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  1. Hulyss Bowman

    Sigma new products annoucement in 6 days !

    Hello my dear folks, Hope your 2020/21 year was good and you was abble to product some good photos even in this troubled times. One year ago I sold all my gear to induce an emotional response, because after all the gear I bought I became spoiled at a high level, so much that I was thinking...
  2. Hulyss Bowman

    Theory behind Sigma FP cameras

    Hey folks ! I'm reading all informations about SIGMA products since the last 3 years and today I came to a theory about what is going on, camera wise, at SIGMA. You know I love this brand since the first DP back in 2009, and I love it because of the foveon. With years passing, foveon went in...
  3. Hulyss Bowman

    FS : Nikon AF-S 58mm f/1.4G

    Hello there, I’m selling my beloved 58mm, my favorite Nikon lense in the last 10 years. It is absolutelly pristine, no trace of use or anything else. I’m asking 850€ for it, raisonable price when I think how much I paid for it originaly. Top tier B+W filter on it is offered, as well as a Nikon...
  4. Hulyss Bowman

    Why or how as photographers, do we migrate to a certain lens focal length?

    I start this thread in Nikon because... we love Nikon :) My personal experience is pretty simple. I migrated to certain lens focal once I stopped listening/reading others,especially photographers. When I started seriously I was avid of advices and was focused only on French forums where...
  5. Hulyss Bowman

    Nikon 105 f/1.4 -- Yummy !!!

    ?????????AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED????? - ????info
  6. Hulyss Bowman

    SD Quattro early lemon review -

    Went trough propaganda posts over other forums and found a link to ONE page of this review. IMHO, the guy who buy the sd Q deserve hall time high glorification. Why they didn't upgraded the SD dslr ??? Anyway, just have a look at it. To navigate, use the calendar (your on 1). Happy Lemon day !
  7. Hulyss Bowman

    Seek appartment Between Stockholm and Kista -

    Hello, A friend will go studies in Sweden and need urgently to rent an apartment between the two campus, Stockholm and Kista. If it is in Stockholm or in Kista there is no problem. Between the two town will be ideal. The apartment should be sized for two people. If you have one or know someone...
  8. Hulyss Bowman

    SD1 successor / how SIGMA will answer concurence.

    So, yesterday, Pentax announced and priced the K1, the first 35mm digital Pentax camera. You can see the specs over here : Sigma said in an interview, many months ago, that they are working on the SD1 successor. Since we do not...
  9. Hulyss Bowman

    Sigmevolution - From THE Dp1 to a Dp1

    Maybe some of you remember the original DP1 ? Was the first APS-C compact camera ever created and it was a very fun camera to use. Of course the foveon effect was a deep blast, more than the SD9 to be frank. So here is a retrospective made by Yoshimori Shinya who still have the original DP1...
  10. Hulyss Bowman

    Little Sigma interview -

    Pretty long and complete fresh interview : Sigma單眼相機 - 熱情之所在 產品之所在 Sigma社長訪談 An Insight Interview With Sigma CEO - 相機 - Mobile01
  11. Hulyss Bowman

    PENTAX FF - Spring 2016

    It will be a nice camera, for sure. I'm very curious about the giant OVF, rear screen and the SENSOR, ofc ... exciting times. I can post more pics than other sites because I'm digging into their severs :D Full Frame by PENTAX | RICOH IMAGING
  12. Hulyss Bowman

    The 120MP prototype is actually working.

    Here is a link to an article about some ppl testing it on a booth : Canon’s 120MP DSLR Produces 210MB RAW Files And here is the beast :
  13. Hulyss Bowman

    SIGMA future - and other stuff

    Here is a shot I realized quickly in a house. It took five minutes to make four bracketed shoots from left to right with the most telecentric DP lens : The DP3 Merrill. Nothing technical in this shoot, just an example. All was shot at f16 and ISO100 with simple bracketing -1/0/+1 and Neutral...
  14. Hulyss Bowman

    From Sigma to Pentax -

    Seen this article this morning. So far, it look pretty cool : Ricoh reveals pixel-shifting high-resolution mode: Coming soon to a camera near you? So far and roughly, it seems that this will be incorporated into the upcoming Pentax FF by the end of this year. What is interesting is that the...
  15. Hulyss Bowman

    D700 tips

    Hello, You can call me "dumbo" but yesterday I discovered a VERY useful function in the D700 menu, especially efficient with long, un-stabilized focal from 85mm to up. In the menu, activate the function "d9". The results are just impressive, so impressive that I can't trust it myself yet. It...
  16. Hulyss Bowman

    H.Bowman Winter Bargain

    Due to the acquisition of a new tool at Christmas I'm selling the following items : # Fuji XT-1 black from July 2014, barely used, no scratch or paint lose, updated with the last firmware. Price new : 1099 € / asking price 570 €. # Grip VG-XT1 from October, even less used in total mint...
  17. Hulyss Bowman

    Fuji XT-1 - legendary FW update

    Ok guys. It's been pretty silent but fuji already released one of the best FW update ever. Here you go and have fun ! Firmware for X-T1 | Fujifilm Global
  18. Hulyss Bowman

    Mamyia ZD

    Hello guys, I want a mamyia ZD. Not from Ebay or another market place. I want a mamyia ZD + 80f2.8 in exchange of an XT-1 gear with zeiss lenses. If someone have this somewhere, I'm your man. Thank you :)
  19. Hulyss Bowman

    Looking for a swap

    Hello !! I'm looking for an exchange : I have an XT-1, brand new, just 500 shoots + 18-55 + 35f1.4 + Zeiss touit 12mm. I want to exchange that with a used or new Mamiya ZD with 80f2.8. If you can help me around this part it will be cool :) Thank you !
  20. Hulyss Bowman

    Revisiting Pure photography teaser ;)

    We all seen the Nikon teaser's about the Df and many thought their were not that awesome. I wondered how much money Nikon churned out to make those teasers and I think we all agree they put a lot on the table. Well... days passed, months too. One day, 4 girls I know from the faculty near my...