seems I'll need to find a suitable smaller tripod with levelling base for smaller cameras as well.
  3. beano_z

    Medium Format compared to Leica M11 - night shot

    So this is a blind test? Just had quick look, I slightly prefer the 0002 over the 0001 and the 0003 over the 0004 crops. The ones I chose seem "crisper" or maybe it's just the aperture stars playing tricks on my eyes.....but indeed, both look absolutely fine.
  4. beano_z

    Travel tripod for a tech cam

    Okay.....I'm definitely going to get bashed for this but here goes anyway.... I suggest the RRS TFC-14, from my limited research it has the biggest legs vs. size ratio, meaning there are probably lighter tripods (Gitzo, etc.) out there, but the leg size, especially the thinner sections are not...
  5. beano_z

    Strange Problem with IQ4 150

    I had the same problem about a year or so ago, back then I was still on the old firmware, it hasn’t occurred since I updated it. Your description is spot on, it only happens with frame averaged shots and on mine it was in the highlight areas. I hope they solve this issue as some of my shots...
  6. beano_z

    Infrared photography on the 'standard' IQ4 150mp

    Wow, thanks for the tips, I've not even thought of white balance, I thought it wouldn't make a difference shooting RAW. I just went back to check my original file and indeed, there's actually still some information recorded in the green and blue channels, and the red channel does look like a...
  7. beano_z

    Infrared photography on the 'standard' IQ4 150mp

    Thanks for the test, very informative! Meanwhile I've also received my filter and went out for a few quick shots. Indeed, your shot has more "infrared effect" than mine. I really wish I could find an 830nm filter in 105mm size here locally! I estimate the 720nm works similar to an 8~9 stop...
  8. beano_z

    Infrared photography on the 'standard' IQ4 150mp

    Thanks for the feedback, I should be receiving my filter one of these days, but I'll be busy at the office before the weekend during daytime so hopefully I can get some free time in the weekend to do some testing. Since I'm planning on converting everything to b&w, I'm not really worried about...
  9. beano_z

    Super Tele lenses for digital medium format recommendation

    I second that, the 300/4.5 is a stellar lens, not to mention the price and weight. it's always in my bag when I travel and am uncertain of the possible photography opportunities. I find that shooting landscapes I actually use this lens more than my super-wide. The performance at f/8 ~ f/11 is...
  10. beano_z

    Infrared photography on the 'standard' IQ4 150mp

    I did search around on the internet but so far without good solid result. I was wondering whether anyone has tried to shoot infrared on their 'normal' IQ4 150 digital backs? Can the live view still be used or is that absolutely out of the question? I have an IR720 filter on the way, which is...
  11. beano_z

    Follow-up on Hasselblad F/FE lenses: definitive guide to Planar 110 generations

    I'll contribute a little, just took down my 110 from an online add, I was going to sell it, but I figured I'll probably be better off keeping it since one in such a condition is becoming harder and harder to find. I think mine should be the 3rd generation, since it's the FE version and doesn't...
  12. beano_z

    Anyone using the Rodenstock 23mm?

    Hi Peter, I was in the same position as you are now a few years back: I had the 32 and the 90 and back then I started to get some assignments in increasingly smaller interiors so I decided to invest in the 23mm. I got the"second" version with the gold ring which was supposed to be more flare...
  13. beano_z

    Show us your Tech Cam

    Hi Greg, I got it off the local online shopping platform here in China, but brands like Smallrig have plenty of choices which should be internationally available:
  14. beano_z

    Technical Camera Images

    Following my post in the BTS thread, here are the final images shot on the digital back, both are crops made from single exposures as I felt that the rapid movement of the clouds and change of the light combined with the relatively long exposure would create artefacts in the sky so I didn't want...
  15. beano_z

    Behind the scenes

    It's been painfully long since I shot some nice cityscapes for the last time, so I'm quite thrilled that I'm able to bring the big camera along on this trip to a very familiar city, but one which I've never seriously photographed. Shot some digital files also trying out the dual exposure...
  16. beano_z

    Show us your Tech Cam

    Long time no post, the lousy pandemic has messed up work and life in general, but the good thing is that I got more time to play with the camera at home. So I was struggling with my huge Dinkum lens shade + goose neck as it was too cumbersome to transport and to use in the field. I knew I had...
  17. beano_z

    Experiences with the SK 240mm LS

    I'll chime in as for the focal length part of the discussion, I've always felt the need for a long lens, especially on landscape shoots, even if just to have something to turn to after the hero-shot or if the conditions do not allow for the hero-shot which, in my case, is often a wide angle, all...
  18. beano_z

    Update on Chinese Alpa Knockoff

    Sadly, the knock off is just there for distraction, the real problem is their full range of very similar products which seemingly doesn't violate any patents.....:facesmack:
  19. beano_z

    Another Phase One countdown on their website. What now?

    I really wonder if there's actually anyone working at Phase One reading this......GetDPI must be one of only a handful places on the inter-web with such a high concentration of their customers and potential customers, so if their marketing department has committed time and resources for that...
  20. beano_z

    Iq4 150... Going to be approaching 1.5yrs of this release and still no IPad tethering

    Funny I was thinking the same thing just hours ago, even though I never used the wifi function much even with the IQ3 100. What prompted me was an add on my Instagram feed from SmallHD and I was thinking it might be nice to have a quick preview on a large screen right on location. But like the...