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    FS: Hasselblad PM90 90-degree prism.

    Still for sale 🔝
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    WTB: Phase One Schneider 150mm F3.5 LS

    Hi everyone - just looking for a decent Phase Schneider 150mm LS - just the black/silver ring version. Anyone with a competitive price looking for a new home. Let me know what you have! Have a great day!
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    FS: Mamiya/Phase One 120mm f4 MF Macro - EXC Cond

    Just selling my Mamiya/Phase 120mm f4 Macro - this is the manual focus version for the Mamiya/Phase One 645 AF system (not the old generation manual focus Mamiya system). I've had experience recently with both this MF version and the current blue ring - this still performs on par to my needs...
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    FS: Phase One IQ260 digital back • low shot count • new low price

    Fantastic IQ260! It will be painful if I ever had to part with my V-mount IQ260! Best of luck with the sale!
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    WTB: Schneider Kreuznach 150mm f5.6 Super-Symmar XL

    Hi everyone! Just putting the feelers out for an SK 1500mm Super-Symmar XL- condition I'm flexible (of course as long as there's not damage to the lens elements and the speeds are reliable). Definitely let me know what you have, thanks for viewing my post and have a great day!
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    FS: Hasselblad PM90 90-degree prism.

    And bump.
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    FS: Schneider-Kreuznach Center Filter 95mm IV for Super Angulon 90mm and 120mm f5.6

    Hi everyone! For sale is my absolutely mint SK 95mm number IV center filter which suits the epic Super Angulon lenses for either 90mm and 120mm f5.6, Condition is positively flawless, presents as though unused. Comes with genuine Schneider-Kreuznach soft weatherproof pouch. Loving cared for. SK...
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    FS: Hasselblad PM90 90-degree prism.

    Bump up!
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    Share your MFDB film scanning workflows!

    Hi everyone! I'm just curious for your opinions and ideas for your MFDB film scanning workflows - what's your preferred software? I’m using both my IQ4100 and A7R, so far so good. Does anyone have experience with the Negative Lab 8x10 carriers and light sources? Also does anyone have experience...
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    FS: Hasselblad PM90 90-degree prism.

    Hi everyone!! Just selling one more piece of Hasselblad goodness. I’m moving on my PM90 90-degree prism. Condition is good, some marks here and there as is common on these prisms. Optically perfect. Prism mounting flange perfectly straight. Comes with original Hasselblad dust cover. Located in...