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    Positive feedback for @se7en

    I bought a center filter from se7en and we had a little miscommunication on the type but in the end all was resolved perfectly. A true gentleman and highly recommended. Best Paul
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    Does laser based focusing work in the field when the sun is shining bright?

    I have a question for those who may have dabbled with technical cameras and rollfilm adapters; can one in the field use a Leica Disto or a similar laser pointing device to successfully double-check whether the focusing distance remains the same while one does some adjustments to a composition...
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    Positive feedback for @Med

    I received a beautiful Apo Sironar S 135 from Med and I am stoked. He even threw in some Linhof lensboards for free. Great guy to deal with, and highly recommended. Best Paul
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    WTB: Apo Sironar S 150 mint

    Dear Forum colleagues I am already getting select focal lengths from fellow other members, but I still have not been able to track down the Apo Sironar S 150. If you have one for sale pls. do not hesitate to reach out. Many thanks Paul
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    Tethering to come soon to Capture One mobile C1 for Ipad to launch soon on a subscription model basis (another 5 USD per month). Apparently they are working hard with Apple to make tethering possible not long after launch ... which could be really...
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    WTB: Apo Sironar S lenses

    Hi If anyone has a mint Apo Sironar S 130, 150, 210, 240 for sale I'd be grateful to get contacted. I am getting a bit into analogue again for the passion of the process and want to see where 4x5 leads me ... I am based in Switzerland! Thanks Paul
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    Centre filters for 32mm (and in general)

    Hi guys The exercise with the Pano on shifting made me curious again around centre filters - I think the only modern one currently in production is the 32mm one and I suppose not many people have it because standard LCC correction is applied. This said, does anyone use one of these and do you...
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    WTB: Xenotar 150 2.8

    If anyone has this lens for sale I'd appreciate a lot to be contacted with your idea of the price. Reason I am interested in it is that I want to get back into 4x5 here and there and I enjoy the 3d look one can get from large format. Best Paul
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    WTB: Mint Mamiya 7 II + lens

    If anyone has a mint camera plus lens kit for sale pls. reach out. Thanks
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    Voigtländer Nokton 50 1.0 (now with samples)

    Hi guys I just got this lens and was able to compare it in the Leica store with a Noct 0.95; and as established already by Fred Miranda in his lengthy publicly available review it is an absolutely fantastic lens. Wide open CA is very well controlled and it is very sharp. In fact, at 1/8 of the...
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    Auto LCC for for XT in Capture One - forgotten?

    Hi guys Anyone heard anything about auto LCC and when - if - it will come to Capture One? When the XT came out my understanding from P1's marketing incl. via its dealers was that the shift tracking feature of the XT system was included in view of later on including automated LCC correction via...
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    HDR software like Lumariver HDR with layer export

    Dear all Seems that Lumariver HDR - in my view one of the best HDR packages - might get discontinued and the export multi layer option throws errors with the latest Mac OS as well. Is there a HDR software package which supports tonemapping and adjustment layer export to export the luminosity...
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    Fuji GFX vs other medium format lens brands

    Hi all I am intrigued by the 100s at 6k ... but just remember holding their 50 megapixel rangefinder a few months back and how cheap it felt. Clearly in a different league in terms of haptics and feel. So this said, does anyone have some gfx experience vs P1, Leica S, Hassy X etc? How is...
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    FS (EU): SK 55 LS pristine condition with box

    Hi all I also found the SK 55 LS in my old stash of photo stuff. Almost never used, still in original box. I exited P1 / Mamiya for a certain time and now am mostly tech cam, so this has never been used really. 1599 USD + shipping + fees on buyer - shipping out of Switzerland. I have been a...
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    FS: Phase One Mamiya AF 120 Macro pristine condition with box

    Hi all I am selling my Phase One (branded Mamiya because it was sold via Leaf) AF 120. It is optically the same as the new blue ring and is in pristine condition and also has an AF motor. It was stored over the...
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    FS (Switzerland): Quasi NEW in box SK BR 80 2.8 MK I

    I am selling this quasi new SK 80 BR 2.8 MK I. I got it sometime last year as part of a XF bundle but actually I never used it except unpacking once and shooting a few frames with it because I am primarily tech cam and more wide-angle. It comes with the new box and all cap, etc. This is...
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    Has P1 defocused back upgrades to fund C1 R&D? And what does one pay for in C21 anyway?

    Hi guys I somehow lost track what to still expect from the P1 firmware? What about Wifi Tethering?! It is end of 2020?! Is it just me or have the upgrades been forgotten? I think some programmers quit or everyone is focusing on developing C1 and coming into a yearly upgrade cycle to fund the...
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    FS EU / CH: Rodenstock 90mm 5.6 Sinaron (mint)

    Hi all I am selling a pristine Rodenstock 90mm that waits to be mounted for x-shutter! USD 1000 plus shipping and PayPal fees! Pricing is based on market levels, with Ebay having one more left at a grand (albeit worse condition) and then some more for a higher price point. Lens excl. lens...
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    FS (EU/CH): Alpa Viewfinder with 43XL cut-out mask (RARE)

    Hi Still clearing out (see previous Alpa post) - here a pristine viewfinder with a 43XL cutout on top. It is beautifully made. Especially for handheld shooting very useful, but I have moved on from the Alpa TS ... so this is for sale. No scratches. Barely used. It is a substantial and...
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    FS (EU/CH): Alpa Ground Glass Set (ULTRA RARE)

    Hi I am cleaning out my old belongings and found this old Alpa ground glass kit. I used it once maybe and then it was stored away. The idea to hold onto it over the yeas was to use it one day with a film back for Tri-X architecture shots and the film back, but I never got that far ... and then...