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  1. scho

    Fun with the Sigma fp and fp L

    First walk with the Sigma fp L at the Cornell Arboretum ponds. Canon 16-35 f/4 L in a Sigma EF-L adapter. All shots handheld using lens stabilization and AF. Raw files processed in LR Classic and exported to Flickr as 50% jpegs (click for the larger image).
  2. scho

    Topaz Denoise AI version 3.3.3

    Watch out for this one. It is very buggy (at least the Mac version). My files come out looking desaturated, low contrast, really bad color,dull, and lacking sharpness. Particularly using the new raw file option.
  3. scho

    Flash Flood

    Someone posted this video clip on facebook. Buttermilk Falls is normally down to a trickle this time of year but recent heavy rain created this event.
  4. scho

    New Lightroom Classic Updates

    OMG! I was blown away when I started up the latest update to LR Classic on my Mac Mini M1. It is now unleashed and running all tasks at super fast speed. We also now get Apple's Super Resolution (Enhance) in the develop module (4 sec to generate an AI 4x enlargement). I am so glad that I did...
  5. scho

    DXO Photolab Supports GFX 100s

    The latest update (4.3) of PhotoLab now includes support for the Fujifilm GFX 100s. No update yet for the standalone PureRaw. Here is a screen grab comparison of an image processed in DXO PL 4.3 vs the ACR version in Lightroom. Used DeepPrime noise reduction in PL 4.3. Fine detail seems to...
  6. scho

    Lightroom Duplication issue

    Driving me crazy. Every time I import image files (both raw and jpeg) LR creates a duplicate with the same filename. I have to delete every other file during import. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Started happening after a recent update. This is Lightroom Classic.
  7. scho

    Big Sur Beta

    I just upgraded my desktop computer, Mac Mini (2014) to the Big Sur Beta today. No issues so far, but will post here if anything pops up. A relief to be done with the previous buggy OS and hope that Big Sur is better. Please post any issues here.
  8. scho

    Luminar 4

    If you were one of the early birds that pre-ordered Luminar 4 prior to August 8, it is now available for download. I processed the Fuji GFX 50R image below in Luminar 4 and applied the new sky replacement tool. Works well as do several other of the new AI enhancement tools. Another GFX 50R...
  9. scho

    New film processor

    Great if it works, but also expensive for what it does. Freestyle
  10. scho


    I have two outstanding orders for filters from Kolari (from March) and they do not answer my emails or phone calls for status info. Anyone else have bad experience with this company recently? edit: Finally received a reply and apparently they are having serious QC problems with their supplier...
  11. scho


    Just playing with a Leica M landscape image for printing as a triptych. Sized original to 25.5x11inches and printed borderless in ImagePrint Black to three 8.5 x11 inch sheets of the new, Hahnemuehle Photo Rag Metallic. The shimmering, metallic light gloss surface of this media works well with...
  12. scho

    Leica M (typ 262) pricing?

    I'm considering getting another M, now that my vision has been corrected after cataract surgery. Looking at the M 262 I see that prices (new) are all over the map. Lowest I've found so far is $4195 on Amazon (from Cameras West SF), but all others at least $500 more. What is this all about?
  13. scho

    New Image Processor

    This was first posted today over at DPR. Fantastic little app (Mac only) for viewing and processing Sigma x3f and DNG files. It is Lyn and can be dowloaded free for a 15 day trial or purchase for $20. Opens and processes x3f and DNG files from my SD1, sd QH, and DP2M. Here is an sdQH file...
  14. scho

    A7MkII Ibis Setting Question

    i will be using a Sony A7MkII with my pair (24-85 and 70-200) of Contax N lenses via the Fringer III AF adapter. Aperture on the lens is set to wide open and shooting aperture is set on the camera body. Lens name, shooting focal length, and aperture are recorded in exif. I'm assuming that if I...
  15. scho

    GoPro Snaps

    A couple of walkabout snaps taken with the GoPro Hero 5 Black. Photo jpeg mode, voice activated ("GoPro, take a photo"). The ultimate in lazy walkabout shooting.:)
  16. scho

    Hover Camera

    A new hands free selfie camera. Passport
  17. scho

    New Sigma 14mm Lens coming?

    If they make this lens in SA mount and it is as good or better than the Dp0Q lens then I'll sell my DpO and just use this 14mm on the sdQ.
  18. scho

    FWIW sdQ/DP2M Comparison

    One shot each, tripod mounted ISO 100 f/8. 18-35/1.8 @ 31mm on the sdQ. Same SPP 6.4 processing settings (sharpening -0.7, fill +0.3, rest 0) for each exported tifs to LR and custom WB on 3rd gray patch in the Colorchecker chart. No sharpening or clarity adjustments. Click for full size...
  19. scho

    Sigma sd Quattro Images

    First walkabout with the new sd Quattro at the Cornell Arboretum. Lens used was the Sigma 18-35 A. All shots taken on a tripod. SPP 6.40 processing. Harsh, contrasty early afternoon lighting. Used SFD mode for the last image and processed as x3f, S-Hi.
  20. scho

    Sigma Bag Mates

    My Sigma camera bag now has one permanent resident and a new companion. The permanent resident is the Sigma DP2M that was recently re-purchased after a long absence (big mistake to sell the first one). The new companion DP0Q is (for me and the DP2M) considered a visitor for now until I see how...