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    FS: Fuji X100s

    Ah damn, how did I miss this? If you change your mind please let me know.
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    Canon 5d, 35mm f1.4 35L, 580ex, Sigma 12-24mm

    Payments Accepted: Paypal, Bank/USPS money orders. Buyer pays for flat rate USPS shipping box. Add 3% for Paypal fee's. Possible Trades: Nikon glass (fast primes or 24-70/70-200) Shipping Methods Available (Ships From): USPS from Seattle Shipping Available To: Worldwide Best Contact Method...
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    FT: Canon Gear || WANT: D3s

    What I have for trade (not for sale currently): Bodies Canon 5D mk1 - well used, just came back from service from Canon august 2011 Canon 5D mk2 - Bought brand new from mid-august 2011 for the wedding I was shooting when my 5Dc went in for service Lens Canon 35mm f1.4 Canon 135mm...
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    FS/FT Canon EF 35 f2, Canon EF 17-35L f2.8, Sigma 24-70 f2.8 Macro

    Payment Type: Paypal Shipping Method: USPS Shipping from: USA Shipping to: Worldwide. Prices include USA shipping, worldwide add $10. Contact Method: PM Trades: Only looking to potentially trade for a Sigma 20mm f1.8 and/or a Sigma 85mm f1.4 Canon EF 35mm F2 + hood $280 -Great condition lens...
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    FT: Canon Gear for a M8/M9

    After much thought, Ive come to the conclusion that I dont need a fast DSLR kit and would rather be able to carry something around daily yet have the best quality images I could possibly have. After shooting a wedding for some family, I think doing "work" as a photographer isnt my thing. What I...
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    FS/FT Canon ef 35 f2, Sigma 24-70 2.8, Canon 135 f2 :: Want 85 1.2

    Looking to sell or trade some of my lens in an attempt to get into a Canon EF 85mm 1.2 $300 shipped within USA Canon 35mm F2.0 -Purchased new from Adorama a few weeks ago -Selling because I bought a 35L -Mint lens, barely used. Comes with optional Canon hood -Comes with original box $300...
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    Negative feedback!!!

    I did go through as a paypal purchase for "goods". But im not 100% sure if they leaves me any guarantees on money back. I am reading through the guidelines for Paypal Buyer Protection and so far I fit all the guidelines for coverage. Ive had my paypal account for almost 10 years now, so...
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    Negative feedback!!!

    I contacted Jack Michaud and he informed me the pictures used were from an eBay auction he had a while back. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope paypal can get me my money back.
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    Negative feedback!!!

    Potential Scammer User: isf417 Claimed name: Brandon Henry Email: [email protected] I posted a WTB post a week or two ago looking for a Canon 1Dmk2. He replied to me stating he was a casual browser on these forums and had a 1Dmk2 to sell because...
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    WTB: Canon 1D mk2

    Looking to buy a Canon 1D mk2. Cosmetic condition is less of a concern to me as long as it functions properly and has a few extra batteries that work well. Im looking to spend around $500 for a Mk2, though this is flexible depending on shutter count. Thanks for your time.
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    Canon EF 50mm F1.2, Fuji X100 + hood, Luigi Case + Strap.

    X100 SOLD Luigi Case SOLD Canon 50mm 1.2 still for sale. Price drop to $1375 shipped within USA.
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    Canon EF 50mm F1.2, Fuji X100 + hood, Luigi Case + Strap.

    Price Drops $1400 for Canon 50mm 1.2 $1375 for X100 $180 for Leica M8 Luigi case + strap (would also be willing to sell just the case for a cheaper price).
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    Canon EF 50mm F1.2, Fuji X100 + hood, Luigi Case + Strap.

    Price drops $1450 for Canon 50mm 1.2 $1400 for X100 $190 for Leica M8 Luigi Case
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    Canon EF 50mm F1.2, Fuji X100 + hood, Luigi Case + Strap.

    Have 3 things for sale, Im taking a small step back from expensive photography supplies. Ive decided to keep my beat up 5D and downgrade to a 35mm F2 lens. Canon EF 50mm F1.2 $1500 shipped in USA, International pays true shipping costs via USPS. -hood (has a sticker on it) -cheap ProOptic UV...
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    X100 images thread...let's get this party started....

    Not taken by my X100, but just thought Id share. This little guy goes everywhere! Though eventually I hope to find time to process some pictures.
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    FS: Fuji X100, Mamiya 7II & 65/4, Leica M7

    Message sent about X100.
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    FS: M8, CV 35 f1.4 SC, B+W IR, Luigi Case

    Everything is sold EXCEPT for the Luigi Case and strap. Anyone interested, feel free to make an offer on the Luigi Case/strap.
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    FS: M8, CV 35 f1.4 SC, B+W IR, Luigi Case

    Luigi Case and UV/IR filter still for sale.
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    FS: M8, CV 35 f1.4 SC, B+W IR, Luigi Case

    M8 has been sold at $2130