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  1. J

    WTT Alpa 12 SWA

    Looking to trade my Alpa 12 SWA due to lack of use. Its quite literally brand new. Open to trades on Hasselblad digital bodies or a 903. Film backs and glass available too. Located in Switzerland but travel to London and Munich often
  2. J

    Thinking of trading an ALPA SWA or TC for a hasselblad 903?

    Hello. What do you think would be a fair trade between an ALPA SWA or TC with 6x8 film back and 58mm lens in exchange for a hasselblad 903? Would you ask for cash on top and if so, how much. To take the variable out, lets assume everything on both sides is clean and in the same/equivalent...
  3. J

    What is wrong with my Leicavit?

    I just got a Leicavit (black) for about $880 boxed and mint. Tried it on my MP with a tester roll of film and when I advance quickly (like they say - "advanced photogs... 2 shots a second..." ), every few advances it feels like it slips the advance or doesn't fully advance. The anomaly starts in...
  4. J

    What is "composing in camera"?

    Clearly this is in the wrong sub forum bit I wasn't sure where to put a question like this. A couple of times I've read that XYZ photographer is known for "composing in camera", most recently about Shinya Arimoto and his SWC/903 street portraits. What is composing in camera? Is it the thing that...
  5. J

    Interactive illustration of FoV changes with focal length and aspect ratio changes

    Hello Do you know of a website or app etc where you can see the impact on FoV by playing around with lens focal length (FL) and back aspect ratio (AR)? I know how to get 35mm focal length equivalents based on FL and AR but I’d like a way of visualising the change to the potential image.
  6. J

    Making a custom Alpa-Hasselblad V film adapter. Can you take some measurements for me please?

    Hi All I’m having someone make me a Hasselblad V back to Alpa adapter with a function that “pins” the back to allow it to advance (just as happens when the back is attached to a Hasselblad body). I need a few measurements of the regular alpa to Hasselblad v adapter but I don’t have one. Is...
  7. J

    Alpa Linhof backs

    Does anyone know if the Alpa Linhof backs in different film formats (6x6,6x7 & 6x9) have the same physical dimensions? I suppose this would be the same answer for the non alpa modified Linhof backs.
  8. J

    Hasselblad back question.

    Hi all. Watching this video: And at 11:10 he starts talking about using a Hasselblad back on a tech camera outfit. He mentions cameras having to “pin” (??) the Hasselblad back so that you can advance the film in camera and not lose frames. Something like that. What do you think he means...
  9. J

    Loose lense?

    Can alpa lenses become loose in their mounts? A little play somewhere. Can’t identify where really but it feels like the lens “clicks” in and out/backwards and forwards when it’s attached to the camera and you gently pull at it. And I mean gently! If this is a problem, and you have any idea...
  10. J

    Price suggestion/Offer suggestion

    Hi Guys, I'm asking here because I cant find any sold listings on the bay or anywhere else. Someone in the USA has emailed me about a 35 Grandagon in Alpa mount. Assuming its in good shape, what do you think would be a fair amount to pay/offer. I have a friend who could meet the seller and do...
  11. J

    Schneider Apo Digitar 35 5.6 XL on 6x8

    Hi All, I shoot roll film on my Alpa, 6x8 specifically and no shift. I would like a 35 (preferably) or 45 Considering the particularly high cost of just mounting lenses onto an Alpa board (on top of the lens price) and also the lack of knowhow on my part to do it myself, I have resigned myself...
  12. J

    ALPA TC lens lock without hand grip

    Anyone figure out a way to lock the lens in place on the TC without the hand grip’s safety lock?
  13. J

    Where to get lenses mounted onto alpa boards?

    I’m uncertain if alpa still mount lenses for their customers and if they don’t, I’d there anywhere else to get this done? I’m looking for a 35or 45 Rodie grandagon (that’s the alpa apo AAA I think) but seems these discontinued alpa lenses are impossible to find and the new digital lenses don’t...
  14. J

    Image circles listed at f11 and 22 but not smaller f-stops

    The Alpa lens technical info booklets list the image circles of lenses at f11 and 22 but not at smaller f-stop numbers. Is there somewhere I can find this info? I’m looking for the SK 38/47/58 Super angulons and the Rodie 35 and 45 grandagons. Two follow up questions: 1)How much does the image...
  15. J

    Friedlander’s Dressing Up, the Biogon and distortion

    I was looking at Friedlander’s book Dressing Up, where he is backstage at some NY fashion shows photographing the models getting hair and makeup etc. done. He’s photographing all the hustle and bustle and all the photos are from quite close up. He’s using a SWC or 903. The strange thing (to me...
  16. J

    Anyone with experience of the Alpa synthetic soft touch grips?

    Anyone with experience of the Alpa synthetic soft touch grips? What are they like? Are they like hard rubber thats a little springy or is it more like a solid material with a rubber coating or something else all together? How about weight, are they heavier than the wood grips? What about...
  17. J

    Anyone own an ALPA TC and a Hasselblad SWC/903/905?

    Just like in the subject, do you own an ALPA TC and a Hasselblad SWC/903/905? If you do, could you please send me a few pictures of the TC with a back attached and the Hasselblad with a back attached with the cameras side by side and from a few different angles? I have an SWA with a lens and...
  18. J

    WTB Alpa TC and/or Rodenstock 35mm f4.5 APO Grandagon / ALPA AAA APO ALPAR f4.5 35mm

    Anyone looking to sell either or both of the Alpa TC and/or Rodenstock 35mm f4.5 APO Grandagon / ALPA AAA APO ALPAR f4.5 35mm?
  19. J

    What do you photograph with your Alpa TC/STC/SWA?

    Seems the great majority use theirs for landscapes and slow set up shots like advertisement photog. Been through the ALPA photographers list and their sample portfolios and seems all those photogs listed under topics like photojournalism and documentary, when you look at their photos taken with...
  20. J

    ALPA GON tripod head vs AS C1

    Has anyone done a comparison/review of these two heads? :D