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    Leica S-E / S2 or something else

    The 3 year warranty was included with the normal price of the camera. There was no additional charge for the 3 year warranty.
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    Leica S-E / S2 or something else

    The camera came with 3 year warranty, but the lenses were covered under the policy on the auto focus issue. The entire problem was generated by the auto focus malfunction, thus Leica, taking no chances, requested that I send the camera body back as well the lenses to be fully checked.
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    Leica S-E / S2 or something else

    Alas, I agree. There really should not be any dichotomy here. :salute:
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    Leica S-E / S2 or something else

    Well, I'm an architecture pro here in the US, (registered as a pro with Leica Germany as well) and when my S006, 24, and 30-90 failed, my dealer immediately arranged for Leica US to replace it all with loaners (w/007!) while my equipment was serviced in Germany, so time down was a non-event...
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    Leica 007 - A Warning To Potential Buyers

    Whew! I'm not sure this will be welcome here, and after all, it is just one person's experience... ...but I'm going to risk my own anecdotal reply. Like everything in life, I think my experience might boil down to individual relationships and people, but who knows, maybe Leica isn't as...
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    Leica s Sensor Strategy ???

    Funny, I just did exactly the same thing, using the same reasoning...rather than "beta test" the M10. Headed to Santa Fe next week for some R&R - just me and the new 262.
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    Leica Service

    On a positive note....I've had only one Professional service experience with Leica in Solms Germany for an S VE 30-90. My dealer sent the lens in for me, but I am a registered member for their repair Professional Repair service in Solms. The zoom lens had a very loose zoom ring, nothing as major...
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    Capture One now supports Leica SL!

    I'll ask too. Have you tried tethered capture?
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    New tripod time

    Well, FWIW I was a dyed-in-the-wool Gitzo user for years - used them in all sizes shooting 4x5 Sinar and Linhof, Hasselblad, Canon, but I got fed up with friction lock maintenance and lack of lock grip issues in cold weather. So I switched to Manfrottos with flip locks shooting medium format...
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    Any experiences with the Leica S 30-90mm?

    It's a workhorse for me. Has been for some 3 plus years now. That and the 24mm fill all my needs. With a 15" MBP and a small Thinktank case, I'm set for anything, and anywhere. The way I shoot, at ƒ8 and 11 almost exclusively, and on a tripod, it provides a high level of convenience with...
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    Leica S (007) intermittent black frame

    Yes! But in a slightly different way (so this may be related), and with both S2 and S. I shoot tethered pretty much exclusively, and I find this happens upon first connecting camera to the computer with LEMO cable, then powering up camera, with Leica Image Shuttle (LIS) already launched (my...
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    S006 -> s007

    Apologies for the non sequitur,since I can't respond specifically to this, and strictly speaking about my own needs, my decision has been instead of going from my much loved 006 to 007, I'm biding my time, adding the SL and zoom to the 006 system I currently use. It gives me a versatile camera...
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    Fun with the Leica SL (digital)

    +1 I as well will miss your input Godfrey. Things seems to have escalated a bit further from where they should have. Hope you return.
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    Fun with the Leica SL (digital)

    Fascinating. I read those threads on LUF last night as I'm awaiting delivery as well. Nothing seemed amiss with the samples that were posted (they looked quite good actually) except some light discussion about oversaturated reds on geraniums, and the possibility of some artifacts in OOF areas -...
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    New Firmware for Leica T

    I use the T predominantly for scouting jobs and personal travel, and I have found my clients remarking frequently how much they really like the T scout shots, enough to want to use them in coordination with my "final version" S images. The new firmware and additional speed was quite welcome...
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    Leica SL (601) ..Oct 20th?

    A calm voice amidst the storm.
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    Leica S for interiors or architecture

    Have you tried this?? It may be a solution.
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    Leica SL (601) ..Oct 20th?

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    Leica SL (601) ..Oct 20th?

    Hmm, interesting, I never really cared what a camera looked like. It was how it handled, operated, and what I could (and can) create with it that has always mattered.
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    Leica SL (601) ..Oct 20th?

    As one who makes his living with an S, T & M, I actually see this as a likely welcome and useful tool that covers a LOT of bases, especially (for me) since it tethers with LIS as well. Richard