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    FS: Pentax 645z ($2495), 28-45mm ($2495)

    For sale, my Pentax 645z and 28-45mm lens, both bought by me new from B&H (geezer with back issues, so I’m downsizing). I don’t buy/sell much so don’t use Paypal. My preferred method for folks here that are known to me is to ship you the item for your approval (USA only), then if you want it...
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    SOLD: KPS T5 geared ball head, $495

    SOLD. Thanks for looking... KPS T5 geared ball head, bought new in 2016 and never used much (couple of small ticks on the finish, otherwise it is 9+, with original box). It is the newer version with no clamp, M6 screw, just like shown in this link -...
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    FS: Sony Ar7II, 24-70 f4, Metabones IV, $3,500.

    I purchased these new on the last day of 2015 from my local camera store here in Arkansas, but have only used them twice, so I need to cut my losses and sell. All are minty and include everything that came with them and boxes. $3,500 for the set, includes shipping to lower 48 US address. I...
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    FS: PENTAX 645D, low mileage, $3000

    For sale PENTAX 645D (10,450 pictures taken), 9 condition with a couple minor scuff marks on prism, plus a couple of ticks near the shutter release (otherwise mostly mint - LCD has been protected since new). This was my personal backup body and has been well cared for. Includes all accessories...
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    SOLD: Nex 7 - minty in box

    I bought this Nex 7 last summer to use while mine was being repaired and forgot I had it until just now. Only used it for a few weeks and it has about 700 clicks on it, and comes in box with everything as new. $550 including shipping to a USA address (not interested in shipping elsewhere)...
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    FS: Sony bodies (A100/A55/A77) & lenses

    Before I box this gear up and ship it to KEH for a trade I thought I would offer it here first. Everything was purchased new by me (USA) and has seen little use, and comes with everything that was in the box when new, most of the accessories are unused. All items are cost plus UPS shipping...
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    Nikon 800E Milky Way Test

    Just a quick test in the front yard early this morning with the new camera to see the Milky Way - 14-24mm lens at 14mm, ISO 6400, 10 seconds at f3.3, in-camera noise reduction ON. Converted to DNG, opened in CS6 with no corrections. 2000 pixel version, minimum output sharpening, save for web...
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    Kudos to Phase One Service

    I recently sent my IQ180 back to Denmark for a minor repair before putting it up for sale. When I opened the box after receiving it back I was quite surprised to find it filled with new cables, 2gb thumb drive, battery, and Capture One disk. And besides doing all of the items below, they also...
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    FS: Phase One DF/80LS kit, 55LS, 110LS

    I bought this body and lenses back in August and will not be using them since I have my IQ180 up for sale - everything has been used very little and well cared for. - Phase One DF body with Schneider 80mm LS 2.8 lens kit (bought new in August), less than 2,000 clicks with little signs of wear...
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    FS: Phase One IQ180m, 2200 clicks

    This would make a great stocking stuffer! I bought this back new in June and hate to give it up but have hardly used it - only about 2200 captures on the back and everything is in good shape (Mamiya/Phase mount). Standard one-year warranty, and since it was a trade-up back there is no hard case...
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    SOLD: Leica Disto D5, $200

    This is a factory refirb unit that I bought a few months ago (looked new to me) and never used much so I want to pass it on. Comes with box, case, strap, manual, etc. $200 plus shipping. Everything looks and works fine. As always I'm happy to ship it to you for approval, then once you receive...
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    Rescue water-damaged negatives?

    A friend and fellow artist (Susan Morrison of Eureka Springs, Arkansas) sent me the following note and I wanted to see if anyone here could suggest a resource for her to check with about her damaged color negatives - they are all copy negs of her original artwork: <<Recently I went to move my...
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    SOLD: Alpa Rosewood SWA, $3995

    For Sale - Alpa Rosewood SWA. I bought this new from Optecs Digital recently but had shoulder surgery soon after and never did get to use it much - so it has seen little use since new. There are a couple of scuffs on one of the handles but otherwise it looks pretty much like new. This is one of...
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    FS: RRS B150-B Macro Rail, $200

    For Sale - RRS B150-B Macro Rail, minty condition (I've never actually used it), with the original Op/Tech Soft Pouch protective case. (current new price is $345 from RRS - $200 including shipping, lower 48 states. If interested...
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    Will the larger Canon Batts work in P-45+?

    Can you use the larger Canon camcorder batteries in Phase One P-45+ backs? My local camera store no longer stocks the older BP-911 batteries and only has the newer, and much larger, BP-950 batteries.
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    Memory Cards Survive Underwater

    A photographer fell to his death recently a couple miles from my cabin here in Arkansas and his camera bag ended up in a creek. It took me a week to locate the camera bag (it had been washed downstream), which had been submerged the entire time (the photographer's body was recovered in the creek...
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    4-hour Nikon D3s exposure

    Four-hour exposure, ISO 200, 14mm at f4, NO dark-frame, no noise reduction in post, 100% crop. The stock Nikon battery had 16% left, 35 degrees F. The file is very clean and I'm really surprised that the darn battery would last this long. I'll be doing an eight-hour exposure next dark moon cycle...
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    New Nikon 300 2.8 VR and 2x

    Now that Nikon has officially announced this new pair - how in the world could they produce a BETTER 300 2.8 then they already have? Anyone here had a chance to test this new lens?
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    FS: Nikon D3x, 300 2.8 VR, 200 micro AFD, 1.4x TC, R1C1, 52mm drop-in pol

    Nikon equipment for sale, lightly used, well taken care of. Add UPS shipping cost from zip 72752. USA only. I can take a credit card or personal check, and if I know you here I'm happy to let you take delivery of the items for inspection before payment is sent. E-mail ONLY please -...
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    FS: Zeiss Nikon ZF 35 f2, 50 f2, 100 f2, minty

    For sale my trio of Zeiss f2 ZF lenses for Nikon - all are pristine with almost zero use, as new in the box with everything that came with them. Purchased new from B&H earlier this year. I'm happy to ship the lens to you and then have you send a check after the lens arrives to make sure it meets...