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  1. Dante Alighieri

    Got my GFX100s today.

    "Pigs" Founding Father stuck at the highest level of Purgatory. And crowded there in with good company...
  2. Dante Alighieri

    SOLD: Rodenstock 40HR in Copal 0 in brand new Cambo T/S mount.

    You have a bad attitude. :ROFLMAO: You deserve the best that medium format digital has to offer. (y) --Dante
  3. Dante Alighieri

    SOLD: Rodenstock 40HR in Copal 0 in brand new Cambo T/S mount.

    Peter has most-favored status in Dante's Inferno. This sale is approved by Dante. Let's help Peter buy some new gear. --Dante
  4. Dante Alighieri

    Phase One XT

    Buy it. --dante
  5. Dante Alighieri

    IQ3 100, Cambo WRS Technical, XF etc.

    Nice kit from a known member----Dante Approved. --dante
  6. Dante Alighieri

    Cambo Announces Phase One X Shutter Products

    Advancements in medium format digital. like it.
  7. Dante Alighieri

    Q on Canon 135mm TS + Phase One IQ3100 + tech camera

    Dante advises you to simply buy the new Rodenstock 138mm. No guessing. You know it works. And this lens remains at the rarified top of the lust-worthy lens list. You deserve to enjoy the best things in life. I bet Steve Hendrix can work a good deal on a Rodenstock 138mm. --Dante
  8. Dante Alighieri

    Sanity check...

    Sanity check? Glad you're still here, Doug. I miss you. xo Dante
  9. Dante Alighieri

    FS (US)(feeler): Alpa 12 Plus

    I'll let this one slide---as long as you keep the other Alpa. And it does potentially bring someone else into the Inferno. -- Dante
  10. Dante Alighieri

    FS: Hasselblad Flextight X5 virtual drum scanner + Computer + Accessories!

    Nice package worthy of a place in Dante's Inferno --Dante
  11. Dante Alighieri

    Kdphotography rules

    I like this guy Ken. He not only has multiple medium format systems he also has everything from the Traeger catalog. What better way to celebrate what’s life is all about than a good camera and a great BBQ smoked meats. This coronavirus thing is really upsetting my mojo here in the Inferno...
  12. Dante Alighieri

    GFX-50R on sale again

    I'm really liking this Don Libby guy --Dante
  13. Dante Alighieri

    GFX-50R on sale again

    Go for it, Doug. You deserve it. And, I miss you. --Dante
  14. Dante Alighieri

    Phase One XT users happy (eg re shift)

    Be careful what you wish for. --Dante
  15. Dante Alighieri

    Phase One XT users happy (eg re shift)

    Whoa. You still here, Doug? You're like the kid stuck watching the game enviously from the sidelines, wishing he could join in on the fun and play. It's not like you're sitting there all alone like the last kid that none of the guys wanted on their team. I know we chide ourselves about the...
  16. Dante Alighieri

    How Can We Help GetDPI Stay Alive

    You know Dante supports and appreciates all efforts to preserve the GetDPI family, whether standalone or moved elsewhere. Even though Dante lives in the hearts of most of you here at GetDPI, I need a home. --Dante
  17. Dante Alighieri

    fat pixel digital backs

    Limited capability by today's standards does not mean poor image quality. The Kodak DCS Proback and 645 M/H/C brings back fond memories and really marked the start of "medium format digital." Many in the Inferno got their start with it. Nice to see you here, Doug. --Dante
  18. Dante Alighieri

    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Truth be told, there is a little bit of Dante in all of us---and hence, all patrons here are lifetime---nay, eternal inferno buddies. Doug misses me---he's just not ready to admit it yet. That's why he keeps checking back into this forum. The Fuji GFX could be calling for Doug or maybe he'll...
  19. Dante Alighieri

    Fun with the Hasselblad 907x

    Wwwhat? You didn't see the Anniversary sticker on the side? I say it's a pretty neat addition for Hasselblad users. It's Dante-approved. Well, thankfully there are other medium format digital camera systems here for you, Doug. --Dante