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    Advice on GFX lenses?

    TL/DR: Can you get away with just zooms on these cameras? What's a good, minimalist, "do everything" lens set? Background: Never liked zooms. First camera was an AE-1 and it came with a Sears branded 28-70. Nope. Moved to primes. Took some photo classes. Still stuck with primes. Moved to Nikon...
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    Positive feedback for Jonathan

    @Jonathan sold me two flashes. Shipped promptly, well packaged.
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    Where to start re: Printing

    edited to simplify: as a noob to photo printing am I likely to regret buying an epson p700 to learn and grow on? Does it make more sense to start smaller (like a Canon G620 knowing it won’t meet long term needs, but to use as a learning platform? I hate how verbose I can be sometimes. context...
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    Coming back to photography: ditch Adobe?

    Life and Covid turned me into an unhappy hermit, and it’s time to bring photography back into my life after a few years away. I discovered the existence of the GFX line yesterday, and now I’ve got a 50s ii and kit lens arriving next week and while I don’t feel man enough for a photo a day...
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    So, H3DII-39 still viable?

    I'm at a point in my life where photography can be something I take the time to indulge in again. For the most part all I'm doing is printing for my walls at home (generally travel photos), and the Fuji X system has reasonable image quality for that. I find I can't print quite as large as I'd...
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    Piezography: how good do matte prints look?

    I know this is a really vague question, but I'm at that point in my life where it's time to get back into printing in-house rather than sending out to MPIX, and I mostly care about B&W, so I'm looking for the least expensive way to get into Piezo prints so I can start learning inexpensively...
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    The "like" function.

    I just wanted to comment that when I try and "like" a post I always get this: Browsing using Chrome. Any idea why?
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    Minmium commitment for MF digital?

    So maybe I'm being an idiot, but I'm really craving the photographic experience that I used to get with medium format cameras, especially the old 500C series of cameras. As I'm looking around I'm learning that there are some affordable options out there, and I'm constantly reminded of my...
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    Stupid question on panoramas in Photoshop

    So, I'm playing with panoramas. I've had decent success using Fuji's built in panorama mode, but I'd like more control. Nice swivel base acquired, decent tripod used, nodal point on my lenses found, and so on. Technically there are some issues here (like not shooting in manual mode, or fixing...