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    LNIB Leica 18mm Super-Elmar with matching Leica 18mm finder. So pristine I'm not even going to photograph it. Three macroscopic pin points on the barrel for full disclosure, but you have to be really looking. All as if coming new with cases, boxes, caps, instructions, etc. Not a mark on the...
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    Nikon 135mm DC

    Here it is, the lens you want! Mint Nikon 135mm DC Af-D with caps. Glass is mint, focus is smooth, blades clean. Some small bits of dust in the interior glass but that's par for just about every Nikon lens of this vintage and nothing out of the ordinary (but I like full disclosure). A couple of...
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    SOLD: Gorgeous Hasselblad black SWC T* w/Voigtlander finder

    Like the title says here is a near mint classic. It is an SWC (not M) with the T* lens and rare discontinued Voigtlander angle finder. Sorry, no original finder available though the Voigt one is much more usable imo. Other than a few tiny scratches here and there it is in fantastic shape as you...
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    FS: Black Leica M9

    I have a great condition Leica M9 for sale. I am the second owner, the first being another member here. Here is the original ad by Ed who I bought it from: This body has been used as back up only and spent most of it's life...
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    FREE: Seattle Area HP Z3200 44" printer

    I have a 44" Hp z3200 44" printer that needs some work but I just don't have the time or patience to go there but maybe somebody else does. What the issue is is it often freezes up during a print. With a hard reboot it can sometimes make the next print but the problem has become steadily worse...
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    FS: Nikon D3, MINT, with extras

    Absolutely mint Nikon D3 with 32,326 actuations. Extra battery. One battery is at charging life of 2 and the other at 1 (0-4, 0 being new). Also include a Brightscreen #2 large microprism focusing screen (original Nikon screen currently installed in camera), and nine CF cards (1X Sandisk Ultra...
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    FS: Nikon 85mm AFD 1.8

    85mm 1.8 Nikon AF-D. Exc condition. Glass is clear except for a dust sized mark on the rear element. You can barely see it in the photo (looks like a dust speck). A few scuff marks on the body of the lens. Focus is fast and accurate. Comes with a B+W UV filter in exc condition. Nikon rear cap...
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    FS: Zeiss 50mm 1.4 ZF for Nikon

    Mint- condition 50mm f1.4 Planar ZF for Nikon. Note this is the first edition without the contacts. Glass is in pristine condition; focus is silky smooth; only a few pinprick bright marks on the ribbed focusing ring and edge of the hood. Caps but no box. I will try and post a pic or two in the...
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    For sale a like new in box Fujifilm X10. Probably only a couple of hundred shots taken with it. $500 includes paypal and free shipping in the US. Won't post pics because there literally isn't a mark on it. Complete with everything. Works great, just not my cup of tea I decided and too many...
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    SOLD:Billingham 225 black bag

    Beautiful Billingham black on black bag. Complete with all inserts and shoulder pad. Retail new for $359 at B&H. $265 with paypal and shipping in CONUS. Prefer paypal gift (I will ship immediately) but will take normal.
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    FS:Leica X1

    Leica X1 with grip, extra Leica OEM battery, Voigtlander 35mm finder, aftermarket hood thingy, strap, and charger. Mint condition except scratch as shown which was caused by setting a Leica M lens on top of the X1 inside a bag. Bummer. No vulcanite peeling, and all functions work good. Updated...
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    FS: Epson 4800 w/Imageprint 7 - Local pickup Seattle area only

    Perfect shape Epson 4800 w/inks of various sizes, dates, and capacity left. Due for a maintainence tank soon. Always been covered with a custom nylon cover (included). Will also include an ImagePrint RIP dongle, software and license code. Whether you can upgrade to 8 etc if need be is open to...
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    FS: Leica X1 with Voigt finder, grip and extra battery

    Impulse buy from another member a few weeks back. Great little camera that takes amazing photos. This is the full meal package but I'm just finding the M9 is what I pick up, but figured I'd give this a try as the price was right. I will offer it for a bit less than what I paid for. Camera is...
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    FS: Voigtlander black 28mm metal finder LN

    Like new in box Voigtlander 28mm black metal viewfinder. Never left the house, mounted once or twice on M8 (M9 came along and 21 got sold). $125 free shipping in CONUS or add $15 for worldwide. These are now $189 at cameraquest where this came from.
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    FS: Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AFD

    Super mint Nikon 50mm AFD with Nikon UV filter and old school metal hood. $95 shipped CONUS. Add $25 shipping worldwide.
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    FS: 50mm Summicron

    50mm summicron (current optical configuration). Super sharp and clean glass, cosmetics a bit rough (a few bright marks and some paint loss on the feet markings). Focus is smooth - no rough patches. Hood and caps (rear and hood cap). Great little lens - somehow ended up with too many 50's at the...
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    FS: Mamiya 7II with 80mm and 50mm lens

    Mint- Mamiya 7II with 80mm lens. Lens is perfect. Very small bit of paint loss on the back of the body (see pic) but that's very ordinary for Mamiya's. The bottom plate is a bit marred from use of a flash bracket. The rangefinder is slightly off in the vertical - doesn't affect focus but might...
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    FS: MINT+ CONTAX T2 Black Titanium

    An absolutely gorgeous black titanium finish Contax T2. Works great. With soft case and wrist strap. $395 shipping and paypal CONUS included.
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    FS: Pristine GF-1 w/20mm and Voigt finder

    Great street machine! Like new GF-1 with OEM half case, 20mm f/1.7 and Voigtlander 35mm finder (35 vs 40 allows flash to pop up). Less than 8gb of images run through it. Fantastic little camera but I'm finding it redundant owning an M9 and really have just been making movies with it but really...
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    WTB: Zeiss ZM 50mm Planar black

    Like the headline says. Also possibly interested in a 35mm f/2.8.