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    Let's see some abstracts

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    Photographing Wild Horses help please!

    There are a bunch of places where wild herds can be found. i know of herds in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and the Dakotas. I've photographed the herd near Cold Creek, NV when I was at Nellis. It was an easy herd to find because they're usually close to the road with the bonus of the road...
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    PAW -- Picture A Week -- Have fun!

    I completely agree with you on this one.
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    Let's see some abstracts

    Contrary to the belief of most, this is a single exposure.
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    Let's see some abstracts

    Thank you so much.
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    Let's see some abstracts

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    Limited Editions

    I've been doing my runs as total prints of an image regardless of size or substrate. If I do a run of say 25 prints, there are only 25 prints ever sold. I don't count test proofs to get to the final as I destroy them during the proofing process.
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    How about some portraits

    H3DII-31, HC 50-110.
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    Sharpest paper?

    The only gloss paper I use is Moab Slickrock, I like how colors pop and details print well on it. I run an IPF 6400. B/W results have been more hit & miss, enough that I avoid it and use cotton rag matte papers. I'm trying Hahnemühle's photo Luster hoping to find a versatile paper for both B/W...
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    Hasselblad H4 parts or repair source.

    I ended up cutting a piece from a clear plastic storage container that was 0.039" thick. I applied enough heat to get it pliable enough to from to the body curve with finger pressure and trimmed to fit. It sits flush with the body using 3M 468MP. I tried using a plastic lens from a pair of...
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    Best 100mm filter holders for landscape photography

    Another ding for the Breakthrough holder is there isn't a 95mm ring that it will fit on that I've found.
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    Hasselblad H4 parts or repair source.

    I’m going to use a heat gun to shape some plexiglass to the body’s curve. Then trim the piece to fit. I’ll either use the 3m tape, epoxy, or instant adhesive to affix the replacement lens. I have a few projects to finish before I’ll get a chance to work on this though. I’m hoping to get to it in...
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    FS: Hasselblad H5D-50C Body and 2 Lenses Excellent + Condition Low Shutter Count GREAT DEAL

    rollsman44. Wonderful dealing, great communication and went the extra mile to make a smooth tranasction. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you, Steve.
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    Thanks Dave.
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    Hasselblad H4 parts or repair source.

    Thanks Citizin, guess I'll be on the lookout for a parts body. I figured that was what I'd probably end up having to do. That or attempt to fabricate a replacement. But, tape will work in the meantime.
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    Hasselblad H4 parts or repair source.

    Yesterday morning I was out and my H4D-50 took about a 4' gravity trip when my tripod fell off a boulder. I had the camera on the tripod and set it on the rock in order to shimmy my way down to a lower position with the intent of then turning around to grab the tripod to set up the next shot...
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    Today wasn't so fun, the camera took a dive off a boulder. The bright side everything still works with only cosmetic damage to the body and lens. I haven't dropped a camera since 2005, I lost a Canon EOS Rebel film body when I dropped it above a waterfall along the Turnagain Arm outside...
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    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    5Ds, 24-70 2.8II. Breakneck Falls, PA.
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    Fun with MF images 2021

    Smith Center Pedestrian Bridge, Las Vegas, NV. H3DII-31, HC 50-110
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    Any archers here?

    Never tried competition or 3d, just shoot for fun and to fill the freezer. I've shot compounds for that past 20yrs.