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  1. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    I am not sure we have any Ukrainian members, but our thoughts are with you and your families. We obviously have little in the way of political power, but I for one support the freedom for your nation and grieve for your losses. This is not the first time a country has faced Russian aggression...
  2. Shashin

    Any archers here?

    Do we have any archers here? If so, what is your game: Compound Olympic Recurve Barebow Traditional (Take-Down) Traditional (Selfbow or Asiatic bow) Target or hunter? Myself, I shoot barebow: target and field. I am just curious if anyone limits their shooting to photographs or photographers...
  3. Shashin

    Looking for a reliable retailer

    Can anyone suggest a camera retailer other than B&H that you have found reliable? I just ordered a couple of new filters from B&H and one of them was clearly used. This is not the first time B&H sent me a new product that was used. I use Amazon as a last resort.
  4. Shashin

    Wow, Fuji is just making stuff: GFX100s, 80mm, X-E4, XF27, XF 70-300

    From Jonas Rask's site: GFX 100S and 80mm F/1.7 X-E4 and new XF27 XF70-300 telephoto zoom
  5. Shashin

    Positive feedback for Darr

    I bought a Fuji grip from Darr, a GetDPI member. The item was described as lightly used. I could not tell the difference between that and brand new after receiving the product--it was in perfect shape. Darr is a long time member and has always struck me as someone that takes good care of her...
  6. Shashin

    The Election results...

    But not that election... What gear gets your vote this year! I have already voted for a second Fuji X Pro2 body!! And soon will get to thank Darr for a matching grip!!!
  7. Shashin

    Bennu--stereo pair of the astroid (also for Queen fans)

    NASA released a stereo pair of Bennu. Brian Mays, guitarist for Queen, was on the team. Bennu in Stereo
  8. Shashin

    Best Buy--who knew it had such good deals on Fuji X Pro2

    So I have been looking for a second X Pro2 body. I thought they were discontinued and I had missed the $200 off offer from Fuji last year. I was looking for secondhand. Well, imagine my surprise to see X Pro 2 bodies on Best Buy for $999.99. (For those on other shores, Best Buy is a mass-market...
  9. Shashin

    New stuff from Fuji--update to lens road map and new camera (X Summit)

    Here is a link to today's X Summit A new 10-24mm is coming. An update of the current lens. Next year there is a new 18mm f/1.4 (at about 8 min mark) and a 70-300 f/4-5.6 (at about 6:30 mark). And the new camera is also in the Summit. I am actually intrigued by the 70-300. I have been...
  10. Shashin

    Sites and blogs on the photobook

    There are a couple of sites I like on the photobook. One of my favorites is The Conscientious Photography Magazine run by Jörg M. Colberg. I like Jorg's commentary because of his background not just as a photographic educator, but also as a scientist: astrophysics. He also comments on...
  11. Shashin

    New Fuji Firmware Updates Available

    Just a heads up the there is a bunch of new firmware updates available for a host of cameras (Thanks, Rayyan). I just got one for my X Pro2 (and found one from earlier this year for my XF10). Fujifilm Support--Downloads
  12. Shashin

    The reading list--suggestions for books on, of, or about photography

    I will kick this off by listing two classics, two from last century and the other from the century before that: A Choice of Weapons. The autobiography of Gordon Parks. Parks is an amazing talent in his own right: photographer, director, novelist, poet, and composer. His biography just makes his...
  13. Shashin

    Books by Naoya Hatakeyama

    I have been enjoying the work of Naoya Hatakeyama for some time. He is a Japanese landscape photographer that is interested in the built environment. His first notable book Lime Works looked at the extraction, processing, and use of that material in concrete. And I am not sure this is...
  14. Shashin

    The World's most expensive pinhole camera... least until they mount it into the telescope it is designed for. Pretty impressive pinhole image though:
  15. Shashin

    Architecture, Buildings, and Structures

    Lets start a new topic for images. This seems to be a popular but underrepresented for this section of the forum. I will kick it off with a 4x5 image from Tokyo. I am looking forward to contributions
  16. Shashin

    An song for our times (funny and yet not...)

    If social distancing is getting you down:
  17. Shashin

    Good deal on Gitzo 1545t traveler tripod on Adorama

    In case anyone is interested, a 25% offer: Not sure how long it will last, but it is a good price for those looking for this tripod.
  18. Shashin

    Cambo Actus, thoughts, experience, or regrets

    Hi folks. I am thinking about an Actus B to mate my Fuji X system with my Pentax 645 lenses. I would be very interested in anyone's feedback on the B, G, or DB/2. I have used view cameras before, so using these types of camera (both film and with p25+ backs) are not new to me. But any thoughts...
  19. Shashin

    Big lens envy?

    Here is a 5 foot diameter lens:
  20. Shashin

    Iceland commemorates the loss of a glacier

    Story on the BBC: