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  1. pegelli

    My Konica Minolta 5D died today :(

    Unfortunately my Konica Minolta 5D from January 2006 passed away this afternoon. After almost 15 1/2 years the cruel First Frame Black issue struck resulting in mostly black or half black frames and a need to cycle the power switch. It still takes a normal photo in less than 1/3 of the shots...
  2. pegelli

    "New Posts" button under "What's New" not working

    I get this response: " A server error occurred. Please try again later. "
  3. pegelli

    Nudes and NSFW contains a lot of threads that don't belong there

    There's a lot of threads still under the "Nudes and NSFW section" that don't belong there (no people, everybody dressed and perfectly safe for work) . This is probably caused by renaming/rearranging several forums. I hope it will be fixed and these threads will find a better home.
  4. pegelli

    Moderator Approval needed?

    I posted a photo here and it now says: "This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors." Is that normal?
  5. pegelli

    LA-EA5, a mirrorless adapter that AF's old(er) screw drive lenses

    Sony product page DPReview Press Release No pellicle mirror and no "bulge" underneath like the LA-EA4. Currently only for the Sony A7Riv and A6600, hopefully with a firmware upgrade also on other (older) bodies in the future.
  6. pegelli

    Always a bad idea to store all your photo's in just one location Not a good performance by Adobe but it shows again that having multiple independent backups of your photo's is a good idea :lecture:
  7. pegelli

    New Laowa 9 mm FF f5.6 rectilinear lens

    Laowa just announced a 9 mm FF f5.6 rectilinear lens: See here So they're now taking over the bragging rights from Voigtländer for having the "widest" rectilinear, beating the Hyper Wide Heliar 10/5.6 by 1 mm. It's available in Leica L and M mounts, Sony FE and Nikon Z. Strangely Canon R...
  8. pegelli

    Can a mod please kill user "anhtuvp"

    He's relentlessly spamming the visitor message utility. As far as I'm concerned he needs to be booted to outer cyberspace and his IP address blocked :angry::angry:
  9. pegelli

    New Sony FE 20 mm f 1.8
  10. pegelli

    Mountains of the south of Spain

    Two from our mountain walks in Spain (Málaga region) last year, much more to see (and do) there then just lying on the beach. Sierra de Mijas Sierra de las Nieves (near Casarabonela) Both Sony A6000 + E 18-105/4 G
  11. pegelli article: "10 resons to choose MF"

    I got an email today directing me to this article about the 10 reasons to choose Medium Format: I think most of the stated reasons are true if you're striving for the ultimate technical quality and don't...
  12. pegelli

    Who needs more than 6 MP?

    At least for posting photo's on the web :lecture: :LOL: I dusted off my KonicaMinolta 5D (from 2006), which I retired (but didn't selll) when I got my Sony A850 in 2010 and only was sporadically used since then by my kids and a few shots by me. But it still works flawlessly, the viewfinder is...
  13. pegelli

    Some questions on Olympus EP-3 and lenses

    A friend gave me an Olympus EP-3 with a 45/1.8 lens. I especially like the small form factor and image quality seems fine as long as you stay at the lower iso's. So it might become a camera to take with me when I want to travel very light. I have no MFT experience, so hereby a few questions...
  14. pegelli

    Article about Sony on SLR lounge Interesting read, and also interesting that the first reaction on an article about the strategy and vision of Sony comes straight from the "menu complaints echo chamber" :LOL:
  15. pegelli

    Fotojam 2016

    Last weekend I participated in the 2nd edition of "FotoJam", this is a challenge where you go into one of 15 cities (13 in the Netherlands and 2 in Belgium) and shoot pictures for 10 assignments. Like last year I went into Antwerp and here's my 10 assignment results (all A6000 with E28/2...
  16. pegelli

    New FE 50/2.8 macro

    New FF E-mount 50/2.8 macro lens announced
  17. pegelli

    A bad case of color moire, what to do?

    Got this on a picture last weekend (1:1 screenshot from Lightroom) Are there any methods or tools which can remedy this? I tried the moire brush in LR but that didn't achieve anything useful. It was shot with a NEX6 + E20/2.8