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    Phase One 8 pin to 2.5mm cable

    I have a spare (used twice, or so) 8-pin female to 2.5mm female cable. This is used to attach an IQ3/IQ2/IQ1/P-series Phase One back (but not an IQ4) to a Kapture Group cable or other sync cord with a 2.5mm plug. It's the same as this...
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    FS: Cambo Wide DS WDS technical camera w/Cambo WRS Adapter

    For sale: a used (but in excellent shape--has a bit of scraping on the corners from location architectural photography use!) Cambo Wide RS, with a back adapter that takes standard Cambo Wide RS plates. Located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Asking US$700 or best offer + shipping (or pickup if you're...
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    Cambo Wide DS + back adapter plate

    Up for sale is a Cambo Wide DS WDS-500 in perfect working order (with a few paint scuffs--she's been in solid use for about 5 years). No lens, but the camera is equipped with a backplate adapter to take current SLW-* back attachment plates, which you can get from your dealer (or, if you're using...
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    WTB: Kapture Group One-Shot cable

    I'm in need of a Kapture Group One-Shot cable for Phase, ideally the short version. Anyone have one they want to part with? Thanks!
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    FS: Cambo Wide DS with RS-compatible plate back

    I have a Cambo Wide DS for sale, with a nearly new Wide RS-compatible back (so you can take any of the SLW-whatever adapter plates on it). It's used but in good working condition--clean, but the paint on the top's showing a bit of wear. It's been well-loved by yours truly...who's upgrading to a...
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    Flare with specular lights near/on image edges

    I'm running an IQ160 on a Cambo Wide DS with a Schneider 35, and due to the proliferation of hard, specular LED fixtures (mostly) on my interior projects, I'm having problems with flare on the edge/corners of my images--see, for instance: Is there a good way to get around this? I'm finding...
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    Phase One P45 (+Live View) H and Cambo WDS mount plate

    Phase One P45: I'm selling my Phase One P45 H101 back (fits Hasselblad H-equipped cameras). It's one of the late-model backs with Live View and an upgraded IR filter, and excellent long exposure support (but not quite as good, apparently, as the vaunted P45+ in that regard). Purchased from...
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    WTB: Cambo RS or DS with Mamiya/Phase plate

    Looking for a Cambo Wide RS (either with a Mamiya/Phase or no plate) or DS with a Mamiya/Phase plate. I have a Hasselblad Wide DS and it seems it's about the same price if not cheaper to change bodies altogether than buy a new plate from Cambo.
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    WTB: Mamiya/Phase backplate for Cambo Wide DS

    I'm looking for a backplate or backplate insert for my Cambo Wide DS to get to a Phase/Mamiya back. Can trade (or sell...) a Hasselblad H backplate.
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    Cambo Wide DS shading options

    I'm running a Cambo Wide DS with 3 Schneider lenses (35, 43, 72), and finding that the 35 and 43 often need shading. While using my hand or a piece of Blackwrap has often gotten the job done, it's getting a bit frustrating given that I shoot interiors and local designers have been installing LED...
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    Lubing the Cube

    The knob for the top geared section of my Cube (not the rotator, but the part that has the two levels on it) has been getting increasingly stiff to turn as of late--and this is even with the plus--minus knob turned all the way to minus. Which means the gears probably need to be cleaned and...
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    P45 iPad IIQ viewing

    Anyone know an iPad/iPhone RAW viewing app that will handle P45(+) IIQ/TIF files?
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    "Old" vs "new" 60mm and other options

    I just tried out the "new" SK Digitar 60XL on my Cambo WDS+P45 at Capture Integration's workshop this past week, and it's a pretty phenomenal lens as far as maintaining detail out into the corners, not having a lot of falloff, and not needing much LCC. Only problem is: it's expensive, and I'm...
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    LCC in mixed/strongly coloured light

    I'm shooting architecture/interiors with the SK35 + P45, and I often end up in situations with areas of strongly coloured/mixed light (e.g. a tungsten interior with a window with bright daylight streaming in). After looking at a few threads here and on forum.phaseone, some people have argued for...
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    SK 35 odd flare effect

    I'm relatively new to MFD, and I'm finding that I'm getting "smeary" flare for light sources near the edges of my SK Digitar XL 35. See, for instance: This is on a P45, f/8 4s exposure; that's at about 15 degrees horizontal shift with no center filter (since I was planning to stitch, and...
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    Case/bag for a Cambo WDS?

    I've just moved to a Cambo WDS + P45, and am looking for a good bag/case to carry it in. I don't really want to go for a backpack-style case as my 35mm outfit lives in one, and carrying two backpack-style cases is a pain. Given that the WDS is a bit of an awkwardly sized beast, I've done some...