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  1. alajuela

    WTB Schneider-Kreuznach APO-DIGITAR 180mm f5.6

    Hi Looking for a Schneider-Kreuznach APO-DIGITAR 180mm f5.6 in a Copal or aperture only. Please let me if there is any avaiablity Thank so much Phil
  2. alajuela

    WTB HR Digaron-S 180 mm f/5,6

    Good morning Looking for a HR Digaron-S 180 mm f/5,6, be great in a Cambo mount Thanks Phil
  3. alajuela

    Advice on adding 7" monitor to IQ 100

    Has anybody had any experience and would like to offer advice on what would be the best monitor to use with an IQ 100. In terms contrast ratio, refresh rate, resolution and features. I have very little experience with video. The purpose of adding the monitor for me is to have a large, light...
  4. alajuela

    Canon New Camera and Lens

    CANON U.S.A. INTRODUCES THE NEW CANON EOS-1D W DIGITAL SLR CAMERA, DESIGNED FOR “WILDLIFE” Featuring Canon’s proven 61-Point High Density Reticular AF, Extreme Fast Shooting up to 24 fps, 39.9-Megapixel Near-Full-Frame CMOS Sensor, Outstanding ISO Sensitivity up to 204800, Dual Pixel CMOS AF...
  5. alajuela

    Summicron R 35mm difference in versions

    Hello I am thinking about getting a Summicron 35mm R for my Canon Can anybody tell me about the different versions, what is recommend? Also on the 28mm R I found out there is a Ver I and a Ver II. Is there anything good to be said about Ver I or just ignore it and try and find a VER II w/o...
  6. alajuela

    Hand Strap on a Cambo WRC 400

    Hi I have found that the wooden grip works better on the left side (especially if your lens has T/S) has anybody put a hand strap on the right side (or left) like the Alpa has? Thanks Phil
  7. alajuela

    Fuji X-Pro 1 with Voigtlander 12mm

    Hi I wonder if anybody has any experiences with the Voigtlander Heliar Ultra Wide-Angle 12mm f/5.6 Lens on the X-Pro 1 I am thinking or also using it on the Lecia monochrome so it would have an "M" mount. I have heard that the 12mm throws off (correctable in post) color caste in the corner...
  8. alajuela

    Leica Monochrome with Voigtlander 12mm

    Hi I wonder if anybody has any experiences with the Voigtlander Heliar Ultra Wide-Angle 12mm f/5.6 Lens on the Leica Monochrome I have heard that the 12mm throws off color caste in the corner, but the Leica Monochrome being only black and white - I would think this should not be an issue, I...
  9. alajuela

    Dan Margulis

    You might already know this - I didn't Dan Margulis has a new book, (Published 2013) "Modern Photoshop Color Workflow The Quartertone Quandary, the PPW, and Other Ideas for Speedy Image Enhancement" Amazon still has a couple left His other other books, hold a premier place among my dogged...
  10. alajuela

    Creative Tethering

    Hi I would be interested to know what solutions people have found for tethering to a laptop in the field apart from a second tripod. Thanks Phil
  11. alajuela

    Tether with Mac Book Air

    A question Does anybody have experience and / or an opinion on tethering the Phase back to a MacBook Air - either the 11 inch or 13 inch? Thanks Phil
  12. alajuela

    Raid Dilemma

    Hi Don't know if this belongs here but.. if not I apologize. I have a Drobro S with sata connection to Windows -- had it almost 4 years, five 2 T drives. Its almost full. I need another one. Before I had a Lacie, which is now off site, don't know why I sorta like the Dobro better. What to...
  13. alajuela

    Tripod / Tech question

    Hi Need some suggestions, Looking for a lighter set up to use with my Cambo RS - Lenes 28mm thru 120mm. (and possibly an AS F Camera) I am using the RRS Versa TVC- 33 / three section w/ leveling base and the AS Cube. Is a great set up but is heavy and always have too much stuff. Don't...
  14. alajuela

    I am Confused (again)

    I am a little confused. The premise is this - I have an Acra Swiss View Camera (is really cool), the reason for getting it was - to be able use older lenses and have a "freedom" and challenge to mount whatever stuck my fancy, both to learn and discover. Now here comes the confusion, I have a...
  15. alajuela

    Lets say you wanted to Play

    Let’s say you wanted to play. Where I live there is an abundance of used medium and large format lens. So this is the issue, I have a IQ180 – Cambo , and finding out that I really like that form of shooting. The next step on the slippery slope is a view camera with bellows, on the theory you...
  16. alajuela

    Wacom Tablet Intuos 4 & Heilcon Focus

    Hi I have been using Intuos tablets for the last 6 - 7 years, they are great. I just installed Helicon Focus, and the tablet does not work. Anybody have this experience? I have the latest drivers, and Windows 7 is up to date. I know some programs don't work well Wacom, ie. ImagePrint...
  17. alajuela

    Focusing the DF+

    Hi Has anybody noticed or have an opinion on the improved focusing ability of the new DF+. I remember Jack recommended the speed setting and a triple or double tap on the DF. Thanks Phil
  18. alajuela

    Mamiya 300 with IQ180

    Looking for some advice I bought the Mamiya 300 APO when I got the PO / IQ180 system. When using on a tripod, would you mount the lens or the camera body? The lens came with a tripod mount, but I am wondering with the added weight of the IQ 180 back, if you mount the lens, would this torque...
  19. alajuela

    Filters and a Magenta Caste

    Hello Been playing with filters I am getting a Magenta (reddish) caste when I stack a 1.2 attenuator on a 1.2 ND Grad. Both Schneider 4 X 5.6. :facesmack: This is on a Canon 5DIII with 24 L and also a 24 - 105 L . On the 24 - 105 I have tested it at 24 - 55 - and 105. All have a color caste...
  20. alajuela


    Hello Has anybody had any experiences with the new Phase One 645DF+. Would it be worth upgrading from the 645DF, or maybe save the money and get the 28 LS? Any Opinions? Thanks Phil