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  1. J

    Cheap solution to LED problem

    I bought a Fancier 500 watt light thinking that it would be sufficient for my portraiture needs. It wasn't. Not enough lumens after pushing the light through some muslin cloth. So I didn't want to buy a 1000 watt light since I had the 500 watt lamp already. So instead I bought another 500...
  2. J

    preliminary results d800e

    I received the camera from B&H yesterday, everything is as advertised. I tested my 17-35, 55 micro, 105 f/2.5, and my 200 mm Q C. I photographed my living room as it is too cold and wet to go outside. The 200 is sharp at f/5.6, f/8, f/11 and f/16. I strained at 100% to see if maybe...
  3. J

    Nikon d800 and 800E price reduction

    I did not think it would happen so soon, but Nikon just announced a $200 "instant rebate" on several models. So since it is my birthday today my wife surprised me with "look honey we can save $200 and free shipping, it is your birthday, let's buy it today" Of course she could have been trying...
  4. J

    Gallery 1855

    In the month of September Ben Rubenstein is exhibiting a collection of his Jerusalem series at Gallery 1855, which is located at 820 Pole Line Road, Davis CA 95618. The open house and reception is on September 9th from 1-4 PM, the gallery is open M-F 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. or by appointment only...
  5. J

    Question: wide angle for Nikon

    I am going to buy a 20mm lens for my Nikon d700, I am looking at the Voightlander Skopar or the 20mm AI Nikkor both are manual focus which I prefer both are listed at about $400+ so does anyone have any experience with either lens that would indicate which one would be the sharper of the two. I...
  6. J

    Medium Format question

    I am being offered an adapter that will allow me to put a MF digital back on my Bronica System. The question is; is the Bronica system worth putting a digital back on? I have every lens pretty much made, it served me well as a professional in the '80's as my system of choice. However I really...
  7. J

    I am going to be in Sarasota FL

    I was wondering if anyone had hot places to photograph there this time of year? I went last year to Winter Park near Christmass and ity was a cool time. Met a bunch of nice people from Orlando. So I was wondering if there were any tips in August. In Sarasota, Any ideas???? Joe
  8. J

    Help! Nikon d700

    My d700 has become possesed. When I use an AF lens no problems at all, but when I use my MF legacy lenses all of a sudden, the camera has decided that all of them are a f/8 lens at max aperature. I went into menu and made sure that all of the settings were correct for non-cpu lenses. But when...
  9. J

    Gallery 1855

    For those of us living in Northern California, I run a non-profit gallery , Gallery 1855, at the Davis Cemetery District office, we feature a different artist 10 times a year and feature two different group shows so that each month we have a new show. In May we will be showing Oliver Galgiani...
  10. J

    Help:need tripod advice

    I have a mature Majestic, I like everything about it, but its weight. I plan to keep it for the 8x10, 4x5 and Bronica days BUT, when I go traveling with the Nikon d700 and my assortment of primes, the largest being 300MM 4lb.I want a platform that is a minumum of 60" to a max of 72" at...