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    Rodenstock 100mm HR Digaron-S

    Taken with the mighty Schneider 100mm APO - 10mm LR - Alpa STC - Phase 3100. Couldn't resist...... Victor B.
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    ALPA 12 Pano going back into production

    Can't imagine shifting beyond 15mm with any lens. Beyond that I would pan AND get superior results. A 16 X 9 requires 10mm LR of horizontal shifting which is my sweet spot. Victor B.
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    Rodenstock 100mm HR Digaron-S

    Vieri..... sent you a PM. Victor B.
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    Fuji GFX 50S ii NON Native Lens IBIS

    Image stabilization will work with non GF lenses. The focal length can be set in 'Mount adaptor settings' and that will be shown in the exif data. Image stabilization can be assigned to 'My Menu' for quick access. Stabilization should not be turned on for images taken on a tripod. Victor B.
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    FS: Fuji GF 110mm Lens

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    FS: Fuji GF 110mm Lens

    Fuji GF 110mm for sale in as new condition. I am the original purchaser. I mostly use my 100s on my Actus and this focal length is met by other lenses. The hood and pouch have never been used. Comes with original box and all original material. Price includes shipping to lower 48...
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    Excellent read - Field Techniques for Technical Cameras – Lenses and Accessories by Dave Chew in PhotoPXL

    Dave..... you are on a roll! Great article. I liked the tidbit about backpacks and having the bag open with the straps facing up(y). A neat little touch that I hadn't really thought about. Victor B.
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    Professor Grayson ad-libs an explanation of tilt and shift

    Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You didn't talk down to or above the viewer but to the viewer. That, to me, is the art of good presentation. Look forward to other segments. Victor B.
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    FrankenKamera VIII is operational and ready to go!

    This is very sad news. He corresponded with me numerous times regarding my Actus and his projects. RIP.... Victor B.
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    Makes two of us..... My 100s/Actus combination solves all technical situations from 72mm and beyond - I can even shoot my 60mm but with limited movements. For wide I can use Fuji lenses and if I need perspective correction I can do that in software. Victor B.
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    Anyone know how to copy a film strip with a Fuji GFX?

    The 120mm has a magnification level of 1:2 which is probably not enough for copying slides or negatives. You would need an extension tube. Victor B.
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    Help with a GFX 100 or 100S question

    Greg..... B&H has most of the GF lenses in stock. If a lens turns out to be a bad copy a replacement or return is very easy. Victor B.
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    Help with a GFX 100 or 100S question

    I had two bad copies so my experiences are very different from yours. My 50mm is a great copy and the focal length is so close to the 45mm that I wouldn't take a chance on a 45mm purchase again. Im sure there are great copies of the 45mm out there but I sure didn't get one. Victor B.
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    Help with a GFX 100 or 100S question

    Not the 45..... for sure the 50mm. Victor B.
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    Help with a GFX 100 or 100S question

    I have owned both and would stay away from the 100. Big, heavy, expensive and without any visual benefits over the 100s. Most importantly your/my journey is all about lenses. Be careful with the Fuji lenses..... test every one of them. I have all primes 50, 63, 80, 110 and have no experience...
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    Capture One iPad Preview

    I wouldn't hesitate using an 'Air' for processing IQ4 files. Since you have one on hand open a Phase file try using the dodge/burn brush on a layer and see how it reacts. My 14 inch is fairly stock and I have no issues with anything I throw at it. Victor B.
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    Best tether option for IQ4 for Landscape Photography

    Greg..... Good to hear you are pleased with the MacBook Air. I am also impressed with my M1 14" 'Pro' 32GB Ram that is now playing the role of a desktop. I have a Mini on order but am really starting to rethink that 5K purchase. Apple is really on a role with the M1. Victor B.
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    Fun with MF images 2022

    From a trip to China in 2009. We had just moved on from the Yellow Mountains to a resort area and had the hotel arrange a driver to take us to various locations to photograph. This was in a very old area and we were free to roam about and photograph anything. P45, HC80. Victor B.
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    Hasselblad V lenses on Phase One XF with IQ4/150

    John, I tested the 120 at far distance as well as close up. The edges fall apart - not smearing but lack of contrast and clouding. I had hoped it would perform better but it just doesn't. The 180mm is really outstanding. I purchased all of these lenses new way back in the late 1990's and...
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    Hasselblad V lenses on Phase One XF with IQ4/150

    I have Hasselblad V (60, 80, 120, 180) lenses and on my Actus with either my 100s or 4150 the only lens that is up to the task is the 180mm. That particular lens is exceptional. The 120 falls apart at the edges regardless of aperture. The 80mm has extreme curvature. The 60 is unusable in my...