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    How to use a manual focus lens on the Phase XF?

    It has been many years since I did this and for the life of me cannot remember the settings to use a Manual Focus lens on the XF since obviously a manual focus lens has no contacts to tell the XF what lens is being used. Thanks.
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    Mamiya 645 24mm ULD Lens with original Case

    I have used this lens on the GFX system with Fotodiox adapters. It works very well. If interested I will get some photos to you. These lenses are hard to find in good shape. I see these have recently been confirmed sold for US$4k on eBay and some are asking $5k and often without an original...
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    This case has never been out of the house. It is a Pelican Phase Case with many inserts enclosed in the Phase zippered in terror compartment. It also has the upper bag protection and shade hood for exterior tethered shooting. Asking $250 net to me. Kindly ask for shipping quotes top CONUS only...
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    FS-House Cleaning Photo Items

    1. Leica original--Outer box, inner box, jewel case, leather lens case and black aluminum cover cover for Leica APO 50 #11141. Keep in mind this does NOT include any lens. $200 net to me. 2 Zucuto-Z Finder Pro-Optical Viewfinder for DSLR Cameras. 2.5x 3.2" size. Never used. $30 net to me. 3...
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    Mamiya 645 tele lenses on Leica M11

    Just received my Kipon 645-M adapter and tried out my smallish 300/5.6. Not bad, but I need to work on my focus as focus magnification not working on this adapter.
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    FS-Nisi V5 pro Kit-reduced

    This kit sells retail for just over $1k. My price $490 net to me. I ship Fedex insured. Ask for ship quote to your zip code. Most items never used in this kit.
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    FS-HALF PRICE-Lee SW 150 MkII/Sand Pouch/4xW150 Adapters

    Never used from what I can tell. All items in original boxes and pouches. Sand 150 x170 Field Pouch without original box. SW150 MKII Filter Holder $100 net to me. 2xSW150 72mm Screw-in Lens Adapter $65 ea. net to me. SW150 86mm Screw-in Lens Adapter $65 net to me. SW150 105mm Screw-in Lens...
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    FS-Schneider Variable ND filters 82 and 77mm-reduced

    These were never used from what I can tell. They go from 1.5 stops out to 11 stops of filtration without distortion. They are also great for video due to this Schneider feature. 82mm True-Match Vari-ND #68-031182 $90 net to me. 77mm True-Match Vari-ND #68-031177 $90 net to me. I accept...
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    FS-Schneider 4x5.65 and 4x4 ND filters-reduced

    Looking at these 3 filters I do not think I ever used them. They are in their original boxes and cases. These look to be 4mm thick and extremely high quality. 4x5.65 ND 0.9 HEV Hard Edge Vertical #68-050356 $150 net to me 4x5.65 ND 0.9 SEV Soft Edge Vertical #68-050756 $150 net to me From...
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    FS:Nisi 100x100 Filters-never used

    Looking at these filters (in original inner brown Nice cases and in original outer boxes) I don't think I ever used them. 100x100 Nano IR ND 6 stop (IRND64) $75 net to me 100x100 Nano IR ND 10stop (IRND1000) $85 net to me MINDSHIFT Filter Hive Storage Case $35 net to me I ship fragile...
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    SOLD--5x Phase One XF, IQ3/4 batteries $100 Net-CONUS Shipping Paid

    --SOLD-- This is for five (5) Phase One 3400mAh 7.2 V Li-ion original batteries. All in black boxes as received from Phase. CONUS only $100 net to me and I pay USPS shipping.
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    FOUND-B+W Series 7 010 UV-Haze (#11089) or 007 Clear drop in filter

    Need this for a lens that only takes drop-in B+W series 7 filters. Tiffen Photos drop-in filters are too high. Search in your filter drawers and maybe you will find one. Thanks.
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    FS:GF lenses-BOTH (SOLD)-Thanks.

    Selling these as not really used by me. Reasonable offers considered. BOTH SOLD-- NEVER used the 45/2.8 and kept in Ruggard vault $1250 net to me . I ship FEDEX insured and only CONUS. 120/4.0 Macro never left house and kept in Ruggard vault $1950 net to me. I ship FEDEX insured and only...
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    WTB:Series VII Red Filter

    Want this filter to have no scratches on either surface from cleaning or otherwise. Let me know manufacturer of your filter as some do not fit my lens like the Tiffin "Photar" filters do not work. Thanks.
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    M10M at local air show

    These were my first using that camera.
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    M11 Images

    Here goes
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    Bought-WTB:Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.0 E60 V4 with built-in hood

    This lens should be clear of scratches, fungus, haze, separations, i.e. clear glass and perfectly functioning blades. Exterior showing that it was well cared for important too. A leather case and 6 bit coded would be nice. Dust yours off and maybe you want to sell it, especially if you have not...
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    Anyone know how to copy a film strip with a Fuji GFX?

    I recently saw a video about using a new Nikon Z-7ii to copy old slides in order too digitize them and wonder if anyone has tried this with their GFX.
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    Has Leica created their own bottleneck?

    After 8 months and barely a trickle of APO 35 Summicron lenses out there it seems Leica has created their own mess. Or have production issues slowed or stopped production for a while just like when the APO 50 was introduced.
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    FS-ALPA GEAR-Everything SOLD

    SOLD ITEMS: APO 210mm lens SOLD HR40 with HO Alpa lightweight lens shade SOLD HR70 with CO Alpa lightweight lens shade SOLD IQ4150 & XF Alpa Adapter plate-SOLD S-K APO 150/5.6-SOLD 34mm tilt adapter-SOLD STC with black handle with 5, 10 & 15 detents SOLD Slip-On LCD Sun Shade for IQ4150 digital...