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  1. nostatic

    FS: Sony A7 body

    Well, I took the plunge on the new version, so my lightly used A7 body is up for sale. According to the exif tool it has about 850 shutter actuations. includes the original box, accessories, manuals. Rear screen is scratch-free. No issues and check the pictures. $850 shipped/insured in the CONUS.
  2. nostatic

    the RX10 conundrum

    Instead of continuing to hijack the 24-70 zoom thread, figured I'd start a new one. Seems like there is little RX10 love here, but a few of us are pondering this as a possible solution to certain needs. For instance, in my case, while I love the A7r, sometimes it is too noisy for certain...
  3. nostatic

    XT1 size comparo

    Well, it had to be done :D Just done a few snaps around the office and jury is out. Shooting jpg at the moment and hated the Velvia but Std is working. I haven't figured out all of the MF assists yet. I love the feel and size of the 18-55 lens. I wish it had DMF mode - maybe there is a way to...
  4. nostatic

    jpg why?

    I posted this at "that other" place but figured I'd maybe get a more coherent response here :D Why would anyone shoot jpg with an A7(r)? There is so much discussion about quality of the engine, etc, but I'm at a loss for why there is *any* talk about it. If you're going to spend the money to...
  5. nostatic

    the 3 bears - a size comparison

    How did this happen?!?!? Oh well, for those interested in relative sizes:
  6. nostatic

    RX1 (r?) as silent companion

    Ok, I'm in with the A7. There are times where I need a really quiet (as in silent) shutter - e.g. when I'm shooting while another video shoot is taking place. The Panny GM1/GX7 can be silent up to iso 3200 but I've been a bit spoiled by the Sony files at this point. Another option would be X100S...
  7. nostatic

    A7/(r) for the profoundly lazy

    OK, I couldn't help myself so I picked up an A7 with the kit lens (I'm an OSS fan) along with the 55/1.8 as I do like a ridiculously sharp prime (my favorite is still Pentax 77/1.8). I'm keeping my GH3 as that gets use at work and play mostly for video, as well as GM1 as the "point and shoot."...
  8. nostatic

    Canon 16-35/2.8 with A7?

    Anyone tried the EF 16-35/2.8L with the A7? So far I'm pretty smitten with the A7, but my wife needs a decent wide to shoot her sculpture works. Been using the 16-35/2.8L on a 6D, but if it'll work with an adapter (AF isn't really necessary) that could send the 6D packing. Alternatively, is...
  9. nostatic

    X-E1 as FF alternative?

    ok, been away for awhile (busy playing music) but am getting back into needing/wanting to shoot. I've got a good OMD-E5 system at the moment and like working with it a lot. I had a 5D-II for a year or two but sold it in favor of the Oly and a smaller kit. In a perfect world, I'd have: small cam...
  10. nostatic

    the "must have" a77/a65 lenses

    Well, as usually when I dive in I go head first. I have sold everything and now have 3 Sony bodies: a77 (for work), a65 (for the g/f), and 5N. I sold my DLux4 and all of my Canon stuff. I likely will break down and get the NEX7 because I'm thinking that the ergos will be about perfect (5N could...
  11. nostatic

    low light AF performance

    Ok, I finally found one thing where the 5N couldn't compete with my now-gone 5D2 - low light AF. We played two gigs last night and my g/f shot with the 5N. She didn't know about the MF options, but in the dark club AF was a challenge. She did comment about wanting a VF, and at least I can solve...
  12. nostatic

    kit lens zoom action

    I've noticed that the 18-55 kit lens with the 5N has a few rough spots through the zoom range (mechanical action, not picture quality). By contrast the 55-210 I got is very smooth. When I first got the 18-55 I wasn't surprised as I've found most slr kit zooms to not have a particularly smooth...
  13. nostatic

    nex-5n handling

    yike, long time no post. Been slacking on the photo side of things due to the day job and doing a lot of music the past year + ( if anyone is interested). Anywho, I've been happily using my DLux4 for quick shots when I take them, and had ditched my m4/3 and Pentax for a...
  14. nostatic

    a quick spin (out)

    Well, another camera comes and goes. This one set a record I think...I unboxed the GF1 last night, and boxed it back up today. I see people enjoying and getting good results, but I'm just not feeling this camera. I had an E-P1, so I have images to compare back-to-back. I will admit to not...
  15. nostatic

    suggestions for a good $500 or so printer

    I'm trying to do some printing on a budget. The Epson 2880 can be had for $600 after rebate right now, and there are the Canon 9000 is under $500. I can live with 11x17 max as I'd use a print house for larger shots. Good b&w output a plus. I know the 3800/3880 seems to be popular but not sure...
  16. nostatic

    question on lens sales ethics

    Slightly OT, but this group does a lot of buying/selling. I sold one of my Pentax lenses to a guy in Austrailia via the another bbs. The lens worked fine when I packed it up, and I have a couple hundred shots from a few days previous to show that. I put it in the original packaging, bubble...
  17. nostatic

    E-P2 clue? Epson is set to exploit the booming digital 'SLR' camera market by announcing mass production of 'high-resolution' LCD electronic viewfinder panels for 'mid to high-end' DSLRs...
  18. nostatic

    anyone switch from Aperture to LR?

    I've used Aperture for the past couple of years and am about to do a consolidation of multiple libraries so I'm pondering my possibilities. Aperture has been OK, except for their inability (?) to get support for new cameras. Seeing that Leica has made the switch from C1 to LR, and the fact that...
  19. nostatic

    how quiet is the GF1 shutter?

    I really like a quiet shutter. That was one nice thing about the K7 (comparatively for a dSLR), and a downside to any current FF camera. I figured that the mirror-less cameras would have a very quiet shutter as for instance my DLux4 is barely audible. But the G1 isn't what I'd call particularly...
  20. nostatic

    no image stabilization in the GF-1 20/1.7 combo?

    If I read the web page right, there is no in-body SR for the GF-1, and the 20/1.7 doesn't have OIS. So that means that combination has no image stabilization? The new 45/2.8 macro specifically mentions OIS in the lens...