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    FS: Fuji GF 110mm Lens

    Fuji GF 110mm for sale in as new condition. I am the original purchaser. I mostly use my 100s on my Actus and this focal length is met by other lenses. The hood and pouch have never been used. Comes with original box and all original material. Price includes shipping to lower 48...
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    Eizo CS2740

    Just received an Eizo CS2740 after my NEC PA272W died. This is the first NEC monitor that has ever failed me but finding another one is impossible. I managed to find the Eizo and couldn't be happier. I have been reluctant to purchase a 4K monitor because of compatibility issues with PS and...
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    Windows 11 Broken with CO processed files

    I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and found out - too late - that color management with files processed with Capture One do not display properly in either Bridge or PS. They are dramatically oversaturated and this includes any file processed with Capture One regardless of version. Everything...
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    Anyone else get a private posting from this person? A member as of yesterday and I hope soon to be blocked. Victor B.
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    Phase 4150 double exposure vs. Fuji 100s single exposure shadow recovery

    A comparison of the shadow recovery between these two cameras. I find the results more than interesting. C1 is able to pull the shadows and blacks from a 100s single exposure file as if it were s double exposure from a 4150. 4150 double exposure original file:
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    Fuji GF 80mm F1.7

    I received My GF 80mm lens and it has turned out to be absolutely stellar. It falls into the [I can't believe it] category. Edge to edge, corner to corner sharpness. I normally like to shoot at f5.6 if I can and this lens will shoot at that aperture without ever having to think about corners...
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    Fuji 100s comments

    A few comments about my newly acquired 100s. The EVF is very clear and sharp. I don’t have a ‘100’ to compare it to but any differences would be outweighed by the cost and size of the 100s. I have yet to see any benefit to the ‘Boost’ feature so I’m not using it. The camera marries...
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    Rodenstock 138mm Float

    Holiday cheers to everyone.... I received my long awaited Rody 138 Float today and thought some may be interested in my initial impressions. It is very compact especially for its weight which is very well distributed. I have numerous LF lenses including the Rody SW 90mm and this lens doesn't...
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    GFX100 EVF Issue

    My just purchased GFX100's EVF is very finicky. If I try to adjust the diopter settings while the camera is level the adjustment from plus to minus varies a lot. By that I mean instead of just going smoothly from minus to plus while turning the control it goes from minus to middle and then...
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    Sony 'Tough' SD card recall

    For anyone interested Sony has recalled some of those cards. I have one of those cards and it is going to be replaced by Sony. You can find more information at ( Regards, Victor B
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    RRS L Bracket for Fuji GFX 50s

    RRS L Bracket for the Fuji 50s that is in excellent condition. This is the two piece L bracket which is very sell designed. $90.00 shipped including paypal fees. Thanks for looking..... Victor B
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    Fuji GFX 50s

    For sale is my extremely clean in like new condition GFX 50s. There are no marks of any kind. The LCD has always had a glass cover. Image count is 3724. Comes with all original accessories and the original box. I will include a wired remote control. $3600.00 including paypal fees and...
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    Phase IQ4 screen flicker

    Since updating to the latest firmware (7.00.7) the screen on my 4100 jumps/flickers in live view at 100% pixels. Only happens when I move the image around and stops immediately but is 100% repeatable and extremely annoying. Has anyone else experienced this or am I alone? Thanks much...
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    Flash Trigger for 7RM4

    I am trying to trigger my 7RM4 and just can't with my PocketWizards. The PocketWizards work fine on my GFX. I have 4 older Flex TT5 triggers that I use just as basic triggers with numerous flashes which is all I need for my purposes. Is this due to the fact that the Sony shoe isn't standard...
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    Square frame In EVF and on LCD

    When I set an autofocus lens to 'autofocus' a square gride line appears that is visible in EVF and on the LCD. If I switch the lens to manual focus the square grid line disappears. I can't figure out why it's there or what it's purpose is. Does anyone know? Thanks for any input...... Victor
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    Shooting the Phase 4150 at F9

    For me, the good old days of f11 and forget it are gone with the 4150. F11 is an image destroying aperture that I will never use again. This limits the movements of most of my lenses which isn't that big of a deal for me since I always did limit my movements. I'll probably due away with...
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    Sony A7RIV Impressions

    I've had this camera for a couple of days and am convinced that this was a very good purchase. This is very unlike my experiences with the Fuji 50s which was more love/hate. The EVF is a dream - crystal clear with the ability to focus extremely easy. Contrast this to the Fuji 50s where...
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    Front and rear standards parallelism in the field with the Actus

    Although I have a good way to make sure my front and rear standards are parallel with each other I would hate to have to make a field calibration using levels. It can be done but kind of a pita. Another way that I have found to be very accurate and accomplished quickly just involves finding...
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    Fuji Repair

    A heads up for the unbelievable repair experience I had with Fuji. My 63mm G lens gave me error messages when attached to my 50S so I sent it in to Fuji for repair. They have a repair form that must be filled out and I checked the box that the lens was out of warranty. They received the lens...
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    Phase 4150 - live view vs. taken image histograms

    I hope I can get some feedback regarding this issue. I have found that the taken image of my 4150 and its associated histogram are brighter than the live view image and its associated histogram when viewed on the LCD. I noticed it immediately when I received my back but didn't dig into it...