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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Was the double exposure intensional? dan
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    And another one. This dead Coast Live Oak tree in the Santa Ynez Valley. Shot with Velvia 100, with the 503CW and the 250mm f/5.6 Superachromat lens, tripod. All my scans are at max resolution in my Nikon Super Coolscan 8000ED....4000 DPI. Reduced for uploads.
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Fujichrome Velvia 100 with one of my 903 SWC cameras, reduced to 72 DPI. Tripod, at Crater Lake, Oregon, USA
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    Nikon D3 repair

    The unreparable answer is from Nikon USA and Canada,—not necessarily by an independent repairman. If you base your decisions upon what the compansies say, you would never be able to have a working camera. Unfortunately, Nikon has gone the way of our throwaway society.
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    New to site Californian

    How do we find the time?? And we have two cats that always want to be fed! I found a new cat food. Pâté in gopher and rat.
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    SL2 v SL2s v M10

    I absolutely love my Leica SL and SL2S. I use mostly M glass, some R glass, and can even pop on my Zeiss (Hassy) lenses and even my extensive Nikkor lenses. The essentially infinite ISO levels on the SL2S is incredible! Dan
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    In Memoriam Erwin Puts

    I will greatly miss his technical books. Dan
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    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    I hope you didn’t pay for those avocados! I have a surplus on my trees! That set up is clearly within my sights. I have a variety of the best from Zeiss and a 500 EL/M, 503CW, and 903 SWC. Dan aka Edgy01
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    New to site Californian

    Greetings from Santa Barbara, California! i have been shooting since 1970, originally with a motorized Nikon F and it’s gotten very crazy since then! Sometimes I feel more like a collector than a photographer. I’m just too busy to shoot as I would like. I started with and maintain an...