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    Question for Using Sigma L mount Lens on SL2-S

    Is there anything I have to do in camera when I buy and use Sigma L mount lenses on the camera? MY concern is having the ability to use the IBIS when using these Lenses Thank you
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    Suggestions for SL2-S NON Native Lenses

    I am looking to try some NON native Lenses on my SL2-S. Mainly shoot Portraits, Family Group shots and some Landscapes Thank you
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    Question On Leica SL2_S Hybrid AF

    What does Hybrid Focus do? I See there are 3 choices: MF AF and Hybrid Thanks
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    Still tossing it around: Get GF 32-64 and sell my GF 30 and GF 63 Lens

    I have read so many good things about the zoom lens BUT I am not sure if I should go that route and keep the 30 and 63. Any additional help is appreciated
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    Sigma Lenses for SL2 Or Recommend others

    I might be moving on to SL2 and dont want to spend the Extra Money for Leica Lens I know how good the Sigma lenses are and also Zeiss Lens that was just came about. I mainly do Portrairs and Family group shots. Thank you
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    Suggestions for Medium Format Camera with CCD Sensor

    For my personal use I want to try using a CCD sensor and NOT CMOS. I know there are lots of Options BUT I would like to hear from others for suggestions. The Pentax 645D is good, Hassy H Body with Phase one back( Not sure which Back to get) The Max Mpx is 40 and ISO 400 with no Noticeable...
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    Why Cant I see the Lens Profile in LR Classic Using Pentax 645Lens on Fuji GFX 50S ii

    I set up the name of the lens in the Fuji GFX and when I import the images into LR and try to see lens profile its not there and also I dont see Fuji listed in the drop down menu Thank you
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    Fuji GFX 50S ii NON Native Lens IBIS

    Will I still get IBIS with NON Native lenses? I have a Pentax 645 120 A F4 Macro with adaptor and want to know if I can Get IBIS using this lens Thank you
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    FS: Fujifilm GF 110mm F2 R LM Lens Excellent Condition SOLD

    Selling My Beautiful in the Box Fuji GF 110 F2.0 lens. This lens is Fantastic for Portraits. Sharp and the Colors are smooth and beautiful. Small mark on the Aperture ring and rub mark on the hood. Superb Optics. Amazing lens Comes with: Both Caps, Lens shade, Pouch and original box. I...
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    FS:Hasselblad X1D2 Body, XCD 65mm lens. XCD 45P Lens 9+ condition

    I am selling my Hassy X1D 2 and 2 lenses Everything Like New condition 1- Hasselblad X1D2 Body with Orig. Box, and everything that came with it asking 4100.00 LIKE NEW. FREE Shipping SOLD SOLD Hasselblad XCD 45P Lens 9+ Condition. ( Tiny Hairline scratch on the Lens barrel) see Photo...
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    How can I take out Insurance just for 1 week on Equipment

    I never took out insurance when I went on Vacation. Who do I contact to get Insurance on my Camera and lenses? Thanks
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    felix5616said Positive Feedback for Him

    I just purchased the GF 63mm Lens from felix5616said. The Lens LOOKs NEW and the transaction was smooth and he was so good with communicating. Thanks Dennis
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    WTB: FUJIFILM GFX 50S II Medium Format Mirrorless Camera BOUGHT

    I am looking to try out the Fuji GFX system to see if it works better for what I do.
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    Need Advice on Buying GFX 50S ll

    I want to buy this camera and 1 or 2 GFX lenses Thanks
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    Leica SL2 VS Hasselblad X1D2 with Native lenses

    Does anyone have any experience with theses 2 systems. I know the Hassy Id MFD and Leica is FF Thanks Just looking for pros and cons Thanks
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    Need your Opinion: Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 Digital Back Kit with 645DF+vs X1D2

    This is mainly for personal use. Mainly Portraits on tripod some Landscapes and general use. I appreciate any experiences with these 2 systems and Pros and Cons as to which one to get. Thanks I know the Technology is Older with the Mamiya 645DF+ and Leaf Credo 50 than the X1D2.
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    FS/FT: Hasselblad XCD 90 3.5 for XCD 65 2.8 SOLD

    I just purchased this 90mm with 740 actuations. Like New. I wanted to see how much distance I needed to do some 1/2 and Full length portraits. Its great for close ups and 1/2 body but too far back for full length when I need it. Otherwise Its a Fabulous lens and IQ is Beautiful( thats the...
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    WTB/WTT Hasselblad XCD 65mm Lens 9+ Condition For XCD 90 3.5

    I have a LIKE New XCD 90mm 3.5 Lens and would like to trade it for XCD 65 2.8 I need the shorter focal length. . Thank you
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    Pentax 645 A 120 Macro or Pentax-A 645 150mm F3.5 Which one to keep

    I have these 2 Wonderful Lenses that I want to use on my Nikon D810 camera for portraits. I like them both and the 150 is so much lighter than the 120. They are so close in focal length and BOTH excellent IQ I dont think I would use the 2 of them. So, I need to sell one. Any help is appreciated
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    Pentax 645 P645 Lens to Nikon F Mount Adapter - D810

    Pentax 645 P645 Lens to Nikon F Mount Adapter - D810 Has anyone used the Pentax 645 Lenses on a Nikon D810. Thanks