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    Someone want to condiser the points in this article?

    Yes, it is an "opinion." None the less, the article is considerate and makes some solid arguments for their position. Someone want to pick it apart? I am interested in your thoughts. TYIA.
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    GFX Pricing announced

    I looked and didn't see anyone reporting this yet. If I somehow missed it, sorry. Fuji announces the pricing structure, here. Fujifilm GFX 50S Pricing Revealed | Fuji Addict
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    A switch: Phase One to Nikon.........

    I thought I would leave this article, published today, for everyone to mull over. Some interesting real world comments and practical thoughts, albeit there is some personal considerations, opinions and perhaps a bit of conjecture. Take it for what it is. I did notice there is little...
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    FS: New Leica T set-up: camera lenses, bag, half-case, etc.

    Brand new Leica T set-up. Never used or out of the box. Won as a photo contest prize. I am trying to help a friend who is not so well off and needs the money. The owner would like to sell it all together, for $6,000US but may separate items. Offers accepted. 1) Leica T Mirrorless Camera Model...
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    Lomogrpahy Petzval lens

    I have completed a user review of the Lomogrpahy Petzval lens. I was fortunate enough to have been quite early in the que for their Kickstarter funding campaign. I would like to post it here. It is a length document with eight photos. How do I attach a PDF file to a post? Thanks.
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    Kickstarter Project for Petzval Lens

    This project caught my eye because I am the queue waiting for a 35mm format Petzval Lens soon to be released by Lomography. This project is for a medium format lens. An interesting project that will bring old technology to the 21st century. I hope the guy gets funded and is successful. If I...