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    Use another H5-Body with H5D60 Back

    I have H5D60 and want to buy a used H5 Body as "Backup". Will it work or will it has to calibrated or whatever by HB? I wrote two E-Mails to the HB-"Service" - no Reply. On Tel, the friendly Man said something like "Maybe" - "I am not sure" So I hope, to get the Information here. Thank You!
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    Buy only one Wide-Angle-Lens – but which one?

    I want to have a lightweight Medium Format Camera. I will use the Back of the Hassy H5D60 and a Diy „Body“ – holds Back and Lens together in the correct Position and keeps unwanted Light out. Body will have a „Grip“, with Battery for the Back inside. On Top of the Body a Viewfinder (will buy...
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    Viewing Angle – how to compare?

    I have looked at the Data-Sheet of the Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 28mm. The Viewing Angle is given with 101º. For the Hasselblad HCD28 there are three Values given: diag./horiz./vert. 95°/83°/66° Are these for a given (Size of) Sensor? If so, which one? How can the Values of both Lenses be compared?
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    WTB: Hasselblad H5 body only

    I want it as Spare Body - no Accessoires needed. No Viewfinder, no Battery, no Charger. Body-Caps, Glass-Screen and Original Packaging not necessary. Should be in good Shape and of Course Working. I think, H5X will not work with my Hasselbald Back? I am located in Germany. Please give Shipping...
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    File Destruction

    I have a Problem, when I want to see my Pictures in "big Size" The Setup is: Mac Mini 3GHz / I7 / 8GB / 1TB and a Sony VW520ES - 4k - Beamer - Phocus latest Version. The (H5D60) fff-Files are on a external Hard Disk - non SSD with USB3. After about 10 Pictures the File is not opened - only...
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    For Sale: Hasselblad Imagebank II

    I can´t use it anymore with my H5D60. Condition is "as new" with Original Box. Fire-Wire Cable is included - but no Battery. Asking 250€ - Shipping in Germany is included - other Countries at Cost.
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    WTB: Hasselblad HC50 II Lens

    I like to buy a HC50 II Lens - Version with 1/800 Shutter-Speed. New or fairly used in good Condition. Offers from Dealers with good Price welcome. I live in Germany - Offers from Europe (EEC / EU) preferred - but Overseas Offer also ok.
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    Question on "Raw Therapee" 4.2

    I had the Chance to make some Photos with the Phase One 100MP Camera System. But I have got Problem with my Computer - it is not possible to install the Capture One Software - the new Phocus from Hasselblad also not. I have to bring my Computer to Service, because I was not able to fix it - will...
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    A H6D100 in my Hand

    Today I visitited the Exhibition at Calumet Photo in Stuttgart / Germany. And: They had it there! It is a fine Piece of Camera - I like it. Looks more "modern" than my H3DII-50. But sad: The Hassy-Man told me, that it will NOT be possible to upgrade my Lenses - and I have five of them and my...