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  1. Tim

    WTB: Olympus Zuiko 40mm f2

    Hi all, looking for an optically good Olympus Zuiko 40mm f2. PM me if you have something. Not the Olympus Pen F 40mm. I sold an item or two here. I am located in Australia. Thanks
  2. Tim

    Compact A7r III kit

    So the Christmas specials came around and I jumped on a deal on that I could not pass up on the A7r III. It was quite a discount. I will only need a couple of lenses and they need to be compact. I am a lazy sod and will only tote so much. The end output is for large home prints, I've got a lot...
  3. Tim

    Prints for Sale - Sub forum

    Am I dreaming but I seem to recall this site had a sub-forum of "Prints for Sale" ? I distinctly recall members here selling prints of their work somewhere. I've had a look around. It was not on "Gear for Sale" Are prints sold in another section ? Any ideas ? Thank you.
  4. Tim

    M mount choice

    I have a desire to re-invest in a M-mount film camera. I had a Konica Hexar RF and a Leica MP (2002 version) in the past at separate times. I intend to run either a 35mm or 50mm lens. Preferably Leica but maybe Zeiss or other. Right now I am considering a M6 but notice prices have risen. The...
  5. Tim

    Panasonic S1 & S1R

    Which forum will Panasonic S1 & S1R / Sigma / Leica SL discussion be in ? If categories stay as is it will be spread between Other for Panasonic S1 & S1R / Sigma and Leica forum for the Leica SL This separates cameras & lenses of the same mount
  6. Tim

    Zeiss on Panasonic L-Mount, the Nikon Z-Mount or the Canon R-Mount

    I was not sure where to post this as its lens related not camera brand so much I emailed Zeiss to ask -- "Will Zeiss be making the Zeiss Loxia line in other new mirrorless mounts such as the Panasonic L-Mount, the Nikon Z-Mount or the Canon R-Mount ?" Here is their response. "Thanks for your...
  7. Tim

    GR with IBIS possible Hi-Res ?

    I was wondering if the new 24Mp GR III with its 3 way IBIS could possibly be able to have a Hi-Res mode like the EM1.2 has ? Is this just a matter of software which may mean licensing the patent but is there any reason why the GR III now could not have this. The idea of 50 Mpixel in the size of...
  8. Tim


    Seeing how is slow here, time for dumb question, so here goes - Q: What is your suggestion for best lens under 135mm or equivalent for Bokeh? Don't care about sensor, brand, camera, format, cost, size or even sharpness, IQ, resolution etc. What would be your all time best for yielding the...
  9. Tim

    Sigma SD Quattro price announced

    Interesting price notice on the Sigma SD Quattro at $800. (assumed this is US$) or bundled with the Art 30mm for $1K. Sigma Announces Pleasantly Low Price for sd Quattro Mirrorless Camera Noted that this is not the H variant. I can't help but compare the size of the SD Q with the X1H just for...
  10. Tim

    Quantum mechanics

    Does anyone here have much of a grasp on Quantum and Newtonian mechanics and some of the math behind them? I have a question. :poke:
  11. Tim

    Nikon DL 18-50 - 18mm - 50mm

    I am not sure if this belongs here in the Nikon forum or small sensors, depends on your viewpoint I guess, but this little camera breaks some new ground. Nikon DL 18-50 | Premium Compact Camera w/ 1" CMOS Sensor, 4K & More So 1" sensor and an 18mm - 50mm in 35mm film equivalent terms. So...
  12. Tim

    Your photos could survive 13.8 Billion years

    A newly developed optical storage medium may help your photos to survive for 13.8 Billion years. Article here - Eternal 5D data storage could record the history of humankind | University of Southampton Just imagine all the cat photos from this site they will have to wade through. :facesmack...
  13. Tim

    Possible MF from Fuji

    From the outset, this reads as it may not happen. What form it takes is any ones guess including Fuji it seems.. Fujifilm Will Launch a Medium Format Camera (Top Trusted Japanese Source) :: New Source says it will be presented Photokina! | Fuji Rumors On the XPro2 thread it was discussed a...
  14. Tim

    New X70, a Ricoh GR or Coolpix A alternative

    While I was about to bemoan the lack of large sensor compacts, according to rumours it looks like Fuji is about to release the X70. APSC 28mm equivalent compact. The non telescoping lens design is welcome as is the tilt screen. Its tough to judge the size but it seems is may be not too small...
  15. Tim

    A7 & Loxia 35mm vs RX1/r

    Some of you are aware of my penchant for HQ fixed lens compacts. Hence a RX1/r is on my shopping list. I also am considering an A7 or A7II (not the R) combined with the Loxia 35mm/f2. This comparison has obvious similarities and I think is valid. Both have Sony Sensors, both Zeiss lenses, both...
  16. Tim

    What is the best?

    What is the best lens and/or camera you had for the technology of the day? No so much the most expensive but what worked for you. What did you have affinity for and just worked? For me my Contax T3 (circa 2001) is probably the winner, I want to say the GR but the T3 was small for a 35mm, went...
  17. Tim

    Spam reporting

    Hi Busy Mods, Do you guys read the "report a post" section in the forum admin panel? Is clicking on the "report a post" icon on the bottom left of a post the best way to report site spam :SPAM: ? or should we just PM you? Thanks
  18. Tim

    Any suggestions on Disc film scanning?

    Hi, My scanning project is coming to a close and I have some assorted bits to scan. One of the items is this film that my wife took in 1980 thereabouts. Some online suggestions are to cut the film out, but I'd prefer to retain its as is. I could just try a flatbed with light source and lose on...
  19. Tim

    Who needs IBIS, when you have ...

    Who needs IBIS when you have 3 axis brushless gimbal stabilisation? Two versions take m43 lenses and one model with a fixed lens. Nice - DJI Official - DJI The World Leader in Camera Drones/Quadcopters for Aerial Photography
  20. Tim

    Ricoh GR II Remote Commander demo

    You can have play with the Ricoh GR II Remote Commander demo here - GR Remote click on the triple lines top left to see some sample images and settings area. Cool and fun.